The Best FireStick Games to Play


Check out the list of the best FireStick games to play

minions race

Minion Rush is no different from many other endless runner style games. You control a Minion that is running, trying to avoid capture and obstacles, passing up to jump or down to slide. Swiping from side to side lets you switch lanes as you run. Minion Rush manages to capture some of the silliness and humor of the Minions from the film series. The game itself is a retread of popular endless runner franchises like Temple Run, with only adorable and funny minions in the lead. If you like endless runners, you will like this game. There are some interesting twists camera angles, so you’re not always looking over your shoulder.

Final fantasy VI

Final Fantasy VI begins on a journey to the snow-covered mining town of Narshe. Terra is joined by Imperial soldiers Biggs and Wedge, the first of several Star Wars references. There are reports that there is a magical being known as esper frozen in the mines, which is of great interest to the Empire. The mission seems to be going well, Magitek’s imperial walkers avoid any tough townspeople as they head towards the esper, but then something happens to the esper and Earth ends. up separated from their companions.

adventure from above

They achieved this with Alto’s Adventure, despite the fact that it was a twist on the ‘endless runner’ game genre in which a player could theoretically go on forever thanks to an interactive and continuously generated background, obstacle and interaction. feature headquarters. Players take on the role of Alto, a snowboard llama herder who must carve to rescue his flock, while making simple tricks To ride up points, and avoiding obstacles like rocks and chasms along the way. Players control the game by tapping the screen to jump over hazards, or to get some air so they can take off. tricks pressing the screen or grinding the wires tied between the posts.

The Bard’s Tale

The Bard’s quest is another cliché. He is tasked with rescuing a beautiful princess locked in a tower by an evil wizard. But this is the Bard we’re talking about, so he can’t be led to believe he’s the Chosen One or that he should do someone a favor, even a hot princess. While the Bard must conquer three separate towers to free the princess from her prison, there’s much more to the game than just this main quest. The Bard’s life is full of complications and nothing in his world is simple. He will have to acquire various items by helping various people along the way.

crazy taxi

The game is very simple. As one of the four taxi drivers, you must drive and choose up tariffs. Each of your fares will feature a destination – whether it’s a Tower Records, Kentucky Fried Chicken, FILA store or Levi’s store – and you’ll need to get there as quickly as possible. Get there in a hurry and you’ll get a time bonus. While some might argue that Crazy Taxi is a little too close to the arcade model to have any real replayability, the replay value comes from the sheer fun of the game. The game has the same kind of universal appeal and playability and playability that made Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater a hit on PlayStation.

Haunt the House: Terrortown

There are four areas to haunt: the theater, the cruise ship, the hospital, and the museum. Each location has specific objects to possess and 20 people you need to scare your way out of. The sheer amount of different items possessed is impressive, especially as when your atmosphere increases, there are new options for you to explore. In each area there are two ‘trapped souls’, which are relatively simple to detect. A high atmosphere meter allows you to perform a specific action when possessing a nearby object, which kills the soul disguised as a person and sends it to the clock tower, where it is parked next to a bell.

Dusk: Slavic Fable

The game plays out similarly to Artifex Mundi’s other games and you navigate a series of well-designed 2D backgrounds, solving puzzles along the way. When controlling the game you have a circle that you move around the screen and you have to interact with objects, sometimes zooming in on certain specific locations. Interaction is limited to pressing X button touch objects or sometimes open up your menu to combine items together. You don’t have direct control over a character and progression is simply screen by screen. Slavic Fable relies less on traditional hidden object puzzles, though those are here.

Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic

Even these smaller goals are often put on the back burner as there are so many steps involved in accomplishing them. If you want to gain passage to a critical part of town, for example, you must first help a party member free their Wookiee friend from captivity. Furthermore, there is a rather simplistic system of morality in the heart of their interactions. How you respond to events will influence whether you lean more towards the Light or Dark sides of the Force, and that influences both your journey and which final you’ll see eventually.

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