In order to do this, one must be aware of the yardages to the front, back, and center of the green in addition to those for other crucial spots on the course.  Nevertheless, developing your golf game may be an extremely time-consuming and challenging endeavor. Fortunately, this procedure has been greatly streamlined by the advancement of technology. Golfers may occasionally take their access to the best Golf GPS Devices for granted, but these tools can truly be helpful for your rounds. The greatest golf GPS versions now offer precise front, middle, and back yardages, hole layouts, green depths, slopes, tracking of specific club data, and the list goes on. The advancement of technology continues. Measurements for tracking your health are included in some units.

Here is the list of Best Golf GPS Devices

SkyCaddie SX500

SkyCaddie has been active in the game for a while. They were among the earliest handheld best Golf GPS Devices. They were actually the first ones we can recall scripting for club members years back. They took a very long time, had numerous bugs, and required you to download each course separately. In order to register an old SkyCaddie model, you had to connect it to a computer and complete a lengthy process. You won’t need to connect to a computer at all while using the SX500, and your gadget will be operational in just a few minutes. Utilizing the SkyCaddie is now incredibly simple.


It is easy to see why the S62 is the best golf GPS unit in the latest Garmin line of GPS watches. Setting up the watch is simple and intuitive and works well using the touch screen and side buttons to navigate through the many features. It is easy to explore and view all the features on the color map more clearly on the larger screen than the S60. It also has a built-in virtual caddie function, which keeps track of wind direction, provides data on past shots and club usage, and suggests course strategies. Paired with a smartphone, this watch is the next level, as it can suggest clubs while taking into account the wind direction in real time.

Izzo Swami 6000 Golf GPS

Easily one of the best Golf GPS Devices available on the market, the Izzo Golf’s Swami 6000 has a lot going for it. It boasts a 2-inch colour display that is easy to see, a traditional handheld design, is reasonably priced, and receives generally positive reviews. The Swami 6000 provides distances to the front and rear of hazards and doglegs, as well as distances to the front, back, and center of the green, and is marketed as being “easy, fast, and accurate.” The available modes are green, dangers, score card, and shot distance. The GPS portable device locates your course automatically at launch and has 38,000 golf courses preloaded from around the world. Other characteristics are The Swami 6000 is water-resistant and runs for 16 hours on a single charge of its rechargeable lithium-ion battery. We appreciate the Swami 6000’s simplicity of use, high level of accuracy, and lengthy battery life. Despite lacking some advanced features and not providing overhead views of the holes, it offers excellent value for the money.

Bushnell Golf Phantom 2

The Bushnell Phantom GPS is presented first. With up to four hazard distances per hole and information on the distances to the front, center, and back of the green, this handheld rangefinder is ideal for courses with numerous bunkers and water hazards. Still, it is one of the best Golf GPS Devices that you can consider. You won’t need to keep it zipped up or loose in your pocket because it has built-in magnetic technology that allows you to attach it to anything metal on your golf bag or trolley. The Phantom has 36,000 golf courses pre-loaded from 30 of the most well-liked golfing nations, and the screen shows a 3D flyover of each hole on the course.

TecTecTec ULT-G

Thousands of reviewers witness to the TecTecTec ULT-G GPS watch’s ease of use, remarkable robustness, and simplicity of setup. It intentionally cut out a lot of the extra functions seen on other GPS watches, so you won’t have to go through a ton of infrequently used features to get started. On a clear LCD screen, all the information you require is provided in crystal clear detail. There are a staggering 38,000 courses available to TecTecTec users. Once everything is set up, all you have to do is push the satellite button to connect to your course and start taking advantage of the accurate, real-time yard measures to the front, back, and middle of each green. The ULT-G offers yardage data for hazards and doglegs in addition to yard measurements for greens. As a result, you’ll be prepared for any unpleasant surprises that may be around the corner.

Shot Scope G3 GPS Watch

While the Shot Scope G3 doesn’t have all the features of the shot-tracking V3, it is still a superb watch. Shot Scope’s GPS devices are regarded for being the most accurate in the industry. You can see the green distances to each hazard’s front, center, and back as well as the front and carry distances. If you want to brag about your drive or see how the weather is affecting your shots, it will also validate how far your most recent shot traveled. The G3 comes preloaded with more than 36,000 courses, and Shot Scope claims that the battery life will last more than 10 hours in GPS mode and more than 10 days in ordinary watch mode, which is enough for two rounds of golf. Currently, this is one of the best Golf GPS Devices that you can buy right now.

GolfBuddy VoiceX GPS

The best Golf GPS Devices is VoiceX GPS and its is a unique gadgets. It is comparable to the GolfBuddy Voice 2 GPS. With the GolfBuddy App connected to your smartphones, the GolfBuddy Voice X and GolfBuddy Voice 2 course GPS indicate distances permitted and include a dynamic green view feature. It informs you of the yardage through a speaker, giving you the precise distances from the tee box to each pin so that you don’t have to fiddle with a mobile device or watch. These are excellent for swing practice and can aid with club choices. Excellent GPS with preloaded routes. The 38,000 pre-loaded courses are instantly recognized, so you’ll never have to question whether you’re getting the correct yardage on a hole. VoiceX and Voice 2 GPS both have excellent prices. You can plainly observe the contours of the green complexes and holes because to the straightforward presentation. With your next shot and approach shot, you will steer clear of dangers.


A handheld rangefinder by IZZO with a 2″ full-color display is called the Swami 5000. One of the greatest value for money GPS gadgets on the market, it includes a ton of extra features as standard. The Swami 5000 measures yardages to all areas of the green, as you might assume, but it also, quite unusually, provides distances to the front and back of hazards and doglegs, so you’ll be better prepared to take on bunkers and water. The most recent IZZO model has built-in scorecard and shot measuring functions. It means you can finally determine which of your golfing friends shoots the farthest drives by tracking every shot.

Final Words

The best Golf GPS Devices is a fantastic option if you enjoy wearing watches. You may get one of these best Golf GPS Devices that also functions as a regular watch and a fitness tracker. You can wear this item on your wrist at all times, and it will be ready to use for you when you play your next game of golf. They frequently switch from a smaller, 2.3-inch color touchscreen display to a larger, full-color primary screen that can be seen in bright sunshine. Some will have all the other features including a full color display, while others won’t.

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