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What do you do if you want a trending number as your phone ringtone? Or do you want to make a mashup of your favorite in that regard? Yes, the internet has millions of songs. But I would call it nothing short of a miracle if you could find a snippet of a song / mashup the way you want it. Downloading software and learning how to operate it can be a chore. So why not try an online tool that allows you to do it with minimal effort? In this post, today we will talk about free online MP3 cutters and editors to create ringtones and mashups. In addition, some of these tools also provide other editing capabilities features also. The best thing here is that you can start editing audio without downloading any additional software. Let’s take a look at them.

1. audio trimmer

audioTrimmer is one of the simplest audio file cutters out there and supports multiple file formats such as MP3, OGG, 3GPP, FLAC, WAV and more. The interface is quite simple.

To trim a song, just drag the handles to select the parts of a song. When you are satisfied with your selection, press Play buttonAudioTrimmer also allows you to adjust the volume levels and add the Fade In / Out effect before downloading the edited clip.

One drawback is that you can only export songs in two audio formats: MP3 and M4R (iPhone). Also, you cannot upload files larger than 20MB.

Key Strength:

Simple and clear

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2. Toolur MP3 cutter

Up then we have Toolur MP3 Cutter. As with audioTrimmer, it has an uncomplicated interface and is mainly designed for trimming offline audio tracks. Toolur has no special handles to adjust the start and end times. Instead, you should scrub through the number and use the current position buttonCompared to manually entering the specific time, this is an easy and practical way to shorten a number. Also the set of + and – buttons lets you refine the start and end points.

Another point where it differs from audioTrimmer is that you can manually enter precise fade-in and fade-out times. So if you’re making a ringtone and don’t want the music to shock you when a call comes in, this tool is your go-to option.

Aside from the above, Toolur lets you preview the tune before hitting Cut Now buttonMoreover, you can also rip audio from videos. You can download your cropped songs in MP3, AMR, WAV and M4R formats.

Key Strength:

Simple and sober user interface Change audio formats

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3. Ringtone cutter

Ringtone Cutter is an excellent option if you want to trim a lot of audio tracks. With this tool you can upload up up to 20 files at once. While there are no advanced filters, it has the repeat / repeat option.

It is a very user-friendly tool. You can quickly switch between the uploaded files by clicking the song thumbnails. However, save the track before switching.

My only complaint is there is no option to add a Fade In / Out effect. So you can turn the volume down a bit if you want to make a ringtone. As with audioTrimmer, you can only download the edited songs in MP3 or M4R format.

Key Strength:

Ringtone maker Edit small numbers

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4. Audio Joiner

Audio Joiner is up a notch than Ringtone Cutter and does what its name implies: joins multiple tracks. But wait, that’s not all. This cool tool can also cut and trim audio tracks. The great thing about Audio Joiner is that there is no upload limit. We tried uploading 70 songs and guess what, it worked fine.

The interface and functionality are quite painless. Just upload the songs and get ready to join or slice them.

Typical of any audio editor is that you can switch the position of the tracks and choose the filters. Audio Joiner has three filters as standard: Crossfade, Fade in and Fade into Silence. Or if you prefer, you can choose not to change the volume levels.

If you ask me, Audio Joiner should be your go-to destination if you enjoy making mashups.

Key Strength:

No upload limit Mixing and making mashups

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5. Sound

If you’re a bit serious about audio editing and want to avoid adding an external editor to your PC, Soundation is your rescue. Okay, I think I’ve gone a bit far here, but yeah, it’s an excellent tool if you want to indulge in some serious audio editing.

Compared to the previously mentioned tools, Soundation is a bit complicated, and you may have to spend some time to understand the interface. But once you figure that out, trimming and merging audio becomes a walk in the park.

Moreover, it also houses a huge media library. You can use the tracks from the repository or import your own.

Once you get the hang of the interface, using this app will be easy. Just select the numbers. Drag and drop them into the workspace. You can also cut individual parts from the tracks and color-code them for easy editing.

Key Strength:

Layers of tracks Extra beats and music

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Be your own DJ

With these online MP3 cutters and editors, you can not only quickly create ringtones, but also merge your favorite songs. These online tools are of course not as advanced as their offline counterparts. However, they are ideal for quick assignments or converting file formats. So instead of your head around the desktop apps or those on your phone, give these online free mp3 cutters and editors a try. If you have used another, please share it with us.

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