You could even argue that without the Game Boy, the Nintendo Switch games would not exist today. The best Game Boy games wasn’t the first pocket gaming phones, but it was unquestionably the most stunning and important. During its lengthy stint in the spotlight, it also had a staggeringly good library of games. This list of the best Game Boy games was compiled as a nostalgic look back at how pure video games used to be. Even though we thought the Game Boy had the best graphics ever developed at the time, these games are blocky, fantastic bits of fun – proof that you can still play games without worrying about ping rates and horrible frame rates.

Here is the list of Best Game Boy Games

Donkey Kong

Most people would agree that Mario is the most well-known video game character ever. In the 1981 arcade game Donkey Kong, when he initially made an appearance as “Jumpman,” he had to rescue Pauline, a damsel in distress, from the game’s title Donkey Kong while evading barrels. download this game from its official website. The 1994 Game Boy remake stuck to a tried-and-true pattern by merely porting the four stages of the incredibly influential arcade game. Oh, hold on, please! When the victory song plays after you’ve “beaten” the game, Donkey Kong wakes up, kidnaps Pauline, and flees.


Like many of the games on this list, the best Game Boy games of Bionic Commando is a port of the NES original. There are a few minor differences: The Game Boy version’s futuristic military setting replaces the NES version’s current military setting, and for some reason your character is called Rad Spencer rather than Ladd Spencer. The amazing platformer action of the home-console Bionic Commando is carried over to the portable version with these very minor changes. Ladd/Rad Spencer utilises the grappling hook on his cybernetic arm to move around rather than jumping. The game gained additional dynamics as a result of this seemingly slight deviation from the traditional screenplay, setting it apart from other games of a similar nature like Contra.

Donkey Kong 2

This puzzle gem has been criminally disregarded for 17 years and is only now being given a second chance on Nintendo’s 3DS eShop. Perhaps Nintendo should have dubbed it Donkey Kong 2, considering it appears to be a pure port of the arcade game at first appearance. Sure, it contains the four original stages, but DK unlocks over 100 levels of pure platforming puzzle games delight. This series subsequently morphed into the extremely distinct Lemmings-esque Mario vs. Donkey Kong games, but get your hands on Donkey Kong ’94 any way you can to enjoy this great classic.

Metroid 2

Metroid 2 may not be the best game in the series, but there’s no doubting that it’s best Game Boy games even if it falls short of its own franchise norms. At its core, Metroid 2 is an ambitious game that considerably extends on the first game and what protagonist Samus Aran was capable of, only limited by the technical limits and hardware of the time. You can download Metroid 2 is still a solid action game that set some remarkable footing and was redone for 3DS. It paved the way for future Metroid games to run. And avoid. And then compress into an unnaturally spherical shape for some Metroid Prime gameplay.

It’s tough to argue that The Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening was not the apex of Game Boy gaming. Nintendo’s developers were able to cram an extraordinarily long journey into the package while pushing nearly every aspect of the best Game Boy games hardware to its limits. If you want to experience the finest of what the portable system has to offer, purchase this right away. It’s one of the casual android games available on any platform, and even if you’re interested in the impending Switch remaster, we’d recommend starting with the original. It’s a lovely, lovely thing.

Super Mario

The two Mario adventures for the best Game Boy games don’t feel as connected as, say, Super Mario Bros. and Super Mario Bros. 3. The first Mario Land was released at the time, and it clearly shows Nintendo’s developers getting their brains around the potential of the Game Boy while remaining reasonably safe. However, it does allow Mario to complete a couple stages in a submarine and a biplane. In comparison, the sequel increases the graphical detail, sends Mario through a series of odd worlds unlike any other in the game, and bestows him with unusual new powers.


To get by in life, you just need three things excellent health, a sufficient paycheck, and a Game Boy that came with Tetris. Bundling a copy of the cult-classic game with the Game Boy was a brilliant move that helped sell millions of consoles, thanks in large part to Tetris being the ideal game for that system. The best Game Boy games version of Tetris remains an iconic episode in the history of the series for people all over the world, easily engaging as either a quick diversionary blast of stacking action games or well worth burning through fresh batteries for a marathon session.

Final Words

You might occasionally miss the thrill and simplicity of a system like the best Game Boy games as video games continue to advance and develop with realistic visuals and other high-tech capabilities. Perhaps you want to revisit the realm of Super Mario Land or play a little Tetris. It may be time to reactivate your best Game Boy games, and while you’re doing it, you might want to think about picking up a few of these vintage titles to play on it.

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