To play most of these, you need at least a passable gadget. They typically have complex graphics cards, a high need for Internet use, and are just generally resource-intensive games. We didn’t include Fortnite because it isn’t available in the Play Store but is still a fantastic best FPS games for Android.

Here is the list of Best FPS Games for Android

Apex Legends Mobile

Online tactical best FPS games for Android, Apex Legends Mobile has renowned character-based gameplay. There are ten or more legends in the game, and they all have special skills that can help you win. You can form pairs or trios with pals. The game offers PvP (player vs player) modes including Team Deathmatch and Gun Game in addition to the 60-person Battle Royale mode. Moreover, Apex Legends offers Ranked Games, which feature squad battles that move quickly and are competitive in nature.

Call of Duty Mobile

Mobile gameplay is nothing new for the Call of Duty brand, but the aptly named Call of Duty: Mobile is unique. This best FPS games for Android is represents a concerted effort from Activision to make a mark on the notoriously difficult-to-crack and overcrowded mobile market – and it clearly wants to bring in people for the long term. Although the microtransactions are relatively simple to avoid, the controls are shaky, and despite being free to play, the game frequently reminds you of them. You cannot avoid the fact that using a touch screen to control a shooter will never be as effective as using a controller, much less a keyboard and mouse.

Battlegrounds Mobile India

Battlegrounds Mobile India is still the best option if you want Battle Royale, even though Call of Duty Mobile offers a respectable selection of online shooting modes. Whatever shooting game is playing, BGMI laid the foundation for battle royale modes. It still offers the best navigation size and design for the ideal Battle Royale matchups today. You must consider the target’s movement, distance, and wind speeds when sniping. The best FPS games for Android of BGMI is among the greatest in the shooter genre because to these specialised elements. Additionally, the prizes are fantastic, including crates and coupons for an improved gaming and visual experience.

Hitman: Sniper

We all recall the Hitman games’ satisfying experiences as players. With a level of flexibility that wasn’t typical for the era, it gave us the chance to become the ideal modern assassin. You still have a lot of freedom when it comes to how you approach the targets in Hitman: Sniper. But you’ll have to take them out from a distance rather than confronting them face to face. The way the level plays out for you depends on your shooting strategy and the objects you shoot. The sniping mechanics are also excellent and will be a great challenge.

Shadowgun Legends: Online FPS

Free-to-play first-person shooter Shadowgun Legends has a sci-fi premise. There are two game modes: Story Mode, where you fight alien invasions, and Co-op, where you play with your friends. The game features stunning visuals and an epic plot that includes adventures on three separate planets. You can play each campaign in Co-op mode with pals. You may also create your own weapons, alter your loadout, and even play the game with a gamepad.

World War Heroes

A World War II-themed online combat game is called World War Heroes. The game’s modes include Team Deathmatch, Point Capture, HQ Defense, Team Battle, and Custom. Grunge-filled visuals and exciting fighting areas may be found in World War Heroes. In World War Heroes, players have the option of competing against one another or working as a team to win. Sabotage foes using more than 50 different weapons, including grenades, handguns, rifles, and shotguns. World War Heroes is a best FPS games for Android and is published by Azur Games.

Apex Legends Mobile

It was really thrilling to see Apex Legends finally come to smartphones or tablets. Apex Legends has always been recognized for offering a good battle royale experience, with the legends that are constantly being added adding more strategy and depth to the standard run, gun, and loot battle royale action. Your legends have characteristics and unique skills that give them an advantage in battle, but nothing outlandish that would tip the match’s balance. This best FPS games for Android because the movement and gameplay are very smooth and don’t seem all that different from what you’d see on console and PC.

PUBG Mobile

It would be impossible to discuss PUBG Mobile without bringing up its sibling, PUBG: New State. In contrast, PUBG: New State is equally as good and, in some respects, more mobile-friendly. Download PUBG Mobile from its officially site and New State are divided by age and content, though. PUBG Mobile is the more established battle royale of the two, and while New State is somewhat more recent, it still has the potential to eclipse PUBG Mobile in terms of player base. PUBG is renowned for introducing a complex weapon upgrading system. Choosing which game merits the focus will be much harder once New State catches up to PUBG Mobile.

Final Words

The best FPS games for Android is always enjoyable. You can enjoy the game with your pals in the virtual environment rather than playing by yourself and being bored. The best FPS games for Android have various benefits, according to studies, including lowering stress levels, fostering social growth, strengthening hand-eye coordination, and many more.

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