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[contentsdisabled] The best table lamps will light up up your workspace and provide the right atmosphere for everyday tasks. Since desk lamps are so practical, you may want to justify putting one on your desk. And since they tend to be quite discreet, you don’t have to worry about saving a lot of valuable space. In addition, table lamps are often surprisingly impressive, so you can make your table more beautiful and practical with a single purchase. Having a great desk lamp can not only improve your workflow, but also give your desk a much-needed touch of style and color. There’s a lot to think about in terms of functionality and aesthetics, and the perfect lamp for you and your space should be both a workhorse and a showcase piece. Fortunately, there are dozens of beautiful and efficient table lamps to choose from. From bright table lamps with wireless charging to those with motion sensors. If you’re after a smart-enabled desk lamp, there are models that can be connected to your smart device so you can customize your lighting preferences.

Check out the list of the best table lamps

Lepower metal table lamp

This lamp does not come with a built-in LED, so you will need to provide your own lamp. This gives you the flexibility to get a bulb with a temperature to your liking, or even a smart bulb with color and scheduling options. The flexible swingarm makes it easy to find the perfect lighting angle. Simple and light. Perfect for the office, kid’s room, or college dorm. You can also use any spare light bulb you have in your house, as long as it is a 4W to 6W LED light bulb, an energy saving light bulb between 8W and 16W, or an incandescent light bulb between 20W and 40W. Buy now

BenQ electronic reading table lamp

The wide LED head means this lamp offers great coverage, so you can see everything from across the table. It’s also highly flexible, with a ball joint connecting the head to the bracket and two other points that can be adjusted on the bracket. If you have a toned office, it is available in a variety of colors to suit. Our only qualm is that the wide head can be obstructive on a small table. The lamp will detect ambient brightness and dynamically adjust the brightness level for comfortable working environment during the day and night. Buy now

OttLite two-tone LED table lamp

The OttLite Dual Shade LED Table Light offers just that – two pins of recessed LED lighting with touch and temperature controls shared by a single base. In this way, you direct the light to two different work areas, such as your laptop and paperwork you are trying to review at the same time. Use touch-activated controls for dimmable brightness levels and tri-color modes (Warm Light, Bright White and ClearSun Daylight) for perfectly customized lighting. There is also a 40-minute sleep timer. Buy now

Simple design glass table lamp

The Simple Designs Lantern Glass Table Lamp, however, prioritizes style with its industrial-looking hardware and clear glass lampshade. As a result, the light will not be simplified to your desk as it would with a standard downward facing LED lamp. But it will look great and provide great accent lighting for any room. Uses 1 standard 40 watt medium base bulb. For a complete vintage look, an Edison type T45 bulb is recommended. The power type is wired electric. Exquisite Rose Gold (Copper) Clear glass finish and screen. Buy now

Govee Ambiente RGBWW portable table lamp

This portable table lamp from Govee offers 16 million light colors to choose from, which can be accessed from Govee Home application on your smartphone. It can also be controlled via a single button at the base, although this limits color selection. It comes with fun settings like syncing light to music, and a scene mode that lets you choose an experience and adjust the color and tempo to reflect it, like festivals, candlelight and fireworks. Buy now

MOMAX smart LED table lamp

A three-section adjustable lamp body can realize multi-dimensional adjustments such as extension, elevation and rotation, which is suitable for different ages and heights. When eye protection mode is on, the office light can automatically adjust brightness for your environment. Buy now

Yosoo – smart table light

The smart table lamp is made of high quality aluminum, which is durable, energy efficient and has a long lifespan of 30,000 hours. the table lamp features memory and voice control, and supports 20 languages ​​and multiple status modes. LED Light Clip, Sturdy Adjustable Handy Clip acts as a stable base with gooseneck arm, allowing the LED light to stand alone, clip to headboards, tables and desks to provide a stable light source when needed. Buy now

EZVALO smart table lamp

The built-in motion sensor automatically detects your movement when you are in front of the table and allows the lights to dim after leaving for 15 minutes to save energy. touch the AI button to adjust auto brightness, so the premium office light changes its brightness based on the environment around you, meeting your daily lighting needs from morning to night. With continuous brightness and 3 color temperatures (2700K~6500K), you can easily adjust brightness and color temperatures to achieve your desired lighting effect. Make your job easy and enjoyable. Buy now

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