Guide: Best Free macOS Apps For Web Developers

For web developers, applications are important factors for better productivity; without having the right one, developing a single website could take up a lot of developer time. There are many web development applications for each platform. In this post we will compose together the best OS X applications you should include in your web development toolboxThe best part is that all of these applications are completely free. So let’s take a look.

1. VirtualHostX

VirtualHostX is started as a “Web Sharing” plugin; a utility that Apple has removed from System Preferences since OS X Mountain Lion. This option allows you to enable and disable the built-in macOS Apache Server, where you can host a localhost environment for your websites. Now VirtualHostX has grown into quite a powerful application to manage a localhost environment. Some of them are features include improved modern macOS UI, creating and sharing a public URL to access the localhost site, installing a free SSL certificate from Let’s Encrypt, and built-in backups.

2. Keka

Most of the file packages we download are compressed in zip, rar, or tar format, which allows delivery of multiple files. Even though the Mac has a built-in feature to extract these formats it is quite limited. Keka is a free open-source OS X file compression and extraction application. It supports the three formats above and different compression formats including 7z, Gzip, Tar, DMG, and ISO, and it can extract RAR, EXE, CAB, and PAX format too.

With Keka you can too apply password restriction to the compressed file, split the compressed file in several parts on one specified size thresholdautomatically delete the source file after compression or extraction, and choose the compression method for much smaller file output.  It also integrates with OS X Notification Center to post failure and success notification.

There are two ways to compress files with Keka. First, you can download and install the Services context menu.

Second, you can drag and drop your files into the Keka application window as shown below. The files are compressed according to the specified default setting.

3. Sequel Pro

MySQL could be the most popular open source database in use worldwide. There are many websites, including open source projects such as WordPress, that rely on MySQL to store their databases. If you are using OS X and want to manage databases in MySQL then Continue Pro is the best option for the job. Sequel Pro is a native OS X application built with Cocoa and it has a nicer GUI compared to similar applications. You can create, delete, export, import and filter the databases, create MySQL users and also run MySQL queries through the app

4. Koala

Koala is an aid to compile LESS, Sass, Compass and CoffeeScript in a browser compatible formatIf you’re using any of these trendy technologies, Koala is an app you can install on your Mac.

IPhone Emulator

like you should test your websites for the mobile platform, you can use a physical mobile phone or tablet or just use a simulator application like iPhone Simulator. However, to get the iPhone Simulator, you have to do it first install Xcode from the AppStore. The iPhone Simulator is buried deep within the Xcode application. So, for easy access, you can run the following command to launch it directly from the application folder. ln -s /Applications/ ~ / Applications

6. Icons8

Need a lot of icons? to install Icons 8Icons8 adds a new icon to the menu bar where you can search through 2800 collections of icons. Then you can place the selected icon on any application such as Photoshop, Xcode or Finder.

7. Browsers

Obviously, we need a browser to view the websites we have developed. However, as you are a developer, you may have to go a step further, testing your website for different browser versions including the Nightly Builds and Beta versions. So aside from the regular browsers, you may also need Firefox Nightly, Firefox Aurora, Chrome Canary, Chromium and Opera Next.

8. Devdocs

Memorizing every code and syntax of all languages ​​sounds next to impossible. This is where the Devdocs need to install Dash. Dash collects documentation for HTML5, CSS3, jQUery, Sass, LESS, and a lot of other programming languages. You can search their documentation and find codes, syntax, functions, and code snippets, all in one place.

9. Automator

Automator comes pre-installed with OS X. With this application you can automate tasks, for example you can create a context menu to batch rename files, change file extensions, create thumbnail images, crop multiple images at once and much more. Automator can be a great tool to streamline your web development workflow.

10. Poedit

Poedit is an editor for .po files widely used for internationalizing websites; translating the website user interface into multiple languages. If you are developing websites or products like WordPress themes and plugins for an international audience, then Poedit is an app you should install.

Bonus: SourceTree & Github

Whether you are building a small or a large website, you need one control version system to keep track of changes and revisions to the codes in the projects. Now that Git is the most popular version control system, you can install it Source Tree or Github application for macOS to use and control Git in an easier way via GUI. Both applications are free.

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