The Apple Watch is the company‘s most personal device, but in order to properly personalise it, you’ll need to start installing some of your favourite apps. But don’t worry if you’ve already spent your wearable budget on the watch there are lots of terrific apps available for free. So put your credit card away and check out our best free Apple Watch apps. The Apple Watch has been available for several years. Long enough to be found on the wrists of various people all around the world. Any Apple Watch owner will tell you that the applications are what actually make it wonderful. There are numerous apps to pick from, each of which performs a unique job to make our life a little easier.

Here is the list of Best Free Apple Watch Apps


Under Armour’s fitness-tracking software is one of the greatest iPhone workout apps, and it’s also one of the best free Apple Watch apps. If you’ve ever used MapMyRun to track your mileage, using the apple watch app to train is a no-brainer. MapMyRun tracks a variety of workouts, including outdoor and treadmill runs, walks, and bike rides, using the watch’s built-in GPS and heart rate monitor. Throughout each workout, the app displays your distance, time, pace, and heart rate. This is useful if you’re aiming to lose weight or meet a training objective. MapMyRun can be synced with Under Armour’s Bluetooth-enabled shoes to provide more advanced information such as whether you land on the ball of your foot or your heel as you pound the pavement.


There has been a gap between our timelines and our wrists since Twitter removed its app from the best free Apple Watch apps. Chirp reconnects the two. A simple design allows you to explore your timeline, scan your mentions, and stay up to date on the newest trends, and you can like or retweet anything you see with an one tap. Heavy Twitter users can give a few dollars to access the premium version, which includes direct posting, DMs, and lists, but if you just want to keep up with your feed, the free Chirp app should be on your Watch.

Just Press Record

Just Press Record is an excellent software for converting your Apple Watch into an audio recorder. With this software on your Apple Watch, you may record surrounding audio with a simple tap. The watch has a capacity of 12 recent recordings. To make place for new audio recording clips, you can effortlessly transfer the recordings to your iPhone. It is the best free Apple Watch apps that uses the wrist to keep track of all thoughts, lists, and communications. Because it can clearly record surrounding sounds, it is also a perfect tool for secretly recording and listening to discussions.


Although we didn’t think the best free Apple Watch apps should have sleep monitoring until battery life improved, Apple did introduce native sleep tracking with watchOS 7. While that function serves my objective of ensuring we get enough sleep, it is far from comprehensive. Pillow comes very handy here. Pillow is a free programme that tracks your sleep and provides specific information about your sleeping patterns, such as total sleep length and detailed breakdowns of waking time, REM sleep, and more. It also monitors your heart rate and has the ability to capture audio if necessary.

Streaks Workout

This app broke a few members of the Stuff crew, but we still suggest it wholeheartedly for a quick calorie burn. All you need is your Apple Watch – Streaks Workout operates independently of the iOS app – and the desire to break a sweat. You may select from four workout lengths, and the programme will tie together easy workouts. You tap the screen when you finish a set of exercises. Easy. Except when your entire body is screaming at you for not opting for the six-minute option in the first place.

Snappy Word

The best free Apple Watch apps offers several pretty inventive games, but most of them are either constrained by the very small display or cost money. However, if you’re looking for some cerebral practise, Snappy Word is a terrific game. It is a variant of the iPhone game in which you must build a word with the four letters that appear on the screen as the clock continues to tick. It’s beautifully produced and operates nicely. It may appear straightforward, but it is not as simple as it appears, and some of the words can be tough. An absolutely fantastic way to pass the time during those short periods of the day when you don’t have much to do and can’t be bothered to try something more elaborate.


Every time Apple publishes a new version of watchOS, a set of best free Apple Watch apps weeps because what was previously exclusively available through third-party apps is now part of the OS. It happened with sleep tracking applications, though there are still plenty of third-party solutions available, and it has now happened with medicine tracking apps. If you need to stay on top of a medicine regimen, you can now utilise your Apple Watch’s Medications app to remind you to take them and register when you do. To configure Medications, open the Health app on your iPhone. You can then make a list of drugs, how often you need to take them, and at what time of day.

Microsoft Translator

One of the best free Apple Watch apps for your Apple Watch Series 8 is Microsoft Translator. When you’re on vacation and need to communicate with someone who speaks a different language, this app will come in helpful. Speech translation becomes simple by simply speaking into the Watch while the app handles the rest. Text on menus, banners, and graphics can also be translated. One of the app’s unique features is multi-person translations, which allow many individuals to connect their devices and have an in-person chat in their native languages.


Physical wellness is more than just exercise. Another type of movement is an excellent sign of what’s going on with your body. Though it may sound disgusting, keeping track of your bowel movements can help you determine whether you’re on track with your exercise, diet, and other habits. GoPoop will keep track of the last time you went using the data acquired by your observations, as well as offer practical suggestions based on your recordings. The app adheres to the Bristol Stool Scale, a widely used research technique for assessing the efficacy of therapies for gut and bowel diseases.


The best free Apple Watch apps is a great gadget for remembering things, but Apple has yet to include an app that collects them all for simple viewing. That is why Cheatsheet is such a useful programme. The free utility is as basic as they come, yet it’s all you need You can add, edit, and delete up to three “cheats” on your wrist, as well as a complication that displays your most important words on supported faces. You won’t get the encryption and security of an app like 1Password, but Cheatsheet is crucial for rapid access to short notes.

Final Words

Every year, we go through hundreds of apps to find the finest ones to suggest for your Apple Watch. We use the best free Apple Watch apps, developers, online resources, and other sources to identify the best options for testing. Then we utilise those applications in our daily lives to assess how they operate and whether they’re deserving of a spot on this list. Our list’s writer is constantly testing out new best free Apple Watch apps virtually every day, which we mentioned above.

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