This streaming device essentially transforms a television into a smart TV, and it comes with a remote control that allows users to access the apps and shows. We’ve compiled a selection of the best FireStick remote apps, hand-picked for you for all-around healthy pleasure. These apps are compatible with all streaming devices and include a plethora of capabilities.

Here is the list of Best FireStick Remote Apps

After downloading the app, connect your FireStick device and phone to the same Wi-Fi network. On your Fire TV, you must sign in with the same account. The Fire TV remote also has Alexa speech assistant for simple control. With a single press on your smartphone, you can select the app.


This is exactly what CetusPlay allows you to do, and it makes watching TV a lot more enjoyable. CetusPlay, like the best FireStick remote apps, has an app view where you can access it with a single tap of your finger. With this programme, you don’t lose any user-friendliness features, but you do acquire one that will provide hours of entertainment. CetusPlay also provides access to its own app store, allowing you to effortlessly sideload apps. This capability allows you to instal apps such as Chrome on your Fire TV device, giving it even more versatility.

Harmony Remote for Firestick

Another excellent application for controlling the best FireStick remote apps with an Android device. This programme, like the others described, does not make use of WiFi connectivity. However, it is necessary to have Bluetooth pairing, which is also extremely good and has the best range. Harmony is an all-in-one programme that can be used to control linked lights, locks, blinds, thermostats, dim the lights, stereos, cable/satellite set-top boxes, and the list goes on, as you will learn. If you’re looking for something fresh and unique, I definitely recommend giving this Harmony Remote a shot.

Shudder TV

The best FireStick remote apps is Shudder TV is an AMC network premium app that focuses on the genres of supernatural literature, horror, thrillers, and suspense. So, if you enjoy spine-tingling content, you’re in for a treat. It includes a huge library of horror movies that you won’t find in any other app.

CetusPlay Remote

This is quite possibly the best third-party best Firestick remote apps available. This programme provides a faultless experience as an alternative to the TV remote, with far more capability than the official version. It may be used in a variety of interesting ways, including keyboard mode, mouse mode, direction pad mode, and touchpad mode. These settings provide something different for each user and may even provide a better Firestick experience for some folks. It’s simple to connect to your Firestick and features a straightforward UI that’s easy to grasp and manage, even for inexperienced users. CetusPlay’s app supports multiple languages.


One of the best things about DroidMmote is that it works not only with Android but also with Linux, Windows, and Chrome. You will be able to go to the best FireStick remote apps. It includes a D-pad mode and a virtual mouse. DroidMote might be useful when playing video games on your TV. You will only need to connect it to your television to conduct various functions. It can operate as a media player, keyboard, copy-paste, or pinch to zoom, among other things. This feature, however, is not available for iOS operating systems.

AnyMote Universal Remote app

The best FireStick remote apps is AnyMote Universal Remote app is not your average remote control app. It, like the others on this list, provides many customization options that allow you to personalise it. It contains a directional pad for ease navigation, but you can also assign gestures to specific keys.


Even though it is limited to the Kodi app, Kore Remote is yet another app for managing the Firestick gadget. This remote app is incredibly beneficial for people who are big lovers of the Kodi media app services. It cannot be used to control any other apps besides Kodi. This software is yet another excellent way to operate your Firestick. However, it is the most restricted of the best Firestick remote apps on our list. The Kore remote app is only compatible with the Kodi app. The Kore Remote is quite useful for avid users of this service. The application has a plethora of functions and, like CetusPlay, supports several languages.

Yatse Kodi Remote

Yatse, also known as the XBMC/Kodi Remote, is the best FireStick remote apps (previously XBMC) that allows you to control your media centre from your Android mobile. Yatse will become your default Kodi remote, allowing you to control every aspect of your media centre from your Android. You can select which movies or series to watch, pause playback, modify the volume, alter the screen size, embed subtitles, and so on. Custom widgets can also be created for nearly any command. Another intriguing feature of Yatse is the ability to control Kodi or listen to music from your Android device rather than your media centre.

Final Words

If you’ve misplaced or broken your original best FireStick remote apps, don’t worry: Fire Stick remote applications can act as a replacement. If you have an iPhone, the best remote app to download is the official best FireStick remote apps. It includes all of the physical remote’s properties encoded in its software, as well as some additional functionality.

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