Gigabyte is a well-known brand in gaming and esports, offering gamers and competitive teams like G2 Esports and Beastcoast high-quality, high-performance products and monitors. With this experience and a pedigree dating back to 1986, the brand provides gaming monitor options for every need, including 4K, 2K, 1080p, and console gaming. Each model has specifications tailored to specific use cases, allowing them to shine.

Here is the list of Best Gigabyte Monitors


Every one of the 27-inch screens in this monitor is designed to give customers a better viewing experience. It has a massive 2560 x 1440 SS IPS display that you’ll appreciate, especially when playing video games or watching movies. Some customers have reported hearing a strange humming sound when using this monitor in certain settings. This does not happen all the time, but it can be aggravating. You can be confident that this monitor will provide smooth gameplay whenever you play video games. It has a refresh rate of 170-hertz, which translates to a 0.5 millisecond MPRT response time. The Flicker-Free technology makes the experience even smoother and easier on your eyes. There is also a Low Blue Light mode for reading longer documents or simply browsing the web. Currently, this is one of the best Gigabyte Monitors that you can buy right now.

Gigabyte M32UC Monitor

The M32UC is one of the best Gigabyte monitors on the market and runs at 144 Hz out of the box, but at 4K it requires a powerful graphics card to take full advantage of it. When this monitor is connected via DisplayPort 1.4, the panel can be overclocked via the OSD. This boosts the refresh rate to 160 Hz, which may be excessive for most people, but is a good option to have on hand if you are going bigger elsewhere in your rig (or plan to purchase a powerful next-generation GPU in the future). However, the M32UC’s combination of resolution and refresh rate means that even high-end GPUs may not be able to take full advantage of it. This is why the M32UC’s FreeSync feature is so important. Just as there are times when the screen is below the maximum refresh rate, keeping this panel in sync with the graphics card can prevent a great deal of screen tearing.


While 4K is the talk of the town, not everyone can afford a GPU powerful enough to render 4K gameplay. The M27Q X is a good compromise for those who need the fastest speeds to keep up with their monitor’s resolution. The M27Q X achieves both speed and fidelity in one fell swoop, thanks to a 240Hz IPS panel. With 10-bit colour and a contrast ratio of 1000:1, the M27Q X punches above its weight in terms of colour accuracy and vibrance. From gaming to movie watching, the M27Q X’s colour provides a fluid and natural experience. Although there is no HDMI 2.1 to take advantage of next-generation consoles, the DisplayPort 1.4 connection allows for the insanely fast 240Hz refresh rate. No frame is left on the table thanks to DisplayPort High Bit Rate 3 (HBR3), with the M27Q X providing the most up-to-date information. Thus, this product is one of the best Gigabyte Monitors available right now.


You’ll enjoy a curved experience that makes it easy to see this screen from any angle. This makes it a better choice than many competing models, particularly the larger ones, that lack the curve design. It measures 32 inches and has a resolution of 2560 x 1330. If you want to mount this monitor to a wall, you’ll need to buy screws separately. It does not include them as part of the package. Aside from that, it has a blistering 1 millisecond response time. This means it can easily handle even the most demanding games. This is the same response time that pro gamers expect from their systems. Another fantastic feature of this monitor is the 165-hertz refresh rate. You’ll also have incredibly smooth gameplay thanks to AMD FreeSync Premium Pro. It also includes the GIGABYTE auto-update system.


The M32U has a 31.5-inch IPS panel that is ideal for console and PC gaming, and it provides a vivid but color-accurate picture in resolutions up to 4K. Gigabyte provides HDR400 support as well as multiple picture settings to further customise your gaming or movie-watching experience. The M32U, like the AORUS FO48U, does not sacrifice speed for graphical fidelity. Instead, the M32U has a 144Hz refresh rate, which is ideal for PC esports titles like VALORANT and Rainbow Six Siege. The M32U can provide refresh rates of up to 120Hz on Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5 in FHD and UHD, as well as the same rate on Xbox in QHD, thanks to HDMI 2.1. The M32U also supports AMD’s VRR technology, FreeSync Premium Pro. VRR can help to smooth out gameplay by eliminating visual artefacts and is always a welcome addition to any gaming monitor. Now that next-generation gaming consoles support VRR, the M32U offers even more value. Still, it is one of the best Gigabyte Monitors that you can consider.

Gigabyte G27Q Monitor

The G27Q demonstrates that a good IPS 1440p display does not have to be expensive. Gigabyte’s 27-inch monitor offers a slew of desirable features, but more importantly, it delivers rich colour and smooth gameplay. It appears to be a flat, 27-inch display with a design that would not stand out in an office setting. It not only has a beautiful, vibrant IPS panel with 8-bit colour and 92% DCI-P3 coverage, but it is also HDR capable. As someone who values visual fidelity, I appreciate the clarity and performance of this resolution. Even the modest GTX 1660 Super in my desktop drives games at 60FPS at high settings. If you spend all of your time playing CS:GO or Valorant, the 144Hz refresh rate may be a hindrance, but the 1ms response time is invaluable. The Gigabyte G27Q excels at gaming thanks to adaptive sync via AMD FreeSync Premium. It’s also G-Sync compatible, so whether you’re on Team Green or Team Red, the G27Q will fit in. I didn’t have an AMD GPU to test with, but I did use a desktop and laptop powered by Nvidia. Neither had any issues running games while using G-Sync.

Final Words

Our recommendations above are what we believe are the best Gigabyte Monitors and gaming monitor brands available for most people in each price range, based on our research of the eight most popular monitor brands in the United States. If you prefer to do your own research, here is a list of all our monitor reviews. Take care not to get too engrossed in the details. While no monitor is perfect, most are good enough to satisfy almost everyone, and the differences are often subtle unless you look for them.

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