The Best Free Win­dows 10 Pho­to Col­lage Software

[contentsdisabled] Collage is a visually stunning and elegant way to showcase your photos and designs, so it’s no surprise that collage makers are very popular these days. Photo collage seems to be a trend that is slowly making a comeback. Showing multiple photos in the same square space is becoming more and more fashionable, even more so because of the selfies everyone is taking. However, it is difficult to create a collage manually and therefore it is recommended to use one of the best free creators available. Turning your photos into a work of art is fun and easy with a free photo collage maker. There are some great tools that make the job as easy as drop and drag and make the process of creating an original design a real joy. Having the best tools for making collages may not seem like a necessity as collage may seem like a simple process. But believe it or not, creating quality collages is an art form in itself and the perfect tools can transform your project.

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PhotoJoiner really couldn’t be simpler to use. It only offers four different collage templates and to use them you just need to upload your images. After that, you can save the result or share it on Facebook or Twitter. At any time, you can change the order of images by dragging them with the mouse. Photo Joiner offers a variety of different collage creation options. What interests us most here is Collage; a classic collage creation tool. The process is easy to follow: upload images, choose a template, drag your images into the slots (you can zoom in and out, mirror or rotate to suit the layout), then save and share. You can restrict templates by the number of photos included and set custom image sizes and borders.

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Many users consider it the best free online collage maker because of a multitude of cool filters, which allow you to give your collages a particular style and the possibility to download third-party plugins. Also, there are text editing tools to add an inscription to the collage, change the font width and style. Free Collage Maker supports 14 file formats including PSD, RAW, JPEG and PNG. Another app that we had to include among the best free collage makers is Collage Maker. This app offers a really friendly and intuitive user interface, and it works almost entirely with drag and drop commands. It also lets you add backgrounds to your collages, create custom grids or shapes, and even choose your own colors. In addition, the app also offers several stickers and fonts for you to customize the result even more.


Unlike other browser-based free photo collage makers, piZap doesn’t ask you to separate your email address before you start creating your first design; just get stuck. This is a useful time saver, but it has the downside that you can’t save your progress and edit your creation at a later date. The ad-funded online collage maker piZap is not the most intuitive free collage maker tool. However, there are plenty of templates, images, and fonts to choose from, and you can add text and stickers to liven things up. up. A good feature is the inclusion of Facebook banner templates, to help you update your social media branding with ease.


Fotor is a professional-grade online collage maker. You can import a bunch of images, which are displayed in the bar on the right, and then select when and where to place them in your collage. This simple feature makes it easy to assemble eye-catching collages. The only flaw we found is that large images did not load, with no error message to indicate the problem. This photo collage maker contains hundreds of effects and filters. You can add a vintage vibe to your collage or apply artistic filters. This image editor allows you to select the aspect ratio and resolution of the finished work and save it in JPG, PNG or PDF format. It’s incredibly simple and the fastest way to create a collage if you don’t mind letting the web app make creative decisions for you. Stickers and text allow you to give your design a personal touch before exporting it. Unlike Canva, Fotor lets you choose the aspect ratio and resolution of your finished collage before saving it in JPG, PNG or PDF format.


FotoJet is a free online collage maker that lets you create collages, photo cards, posters, Facebook covers, Twitter headers, YouTube banners, fun photos and more. There are hundreds of templates for you to work with, including some of the most creative designs we’ve seen so far – like this one, where you can add coconut images. The Paid Plus option gives you a much wider range of features to work with. You can use your own images and those available in the program. If you need to, change the exposure, brightness, contrast and saturation or apply Instagram-style filters. You do not need to register to use this program. You can save the collage in JPG or PNG format, adjusting the size if necessary. You can also post your work to Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest or Tumblr, or print from your browser.


Canva is another online photo editor that you can use to create wedding and greeting photo collages. This collage maker for PC contains hundreds of templates that can be customized. For example, you can change the position of the photos, adjust the shadows in the photos or the font of the inscription. To add your own photos, click on ‘Uploads’ and drag them from the desktop. You can then drag them directly onto your collage canvas. You can also add images from Facebook or from Canva’s own free photo library. If you chose a grid layout, they will be resized and cropped to fit automatically.


PicsArt is the best free photo collage maker for anyone looking for something with a clean interface and great feature to define. It also has a feed containing collages from other users. This approach resembles Instagram. This Instagram photo editor contains cool effects and filters. You can customize them if you need to. For example, the program has art filters to turn photos into stunning works of art. Also, you can use tools like curves, cut to shape, brushes, stamp, borders, text and highlights. PicsArt is by far one of the best free collage makers, but it’s much more comprehensive than that. Through this app, in addition to creating collages, you can also edit your photos and add effects to them.

Google Photos

Google Photos, formerly known as Picasa, is an image organizer and photo editor – but did you know that it comes with a built-in collage maker? You can try out six different types of collage in the handy collage creation screen, and they will be saved in the ‘Collages’ folder. It’s pretty basic, but as you’d expect from Google, the interface is nice and clear and what it does, it does well. Google Photos is a free photo organization software that also has tools for making collages. To create a collage, simply choose the “Create Collage” option and select the desired photos. Before adding photos to the collage, you can edit them. For example, you can apply filters. You can also edit the collage as a photo.

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