It gains this capability from the diverse open source community, which creates software for a wide range of applications, including tools for high-availability servers and a variety of desktop applications. The purpose of best educational games for Linux is to teach players, usually youngsters, a particular concept or skill while they play. Games that blend teaching and enjoyment are sometimes referred to as “edutainment” software. Because Linux is such a strong operating system, it seems sense that the majority of Internet servers run on it. Although it might not be the most user-friendly OS, its diversity is admirable. Everybody needs Linux for different reasons. You can always find a good Linux distro for any use, whether it be for coding, teaching, or internet of things (IoT). In light of this, many have branded Linux as the operating system of the future.

Here is the list of Best Educational Games for Linux


The best educational games for Linux is TuxMath aids in overcoming the fact that not every child has a natural aptitude for or interest in maths. It’s intended to assist kids in learning math while simulating an arcade game with a space theme and giving them short gaming sessions to practice their skills. Although TuxMath doesn’t win any prizes in 2019 for its archaic UI, it is a very powerful tool in the fight to help kids learn math, especially if traditional learning doesn’t work for them. TuxMath is actually a component of a larger suite of games and tools geared toward youngsters. Kids won’t have time to worry about giving incorrect responses because it moves quickly. The gameplay is straightforward; the player is given arithmetic problems to solve, and if they do so correctly, they can blast asteroids. The questions become increasingly challenging as the game progresses, helping to test students math proficiency and build confidence. For visual learners who want to advance their mathematical abilities outside of a textbook, TuxMath is fantastic.


The days of consulting a dictionary each time you needed to know the definition of a term are long gone. Due to the ease with which people can now simply look for other languages, globalization has become simple. Google’s results, however, might not always be sufficient. Gnome-dictionary is the greatest option for you if you’re seeking for the best and most current software to fulfill your child’s demand for a dictionary because it will meet his needs! The search of multiple languages is supported by this application. The user interface has been designed with the needs of the client in mind, and has been made as easy to use as possible for even young children. So, if you want one of the best educational games for Linux, we highly recommend this games.


Anyone can use these best educational games for Linux because of how simple and intuitive the user interface is. Tux Paint uses a variety of interesting sound effects, so youngsters won’t get bored because the jingles truly contribute to keeping a fun atmosphere. The tools are on your right, while the many activities associated to each tool are on the left. Kids won’t have any trouble connecting the icons with what they do because they are big and obvious. Nearly every button that is clicked has a comment shown at the bottom of the screen. The Linux penguin is the one who provides advice and details. If your child pays attention to it, it can truly benefit him. Tux Paint handles loading and saving in a unique way from other programs. The filename of the path where files are kept is never visible. This is advantageous because young children often become confused. Only the thumbnails of previously saved photographs are displayed by this app. You should be aware that the drawing board has a predefined size, so the child doesn’t need to specify anything while generating a new artwork. Additionally, there are no dialogs used for these procedures.

AcademiX GNU

AcademiX, one of the newest distributions in this manual, is likewise built on top of Debian Linux. It might surprise you to learn that AcademiX doesn’t come with any best educational games for Linux, unlike the other distributions in this tutorial. Instead, AcademiX comes with the unique EDU software manager, a package manager created especially for installing educational apps. The mintInstall package manager from the Linux Mint project serves as the foundation for the AcademiX EDU software manager. EDU organizes packages by ages and subjects, in contrast to conventional package managers. Along with a dozen courses covering anything from astronomy, biology, geography, and foreign languages to electronics, programming, genetics, robotics, and many other topics, it provides four learning age groups for students.


What about the arts, because not every youngster enjoys more technical topics like math or science? Children with musical talent enjoy minuet. A comprehensive set of musical training exercises are included to aid children in developing their musical abilities. To learn chords, scales, and musical intervals, students listen to music samples. Minuet is a useful tool for teachers because it can be customized with your own exercises for students. Minuet is not just for beginning musicians. If you’re a visual learner, the on-screen piano will help you see the music being played. It has exercises and settings that can be customized for any skill level. Currently, this is one of the best educational games for Linux that you can download right now.


You can stop at this one if you’re seeking for an instructional software package for your children between the ages of 2 and 10. This is more than one game. The GCompris program package includes a variety of entertaining games, including chess, sudoku, oware, and many others. The program includes a variety of disciplines in addition to games, like geography, science, computing, and much more. All are made with children in mind. GCompris isn’t only a Linux program. Other operating systems including Windows, Mac, and even Android support it as well. Thus, this games is one of the best educational games for Linux available right now.


GeoGebra is a dynamic math program for all best educational games for Linux that combines geometry, algebra, spreadsheets, graphing, statistics, and calculus in a single, user-friendly package. The user base of GeoGebra, which numbers millions, is spread out throughout almost every nation. Innovations in teaching and learning are supported by GeoGebra, the world’s top producer of dynamic mathematics software that supports STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) education. This particular program aims to change the perception that mathematical software can’t be fun. Through games and puzzles, it enables you to investigate functions, graphs, and numerical values. It also aids in educational endeavors like geometry or calculus. This program is for you if you wish to sharpen your mathematics abilities in a more entertaining manner!


Math is often difficult for kids! Dealing with numbers may be challenging for anyone, including youngsters and businesspeople. In addition to being instructional software that can assist children with their math, GNUKhata can also be used by businessmen that must handle several calculative activities. Still, it is one of the best educational games for Linux that you can consider. This accounting program is quite compact. Children can use it without difficulty, and it is not necessary to be tech-savvy in order to utilize this software. All accounting chores, from creating ledgers to producing balance sheets, can be assisted by GNUKhata. Compared to a manual task, the outcomes will be error-free, and activities can be completed considerably more quickly.

Final Words

All parents have a responsibility to provide for their children’s education, and education need not necessarily be stuffy and serious, especially for young children. You can provide best educational games for Linux for your children so they can learn while having fun. You can install instructional games on your computer in addition to offering kids educational items. If you run Linux, you can test out five of the aforementioned educational games to choose which one is best for your children.

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