For your convenience, we’ve compiled a list of suggestions for the top gaming keyboards under $100. When looking for a gaming keyboard, it’s important to consider the switch types you want because some offer a range of mechanical switches while others have rubber dome switches. The best keyboards frequently have RGB lighting, ugly design, highly responsive switches, and outstanding longevity. The cost of these premium features varies; some high-end keyboards can go for under $100. A great method to kill time is to play video games. But what’s not so good, do you know? playing a PC game while using an inferior, non-gaming keyboard. A poor gaming keyboard may spoil your entire gaming experience. In light of this, you’re searching for a new gaming keyboard. But you’ve come into a problem. Gaming keyboards can cost more than $100, which is quite pricey.

Here is the list of Best Gaming Keyboards under $100

HyperX Alloy Origins 60

One of the best gaming keyboards available for under $100, the HyperX Alloy Origins 60 is a small device designed to take up little space. Its small size makes it ideal for those who prefer dynamic mouse motions or those who play on smaller desks, such as dorm rooms. A high-performance gaming system with exceptionally low latency and linear switches that hit a beautiful sweet spot in terms of their pre-travel distance and actuation force is crammed inside this compact metal frame. They are easy to press and have a pre-travel distance that is just long enough to prevent inadvertent key presses by nicking a nearby key while still feeling responsive while gaming.

Logitech G413

The Logitech G413 is a wonderful choice if you’re one of those people who enjoys utilising a Numpad. It still operates well despite being an ancient model by peripheral standards. Because of the extremely low latency of the Romer-G Tactile switches, games appear snappy and fluid while you play them. Additionally, it has a few nice added functions, such USB passthrough. It enables you to directly connect in a device, like a headphone or gaming mouse receiver, into the keyboard for better cable management. The fact that this keyboard is outdated and cannot keep up with all the new customising options is its only flaw. It only has one switch type and one lighting colour as a result. For gamers who solely care about raw performance, this gadget is an excellent choice because it is as simple as they come.

Corsair K68 RGB

The Corsair K68 mechanical keyboard, which boasts Cherry MX Red keys and red LED illumination, is one of the best ones available for around $100. The illumination of the keyboard can be altered using the Cue Corsair application, which allows for the customization of lighting effects and hue. To enhance their gaming comfort, Cue Corsair users may also develop macros. Thanks to the success of this command for swift movements, the Corsair K68 is the second-best mechanical keyboard under $100. Like many other keyboards on the market, Corsair’s has a Windows key lock button to prevent users from unintentionally accessing the “Start” menu while playing a game. But what really makes it valuable is that it complies with the IP32 standard. The Corsair K68 keyboard’s resilience to moisture, grit, and even food crumbs makes it among the best mechanical keyboards under $100. As a result, the mechanical keyboard has keys with silicone rubber covers that protect the internal design of the attachment as a whole. The Corsair K68 mechanical keyboard is a mid-range device that is almost identical to keyboards of higher quality, making it an economical option for seasoned gamers. Thus, this product is one of the best Gaming Keyboards under $100 available right now.

Cooler Master SK653

The Cooler Master SK653 is a gaming keyboard for outdoor use that values style and portability. The polished aluminium used in the design looks amazing. The CCooler Master SK653 keyboard has a digital area, just like the SK630 does. As a result, the front panel is made of brushed gun-grey metal, the capacity is increased to 12.5 cm, and the body is wedge-shaped without a support foot. The Cooler Master SK653, which has Low Profile Cherry MX RGB Red switches and provides the optimum gaming experience in a small design, is one of the best mechanical keyboards under $100. Your gaming performance is enhanced by the Cherry MX Low Profile RGB Red switches on the Cooler Master SK653 keyboard, which provide a 45g actuation force and 1.2 mm activation stroke on each key. This set up and its sleek design offer a practical and successful gaming option. All of the keyboard’s keys feature distinctive, eye-catching lighting. Additionally, the keyboard has an RGB light strip on its sides and bottom that lets you express your personality wherever you are. You can arrange game profiles, modify effects, make macros, and give your chosen key a colour using specialised software.

SteelSeries Apex 3

This full-sized gaming keyboard from Steelseries is incredibly inexpensive and is the most affordable variant in the Apex series. The keyboard is small and lightweight, fitting on most gaming workstations, measuring 17.52′′ (L) x 5.94′′ (W) x 1.57′′ (H) and weighing 2.79 lbs. To be sure, this keyboard includes gaming switches that are whisper-quiet and warranted to endure for more than 20 million keystrokes, as well as an exciting 10-zone RGB illumination. Separate multimedia settings for easy access while playing, and IP32 water protection. This keyboard is wired, so you won’t have to worry about batteries or connectivity. The majority of this keyboard’s competitors use one-way cable routing. The three-way cable routing available with this model enables you to choose the keyboard cable exit that best suits your configuration. Currently, this is one of the best Gaming Keyboards under $100 that you can buy right now.

Corsair K63 Wireless

This keyboard performs well because to its 100% Cherry MX Red mechanical switches with Gold contacts, which enable rapid and precise key actuation. Despite not being RGB, the keyboard includes blue LED backlighting for each key, which is also significant. Because it is wireless, this keyboard utilises lightning-fast 2.4GHz Bluetooth technology. In essence, this suggests that there is almost any wait because the keyboard responds so swiftly. There is no cord for powering the keyboard, thus you must rely on an internal battery. The keyboard can run on just this battery for up to 15 hours. You may play your in-game music continuously on the K63 thanks to a separate multimedia and volume control section, which is a very wonderful feature.

HyperX Alloy Origins

The HyperX Alloy Origins keyboard is versatile, has a nice feel, and has a sturdy build. The key switches on these mechanical switches have been particularly designed to be precise and responsive. Without compromising quality, this keyboard can survive more than 80 million keystrokes. It has a portable, small design with a detachable USB-C cord, and its entire body is constructed of aircraft-grade aluminium. To enhance your gaming experience, this keyboard also includes programmable, RGB backlit keys and built-in memory for three different light displays. This enables you to travel with your personalised RGB. You can choose from three different tilt angles to see which one feels the most comfortable to you. There is 100% anti ghosting and N-key rollover to make sure that your keypresses are registered. This keyboard comes in a number of sizes, some of which even include wrist rests. Still, it is one of the best Gaming Keyboards under $100 that you can consider.


Hot-swappable keyboards, like the EVGA Z15, were formerly only popular among enthusiast or hobbyist audiences, but are now more widely used by gamers and other mainstream sectors. With these keyboards, you have a lot more ability to give your keyboard the exact feel you want. The basic switches can be replaced with your preferred switch. The Z15 is a wonderful base model thanks to the use of sturdy plastic and brushed aluminium in its construction. Even though the default switch options are made with gamers in mind, you may remove these switches and replace them with any 3-pin or 5-pin switch you like with the included keycap and switch pullers.

Final Words

Simply spend $100 on a good gaming keyboard that you can use for browsing, typing, and challenging video games. Each of these keyboards is fantastic for the right user. The decision boils down to which keyboard best suits your needs since they are all excellent keyboards with various benefits and drawbacks. See the list of the best gaming keyboards under $100 above. Remember that you need more than just a computer and keyboard. Make sure to select a dependable gaming mouse to improve your gaming experience.

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