According to research, pupils who take notes perform better than note-takers on both immediate and delayed measures of memory and synthesis. Additionally, pupils remember more and do better on examinations the more they record! Since taking notes is so important to students, we’re starting our list with some of the top note-taking applications available.

Here is the list of Best Educational Tools


Easily one of the best educational tools available on the app store, the Newsela is one of the well-known educational technology tools that is focused on giving various news, respective learnings from the news, current events, news, and information on myths, folklore, science, technology, and other themes. It delivers substantial literature, journalism, and instructional information adapting to the various requirements of the customers. Newsela might be your go-to edtech app if you’re interested in learning more about the news or want to learn about a variety of subjects, from science to mythology.

Book Creator

Students of any age or ability level may create, publish, and share online books using the lovely and versatile Book Creator tool. Using this tool, you can make your books as basic or sophisticated as you choose. For more structured learning, students may select a comic book layout and add Google photos directly from the app into closed panels. If additional freedom is desired, users can select a blank page and submit their own artwork. The text may be hyperlinked to other web resources, shapes and stickers can be added, and audio and video files can be imported. When the book is ready for publication, the pages turn like a real book and the audio and video play directly inside the app.


Microsoft offers the best educational tools is  called OneNote. OneNote serves as a digital notebook, enabling pupils to maintain an electronic record of all their information. For each subject or topic, you may make a separate notebook and add notes to it. Want to take notes more quickly? Simply click to take a snapshot of your slide or whiteboard, and OneNote will improve the quality of the image to make it easier to read. Users of OneNote never have to give up their preferred note-taking method because it allows both handwriting and stylus use. For a rapid context, students can record lectures and sync their notes with audio. Additionally, students may password-protect their notes, add sticky notes as reminders, communicate with other students and edit in real-time, and have their notes sync automatically across several devices.

Microsoft Powerpoint

You have probably heard of Microsoft’s Powerpoint presentation software. Powerpoint, which was first made available in 1987, has been around since the advent of the internet and is still the system of choice for slides and presentations all around the world. The slide designer in Powerpoint is simple to use and straightforward. In order to unleash their creativity, students may add photos, text, typefaces, and even 3D objects to their slides. Students may create presentations using Microsoft Powerpoint utilizing a pen, touch, or even their voice in addition to a mouse or trackpad. Additionally, Presenter Coach, a function of Powerpoint, allows students to practice speaking while receiving AI-powered feedback on their pace, word choice, and other aspects of their speeches. Thus, these apps is one of the best educational tools available right now.


Logo for EdPuzzleEdPuzzle is a free assessment-focused program that enables instructors and students to make interactive online videos by adding comments, audio notes, audio tracks, or open-ended or multiple-choice questions to videos. Films from a variety of sources, including YouTube, TED, Vimeo, and National Geographic, may be used to create interactive videos for EdPuzzle. Still, it is one of the best educational tools that you can consider. Because EdPuzzle is connected with an LMS, like Schoology, the objective answers are automatically assessed and posted to my gradebook. EdPuzzle offers more than just video viewing. We utilize it to encourage writing in a less daunting and enjoyable way than having pupils respond to a question on paper. In EdPuzzle, several of my reluctant writers wind up penning lengthy replies with multiple paragraphs.

We choose elink as our preferred platform for material curation since it was named the finest website for teaching and learning by AASL. Elink may be used by instructors and students to curate content, share it, and make learning engaging and interactive. With the help of this handy tool, you may create lesson plans, book suggestions, resource pages, staff updates, and more. Teachers always look for new ways to integrate technology into the classroom by researching the most effective teaching strategies, creating reading lists, preparing lessons, and gathering digital resources to interest their students. Finding the greatest best educational tools and presenting it in a visually appealing manner for improved learning are both easy with elink, which supports instructors in all of those endeavors.


The best educational tools is Kahoot! Teachers may run quizzes that resemble games and create presentations with linked quizzes thanks to, a student response tool for all platforms. Either they can search, utilize, and/or remix other people’s public quizzes, or they may make their own quizzes. Kahoots may be used for self-paced learning or live presentations. During a live Kahoot, questions and answer options are displayed on a screen in the classroom, and students respond by connecting a device to the internet. Images and video may be included in questions and polls to make them more appealing to all types of learners. Teachers have the option of using Team mode or Classic mode for live Kahoots. Teams of students can collaborate and compete against one another in the Team mode. Assigned Challenges can be finished asynchronously, but students still compete against their peers and receive points for their speedy replies; the scoreboard shows when everyone has answered.


Teachers can use the user-created polls and quizzes on Socrative, an interactive web-based student response system. Students need a Room code to access the questions, and when they respond on nearly any device, their responses are promptly recorded on the teacher’s computer. button to reveal the results once everyone has commented. In addition to these fundamental assessment techniques, students may participate in the cooperative game Space Race, which allows them to work in teams to respond to questions as rapidly as possible. The instructor can check the race’s real-time results and identify the teams of students. At the conclusion, teachers may view the quiz results and download them through email or an Excel document for additional preparation.

Final Words

The best educational tools prior time, we discussed teaching techniques for distance learning online. We’ll discuss online teaching in more detail today and compile a list of the greatest resources for instructors and educators. The best educational tools include learning resource applications, databases, and extensions. Libraries, interactive games-based teaching, scheduling, communication, quizzing, grading. There is something for everyone and every tool has a different function. Hundreds of digital education technologies have been developed to increase student autonomy, enhance academic process management, promote cooperation, and improve communication between professors and students.

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