It’s difficult to fathom modern life without cellphones. Because the development of these smart gadgets, there have been many changes, and since the revolution is still young, there will be many more to come. These devices were suddenly essential. The typical activity we do when we are not very interested in anything is to pull out our phones and start playing games, starting chats, reading news, and so on. Entertainment includes films, television shows, series, music, and other media. However, a membership may be necessary to access all of these videos on the official portal. But in this section, we’ll highlight some of the best entertainment apps for android. However, we’ll include some of the best online outlets below.

Here is the list of Best Entertainment Apps for Android


Hulu, one of the most varied video streaming services accessible, is renowned for its blend of original programming, on-demand releases of previously broadcast television episodes, and numerous movies. Users get access to a variety of television programmes in addition to numerous films with advertisements on the standard $7.99 per month membership level. Users get everything for a $14 monthly price without the invasive advertising. The $69.99 Hulu + Live TV with Disney+ and ESPN package, which grants access to live television as well as Disney+ and ESPN, is one of the finest offers.


The best entertainment apps for android called Widgetshare allows you to share picture widgets with your loved ones. Simply take a photo or upload one from your gallery, tweak it if you’d like (in-app video editing tools are available), and then ask someone else who has the app to input a code to share the photo with them. The fun part is that either of you may alter or replace the picture at any moment, and the widget will update as a result. That image can be shown as a widget on either of your phones. Therefore, it’s a great method for you to email each other images and have them show up on your home screen.

NASA app

You can access the most recent photos, videos, mission updates, news, featured articles, tweets, NASA TV, and highlighted items from the NASA archive with the NASA app. Additionally, you may watch live streaming footage from the High Definition Earth Viewing (HDEV) experiment on the International Space Station and observe forthcoming sighting possibilities for the International Space Station. The best entertainment apps for android shows 3D world models with the International Space Station and other Earth orbiting satellites, as well as 2D satellite tracking maps. The NASA app has a lot more capabilities available; these are just a few of them.


Since 1984, TED has been disseminating valuable ideas, so it shouldn’t come as a surprise if we include it on our list of best entertainment apps for android. TED, which is managed by the nonprofit Sapling Foundation, is well-known for its international series of conferences. TED conferences place a lot of focus on the entertainment aspect. 18 minutes are allotted to each speaker to deliver their thoughts in the most creative way possible. Since 2006, TED has been accessible for free online. The TED conference app allows you to see the whole collection of TED lectures videos, which brings us to the features of the app. Since it presently supports more than 90 languages, you may view the conferences in your native tongue. The speeches may also be bookmarked for later viewing, or you can download one to see it offline. You can also turn on alerts for fresh conversations.


An introduction to the best entertainment apps for android is YouTube is not necessary. It is unquestionably the funniest software currently available online. Watch a selection of tens of thousands of videos, including short films, TV shows, movie trailers, and music videos. Get all the notifications and alerts whenever a new video from your favourite musician or video blogger is released by subscribing to them. Your favourite videos may be downloaded and stored as offline videos so you can view them whenever you like. To express your opinions on a piece of material, you may comment on videos and share your ideas. By uploading your own material, you may also start a blog on YouTube and make money from it.

Google Play Books

The biggest human friend, so the saying goes, is a book. Sometimes individuals have trouble discovering internet resources for reading books. The best entertainment apps for android was deemed to be Google Play Books. where free books are available for Android users. The platform enables reading straight content as well as using the built-in audio reader. Readers may now enjoy audio information by turning on the audio speaker. Sometimes it sounds amazing to listen to the information in audio format. Accessing books online is a pretty easy procedure. The most recent version of the software should first be downloaded by smartphone users from the Play Store. then take advantage of free, unlimited internet access to eBooks.

Playerpro Music Player

Playerpro Music Player is quick, straightforward, and has an appealing user interface. There are several skin options as well as no-cost plugins. It is possible to search and play music using a variety of criteria, including albums, composers, folders, and artists. Included is support for Android Auto. Additionally compatible with Chromecast is the app. You may choose between a list layout or a grid layout. Tags for several titles, albums, performers, etc., may be changed. Audio effects may be used to change the sound as well. You may export and import your music history if you wish to move your favourite tracks from one device to another.


All best entertainment apps for android include the online music and video app Hungama Music. It offers a vast library of excellent audio and video. It gives users access to almost 3 million music and videos. It offers music in several genres, including rock, bhangra, bhajans, melancholy, cheerful, and romantic. It is a simple Android application that works with Android 4.0 or later. There were almost 50 million downloads of this software.

Clash Royale

The mobile gaming market has recently been dominated by collectible card games, tower defence games, and multiplayer online battle arena games. It is thus no wonder that many were curious when developer Supercell released a game that mixed aspects from all four genres. Since its release on the Android market in March 2016, Clash Royale has drawn a lot of attention and gamers. The Clash Royale Crown Championship is an official e-sports event that is based on the game Clash Royale, which has become such a big success with mobile users. The brilliant idea of combining mobile gaming with e-sports gaming has been realised with this game. There is something for everyone, whether you want to play a short game in one of the 11 playing venues or want to go all out in a league. The extra option of playing with others or by yourself adds a possible social component to the mix.


Another well-known best entertainment apps for android that offers an endless supply of excellent music, podcasts, and other content is Pandora. The newest songs from well-known musicians throughout the globe are routinely added to the app. If you like listening to new music, the app also has tracks from station Artists that you may listen to. Additionally, if you choose the premium membership, you may access your preferred podcasts and music on demand.

Final Words

Use these best entertainment apps for android for judiciously if you have a restricted data plan since many of them have the potential to use a significant amount of your data. To be safe, it could be a good idea to download any necessary media from each provider before you go, including movies, music, and e-books readers. The best entertainment apps for android are listed above that may be downloaded. are naturally industrious and provide easy access to an endless supply of amusement.

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