The Best Google Photos Alternatives to Upload High Quality Images

[contentsdisabled] The best Google Photos alternatives weren’t something many of us were looking for. Because Google Photos was not only a great service, but it also freed up unlimited storage for free. Now, if you hit your 15GB storage limit on all your Google services (including Gmail, Google Drive, and Google Photos), you’ll either need to start deleting photos or start paying for more storage. That means you don’t have much time before you run out of storage, and then you’d have two options, buy more storage or hop on another car. well it’s total up for you, but if you are looking for another cloud storage app, here are the best options to help you. Another thing to consider is that none of these alternatives will always be free. Most have an even lower free capacity than Google Drive, and some also need hardware or software subscription fees. In most cases, you’re just fine biting the bullet and paying $2 a month (or $20 a year) for 100GB once you hit the limit.

Check out the list of the best Google Photos alternatives to upload high quality images

I drive

iDrive Team and Business plans add sub-account management and business compliance features. Team and Business plans start at $99.50 per year and $199.50 per year, respectively. The iDrive team gives you 5TB up for five computers or users, and iDrive Business allows unlimited users but limits storage to 250MB, with updates available for more. To use the service, you first need to create an account and choose to use a private encryption key or an iDrive-managed key (the default). The private encryption key option means that you alone can access your up files and that iDrive cannot decrypt your data, even though required by law enforcement.


Dropbox only works within its own Dropbox folder, but beyond that limitation, it’s an excellent file syncing and sharing program with very few glitches, it works flawlessly anywhere you need it, and new features continue to be added on a regular basis as well. Not unexpected from a service and app that has been around for centuries, and Dropbox has grown up to offer a very clean and elegant interface that can manage all your files. For sharing a photo folder or returning files from digital death, Dropbox has a simple process, no matter the device.


Degoo is a photography-focused cloud storage provider and is used by over 100 million users. What makes Degoo popular is how much space it offers for free. While Apple and Google’s free cloud storage plans give you a few GB of space, Degoo gives users a staggering 100GB. The Pro plan comes with 500GB of cloud space and costs $2.99/month. It has no ads, you can use it on 10 devices, there is no account inactivity limit, and you can increase your account security level with zero-knowledge encryption. You also get an additional 10GB of space for each friend you invite and a total of 1TB in referral bonuses.


pCloud always makes sure you have an intact copy of your file available for download by storing 5 separate copies of each uploaded file on its servers in 3 different locations in a secure data center in Dallas, Texas. It is the best protection against file loss, theft or corruption. Well pCloud also has another feature called pCloud Rewind, which tracks your file history for 30 days so that if you make a mistake with your current version and accidentally save or delete your file, you can easily roll back to a previous version. pCloud takes data security up to a higher level with an additional program called pCloud Crypto that gives you, the customer, the power of encryption.

Microsoft OneDrive

Microsoft OneDrive is one of the best cloud storage platforms for individuals and small teams who want to up your game online. wait prize features and seamless cloud synchronization and collaboration. OneDrive has almost everything you want in a cloud storage platform. It is affordable and highly secure, with strong encryption frameworks. Microsoft’s access control systems also ensure that Microsoft employees do not see your data unless absolutely necessary. The company’s “zero access” policy means that an employee can only see a customer’s data if access is explicitly granted in response to a specific incident.


The Nord Security brand was established. It is a multinational security company with over 600 employees. In addition to NordLocker, they have created a range of personal and corporate security products. Its most famous product is NordVPN, considered one of the best VPN services available. If you create a locker on NordLocker Cloud, everything you store in that locker will automatically sync with any other NordLocker instance you install. That means you can use cloud storage to share files and entire folders between all your Windows and Mac OS computers.


It certainly comes with more than enough tools for uploading and storing simple image and video files, but things like the small number of supported file formats and questionable security tools might worry some users. At the same time, support is quite limited. Flickr comes with a great web interface that is extremely easy to use. To upload a media file, simply click the upload button button in the upper right corner of the panel and follow the instructions. Uploaded files can be organized into albums and galleries, and even posted to your public profile if you want to share them.

Apple iCloud

Apple iCloud Drive requires at least Mac OS X 10.10 Yosemite, iOS 8 and Windows 7 for PC use. Apple doesn’t offer iCloud Drive apps for Android, so needless to say it’s less of a cross-platform solution than DropBox, Google Drive or OneDrive. Context up iCloud Drive on a Windows PC is as simple as setting it up up any other sync service. Another issue is how quickly the free quota is used up up, especially if you’ve set your iPhone and a Mac to sync. It doesn’t take long for system messages to start appearing up in phone and computer informing you that you are out of storage, then update or stop sending backups.

Adobe Creative Cloud

After canceling your subscription, you will only have free access to 2GB of storage. So if you go over the 2GB free limit, you could lose access to some or all of your assets. Therefore, you will have to remove them. Adobe CC allows you to pay a small monthly subscription and gives you access to all (20+) apps. This means that when you’re starting out as a graphic designer, you don’t have to worry about buying expensive software to start making money. This means you can create templates to use on your clients and store them in the cloud. For example; create motion graphics templates with Adobe Premiere Pro CC and Adobe After Effects. Or create illustration and vector art with Illustrator.

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