The Best Google Docs Tem­plates

[contentsdisabled] The Google Docs template is a template for quickly and easily creating documents based on parameters and structures. The free Google Docs templates are divided into four different sections, categorized as Work, Travel, Home, and health. Google Docs serves as one of the best alternatives to Microsoft Office and is now making it even better by offering thousands of templates that users can use to reduce their efforts and time. You can preview each template and start using it right away. Templates can be browsed by category, languages, template type, and even by popularity and rating. You can also rate each model or set it anywhere on the web. The gallery also lets you view the templates you’ve used or uploaded to the gallery. Templates are uploaded by other users and cover a wide variety of areas, including resumes, presentations, invoices, billing documents, budgets and financial templates, agreements and contracts, labels, business cards, and more. Freelancers or small business owners always have an unlimited list of things to do at all times. In this case, Google Docs templates can be useful in almost any workflow. Either way, you need to make a business budget plan, or maybe you just need a place for simple calculations. Anyway, a template is the right tool for many types of operations.

Check out the list of the best Google Docs templates

Coral Recipe Template

Recipe Coral Template is a first class template that is used to write about different types of recipes. Within this template you can add a food dish image with the name of the recipe, cooking instructions, ingredients needed and even add cooking tips. Use the Recipe Coral template in Google Docs to share the recipe on your blog or email it. Add a nice picture of the dish, write the name of the recipe, add the necessary ingredients, cooking instructions, tips, and it’s done with a chef’s kiss! In addition, this template also allows you to add additional information such as cooking time, calories offered by the dish, and information about the total number of people you can serve. Get the Coral Recipe template.

Geometric Template of Business Letter

The Business Letter Geometric Template from Google Docs is a useful template for creating professional looking business letters for certain purposes. This fantastic template brings style and substance and adds just the right amount of maturity needed to write a business letter. Using this template, you can easily create letters to a customer, contact the seller or manufacturer, or create a cover letter to accompany your resume. This business letter template in Google Docs has it all. Just add your contact details, date and your message.

Create captivating project proposals

This one is basic for freelancers, influencers, and small business owners. A good-looking design representation often plays a crucial role for a client. So, if your project proposal seems smart and straightforward, it will increase the chances of approval. This project proposal template will help you create an elegant and clear representation. Using this template, you can write a sleek-looking proposal and impress your client if they ask for a project timeline before assigning work to you. Also, with the help of this template, you can add a company logo, project name, address and even add a brief introduction about the project. Click here to access the template.

Simple Lesson Plan Template

The simple lesson plan template is mostly used by teachers to plan lessons for a particular class and subject. It contains various sections like “Lesson Name”, “Overview and Objective”, “Education Standards”, “Objectives”, “Required Materials”, “Check” and “Activity”. Get the simple lesson plan template. A well-planned lesson, documented in one of my free lesson plan templates, will ensure that you can quickly review the lesson’s content, objectives, level, and relevance for future use. In case you are unable to attend a class, it also serves as a great teaching aid for a substitute teacher with minimal disruption to your students’ learning.

Financial Statement Template

The Financial Statement Template is a dream come true for companies and freelancers. It is a complete resource for tracking business transactions, profit and loss and managing the balance sheet. You can read the guide in the how-to tab and edit the categories to make sure your income and expenses are in the right place. The profit and loss tab updates automatically and summarizes your company’s costs, income and expenses for the year. This free Google Sheets dashboard template displays changes in your sales and profit along with annual expenses by category.

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