The Best Free Apps to Watch Boxing Matches

[contentsdisabled] Boxing is one of the best sports games like cricket, basketball, baseball etc. As we all know, boxing is not only famous in the United States of America, United Kingdom, etc., but also all over the world. In boxing, two athletes wear gloves and start fighting, throwing the best possible punches and winning a game. The first boxing match was held in 1904 and after that these sports gained so much popularity and are now famous all over the world. Boxing is a very popular sport. However, there are many governing bodies, which makes it difficult to watch all the big games, even with a subscription. This means that if you want to watch the best action in the boxing world, you need an option that offers multiple streaming channels. That’s where the best boxing apps come in. As a good boxing lover, you don’t want to lose a fight. However, in many cases, you may not have the opportunity to attend an event from the comfort of your home, whether because you are traveling, by car or on the way. home. To do this, it is always good to use various web portals that are responsible for broadcasting these sporting events, although most are paid.

Here is the list of the best free apps to watch boxing matches

live nettv

The app offers content from around the world with a wide selection of movies from Asia. They recently added a VOD section that our team found interesting. The goodness of streams for English movies it was fantastic and instead of having to choose between a selection of links it was a simple click and play. Overall, we were very happy with what we found on LiveNetTV. O streams were reliable and the content varied, even if the same ads were useless and annoying over and over again. There is no doubt in our collective minds that LiveNetTV is a decent live TV streaming app that would be worth it.

Redbox TV

Redbox TV is a dedicated live TV streaming app that promises a “full box of entertainment”. The app offers many channels from 19 countries including Australia, United Kingdom, United States, Spain, France, Germany, Arabic, Turkey, Pakistan and many others. One of the most impressive sections is the sports category which allows users to enjoy PPV events like UFC, boxing, WWE, etc. and other live sports such as football. Almost all major sports channels can be accessed from there, and they often have multiple streams.


According to my review of Mobdro, the app does not offer its own content to users. Mobdro collects free video content from all over the internet. Mobdro application content has two types; The first type of content comes from free sources. These free sources are nature, YouTube and webcams. Users stream the second type of content from various television networks such as ABC, CBC, CNN and Cartoon Network. The first category of the app doesn’t look entirely appealing. YouTube is an undisputed giant of streaming media; As a result, the app sometimes looks like a third-party YouTube client. The app should have acted as an aggregator for tons of rich content sources.

TV Tap Pro

TVTap is now an updated version of UKTV. The app has a beautiful and modern interface and 900 live TV channels. Most TVTap channels come from Europe and there are many boxed channels. These include DAZN, Sky, BT Sport, Fox Sports and ESPN. Like Mobdro and HD Streamz, TVTap allows you to disable ads by sharing unused resources and you can also customize the app to your liking.

Swift Streamz

Swift Streamz is a brilliant app for streaming and watching your favorite shows, movies and live TV online. It allows you to enjoy many TV channels on your Android devices, including TV shows, news channels, sports and anything else you want. Swift Streamz is packed with awesome features that ensure all your entertainment needs are met. some of these features include support for multiple video players, absolutely free live TV and no subscription. You don’t need to register to use Swift Streamz, and Chromecast is also supported, so you can use your smartphone or tablet.

Oreo TV

Oreo TV is another amazing app that lets you watch boxing matches and PPVs for free. The app includes a huge library of over 6,000 TV channels from around the world, the most channels on this list. These channels offer different types of content including live TV, sports, news, TV shows, movies, etc. Although most channels are from South Asia, there are many channels where you can watch boxing matches for free. These include ESPN, Fox Sports, Sky Sports and BT Sport. The app contains many features that you can use to enhance your streaming experience. One of them is the player-in-player (PIP) mode, which allows you to multi-task while watching your game.


Unlike the above apps, Kodi is an official app that acts as a media organizer and streaming app. The app itself does not offer streams or any other content, but when configured, it is one of the best options to watch boxing matches live and for free. To make this possible, you need to install various sports streaming Kodi add-ons. We usually provide guides for the best Kodi addons, so you can always check our Kodi section for the latest and greatest addons.

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