The Best External Hard Drives for Xbox One and PlayStation 4

[contentsdisabled] When you first buy a new PlayStation 4 or Xbox One, your internal storage feels limitless – but once you’ve installed all your games and the tenth 40GB update plus Call of Duty Warzone arrives, things look very different. Fortunately, even the slower internal drives of the Xbox One X and PlayStation 4 Pro mean that upgrading your storage is both cheap and effective. Here are the best external drives for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, including the traditional spinning disk hard drive – the best value option – and the more expensive but significantly faster external SSD.

Here is the list of the best external hard drives for Xbox One and PlayStation 4

Western Digital Elements 4TB Portable External Drive

If you’ve never owned a Western Digital hard drive before, the company has been producing storage since the early ’80s and has a well-deserved reputation for building products that last. As well as being able to store a ton of different games, you’ll also be able to keep them for a long time, which can come in handy if there are titles you want to revisit. Buy

Samsung SSD T5 500GB

The Samsung T5 remains one of the best SSD drives you can get, and if you’re looking for slightly higher performance than the WD My Passport SSD, this is the one to get. However, it also comes at a slightly higher price tag, so you constantly have to weigh that against what you actually get. Read and write speeds are marginally faster with the T5. There’s no doubt that Samsung looks the part, and it’s compact and durable, making it ideal if you’re carrying PS4 games and files between locations. However, as the performance isn’t much different from WD, it’s probably not worth buying the Samsung if you’re simply using it as extended storage and not taking it with you. We’ve included the Samsung T5 here because technically it offers the best performance of all the PS4 hard drives we’ve tested, but because it doesn’t offer the same value for money as other regular SSDs or HDDs, it’s hard to recommend unless you can find one. good deal and earn a lot of money. Buy

Seagate GameDrive for Xbox

From a design standpoint to software optimizations, this Seagate drive is for the Xbox power user. This unit comes in a variety of Microsoft franchise designs, is incredibly compact, and requires nothing more than a USB connection to plug in and use your console. While these branded units are a little more expensive, a few extra dollars eases the worries and gives Xbox users a hassle-free, customizable experience. The unit includes a one-month subscription to Microsoft’s exclusive Game Pass game subscription service so you can use your new storage right away. The physical appearance of the device is also worth noting, as it mirrors the Xbox One S so closely. While many external hard drives are a level above the eye, the Seagate Game Drive for Xbox looks like a perfect match with Microsoft’s console. Buy

Toshiba 1TB Canvio Advance

We recently changed our best budget pick to PS4 hard drives. Gone are the Canvio Basics, and newcomer is the Canvio Advance – a superior unit, which performs just as well as most other HDDs on this list, but at a lower price. It’s about the same cost as Basics, but comes with a few extras. tricks. Read and write speeds are slightly faster and almost on par with WD MyPassport. However, the Canvio Advance comes with a two-year warranty, and if you decide to start using it with your PC, it has password protection and auto return.up, which is missing from the Basics model. The Advance also comes in a glossy finish, rather than the cheaper matte plastic of the Basics. It’s super easy to use – just plug it into your PS4 and format it as extended storage. We have the red version, but the blue color fits better with the PS4’s aesthetic (it still has a bright blue light when turned on). Advance does not require an external power supply and only works on the PS4’s (or PC’s) USB 3.0 ports. Overall, it’s a great device, and at under $50 for the 1TB version, it’s a bargain. Buy

WD Gaming works with PlayStation

WD’s PS4 hard drive pairs perfectly with your PS4 thanks to a compact design and blue highlights. An easy fit-up lets you plug in the drive and start downloading content in no time. While the drive is nearly equal to competitors in speed and size, the short cable can be an issue for users who need to store the drive away from the console. The best thing WD Gaming Works has going for it is simplicity. It’s designed with PS4 compatibility in mind, right down to the “black box with blue highlights” design, so you never have to worry about compatibility or aesthetics. With 2TB of storage space, you can download dozens of big-budget games and still have room for as many movies and TV shows as you want. Buy

WD_Black P50 game drive

The WD BLACK P50 SSD is pretty much the complete package. And what a robust package it is. Starting at the top, the P50 is a rectangular-shaped unit that’s roughly the size of a small smartphone (currently, at least). It’s still portable size, so it’s extremely portable, as well as staying firmly away from ‘so small I might lose it’ territory. The case is a really cool looking military style with molded metal and the traditional and elegant WD_Black aesthetic and marking. It comes with a USB-C port on the unit, but this can be implemented as either a USB-A or USB-C connection depending on the device you’re using it on. In our tests, we got the same speeds on either port, so it doesn’t matter which one you have free or available, or if you change the device it’s used with during its lifetime. There’s a small but clear LED indicator on one of the short ends, which always helps, but one small downside is that it gets a little hot when in use, so it’s worth keeping that in mind when positioning it. Buy

Silicon Power 2TB shockproof external hard drive

If you have curious little ones, troublesome pets or clumsy motor skills, you should check out the Silicon Power shockproof drive. The unit has solid reviews from console users and can be played without worrying about traveling on the go. While the unit will survive quite rough handling, including spills, for years to come, it also comes with a three-year warranty. With 2TB of storage space and fast read speed, Silicon Power Shockproof is one of the best external hard drives for PS4 and Xbox One, especially if you need to drag it from place to place often. It’s a little bigger than some of its competitors, and brand recognition isn’t the same as, say, a Western Digital or a Seagate. But it is durable and should last a long time. Buy

SanDisk Extreme Portable

While Samsung offers the best SSD option right now for your PS4 external hard drive needs, if you want to get the most secure SSD to keep that drive even more secure (and why not?), then the SanDisk Extreme Portable is the way to go. unique to you. If you’ve got your eyes on the future, when we can travel further and take our game data with us to our friends and family, this robust unit will be able to withstand any kind of mishap. It’s the perfect candidate for those who are accident-prone or who prefer to be more certain about the protection our devices have. It is also a genuinely robust SSD as it is water and dust resistant to IP-55 standard. It has a shock resistant core for durability and maintains a truly compact design – it fits in your pocket with ease. That security and durability is premium and adds a little extra to the unit’s price. But it’s definitely worth it when all things are considered. It’s also not sloppy when it comes to doing the main work; its read speeds can challenge the Samsung T5. If you want some extra assurance, you can even opt for the Extreme Pro variant – but be prepared to see the cost increase significantly. Buy

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