The Best Free Movie Applications

[contentsdisabled] We all love to watch movies and with the advent of online streaming services like Netflix, we can watch anything and everything with just one click. Unfortunately, most online streaming services are paid and having to sign up for multiple services becomes very expensive. But you don’t have to worry about spending a lot of money. We did some research and found some better movie apps to watch movies for free. And these apps are totally legal to use, so there’s no question of piracy. All mentioned apps are officially available on Play Store and App Store, so you don’t have to sideload apps from 3rd party app stores. Also, some apps have a separate premium plan. So, if you find the service cheap and interesting, then you can subscribe to their paid services to get more content. With that said, let’s start the list. So, that was our list of the best free movie apps that you can install on Android and iOS devices. Contrary to popular belief, there are many free movie apps that allow you to stream movies and TV shows without cost or viewing restrictions. We provide the apps that are free and legal to use.

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Tubi’s library currently contains around 20,000 movies and series – a staggering count, though it’s unclear whether individual TV episodes count towards that number. By comparison, the Criterion Channel pay service has around 2,000 movies, while NBC’s Peacock free tier has 13,000 hours of content. CBS All Access only has about 50 movies in total available for streaming. At the time, some popular movies on the service include Ali; Catch Me If You Can; Charlotte’s Web; Cloudy With Chance Of Meatballs; Concussion; Donnie Darko; Food Inc.; Fury; Souvenir; Snakes On A Plane; Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles; The player; The way back; and we need to talk about Kevin.

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Crackle is the best known of the ad-supported free streaming services. It has a more robust content library than competitors like Tubi, but it still lags behind the streaming giants. We thought Crackle’s UI was pretty strong. In the web app you can view all movies unrated or you can search by genre, duration or alphabetical order. Crackle web app lacks content discovery part features which, for example, the Netflix interface offers, but if you know exactly what you want, it’s very easy to find what you’re looking for. On Crackle’s other platforms, they use movie rows in a way that’s a bit more reminiscent of the Netflix interface. This was better for content discovery, but it made it difficult to find specific movies quickly.

Pluto TV

Pluto TV is a free streaming service owned by ViacomCBS, which is the parent company of several popular film companies and television production networks. And Team Clark designated it as one of the best places to find free TV streaming! Pluto TV offers content from networks like Comedy Central, AMC, Nickelodeon and MTV through live video streaming channels and on-demand functionality. No need for credit card information with Pluto TV. In fact, the service does not require you to provide any personal information to access its content. Whether using an app or a web-based player, Pluto TV content starts streaming without even asking for an email address.


Similar free streaming providers include Sony Crackle and Tubi TV. The Popcornflix website was formed, before going into a live beta the following year in March. The main source of movies that are on the platform comes from its parent company, Screen Media Ventures LLC. There are also a number of web series exclusive to Popcornflix.


Compared to big players like Netflix, Vudu is a bit more of a rudimentary streaming platform. It didn’t rank in our Best Streaming Services rating. However, those who want to try a free streaming service have Voodoo as an option. While it has few basic elements such as a customizable parental filter and is compatible with most major devices, a few others features are absent. Since Vudu is a free service, you’ll have to watch ads while streaming content, and reviewers have noted that there can be a lot of them: up to four blocks of commercials in a 20-minute TV episode. Voodoo’s library is moderately large, with over 10,000 free movies and TV episodes, although much of this content is older or relatively unknown, low-budget productions (think Hollywood B-movies).


Something we really don’t like about Yidio is that even after filtering out the movies that cost, all the remaining movies aren’t necessarily free. The service claims this is the case, but it definitely isn’t, so make sure you look carefully, or you’ll end up up be asked to pay for the movie instead of streaming it for free. Yidio’s TV shows are similar to movies, except it’s much easier to explicitly list only the free shows versus the cost ones. You can select a show by genre or network such as Syfy, ABC, Adult Swim, Cartoon Network, FOX, Lifetime, MTV, National Geographic, Animal Planet, PBS, Disney and many others.

Jio Cinema

Jio has more than covered. If you want to experience international cuisine, this service also partners with some of Hollywood’s most powerful production studios. That said, we all have a lot of choices when it comes to video on demand streaming platforms and apps.


Plex has also expanded its library of free streaming content, with pre-programmed channels, movies, shows and podcasts that you don’t even need to store on your server. Although those with home PC theater (HTPC) need to look elsewhere (like the more customizable Kodi), Plex receives a top rating for its easy setup, reliable performance, and excellent organizational tools. At the time of this writing, some of Plex’s movie offerings include 10 Cloverfield Lane, All Dogs Go to Heaven, Capote, Cube, Ghost in the Shell 2.0, I Am Not Your Negro, Keanu, Lord of War, Night of the Living Dead, Patriot Games, Silent Hill, St. Vincent, The Founder and The Glass Castle.


FilmRise is an on-demand streaming service like no other. Literally. Instead of relying on subscription plans or charging users, the platform hosts content online for free. How? It’s simple, really. FilmRise acquires the distribution rights to films and TV shows. It has become so successful that it now has over 20,000 titles spanning from one end of the genre spectrum to the other. FilmRise has a particular focus on indie titles, but that doesn’t mean its library is full of unknown talent. Expect to find the likes of Cate Blanchett, Charlize Theron and Edward Norton in the film selection. And when it comes to shows, there are hugely popular reality shows from Gordon Ramsay and Bear Grylls, as well as classic series featuring some highly famous faces.

Disney+ Hotstar

Disney Plus launched in the US, after which the streaming service quickly expanded to many other countries. But instead of getting a dedicated app, some users saw the existing Hotstar streaming platform renamed Disney Plus Hotstar. As we mentioned earlier, Disney Plus Hotstar is a collaboration between Disney and Star India’s existing Hotstar streaming service. The Walt Disney Company bought 21st Century Fox in a $71 billion acquisition. This Owners of Hotstar – a part of the Walt Disney group.

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