Therefore, poor language might lead your customer to get irritated with you, which would be a huge loss for you and your professional reputation. Therefore, mastering proper grammar is crucial. While poor grammar is common in certain circumstances, it may be harmful in others. On social networking sites, it’s common to misspell words, but if you operate an internet company, poor grammar might get you into trouble. Therefore, everyone should make a little effort to improve their language in order to prevent all of these situations. Now check the list of best grammar apps for Android which we mentioned below.

Here is the list of Best Grammar Apps for Android

Linguix keyboard

With Al-assistant, Linguix keyboard is the better best grammar app. With the aid of this Al-assistant, you may write more quickly and fluently. It assists in correcting the many grammatical errors in your English documents. This programme is really fantastic since it instantly corrects spelling, punctuation, and grammatical errors. This software may help you with your English grammar. This programme has 2700 sophisticated grammar, style, and spelling repairs, a database of 9 million errors, and suggestions for punctuation and typography. This software includes in-depth email reports that provide analysis of your work. This programme is user-friendly and can be used by anyone who are not native English speakers.

Khan Academy

For almost everyone, Khan Academy is a great educational software. It has a number of short courses with conventionally taught material. Math, physics, economics, history, computer science, and of course language are all things you can study. Through lessons, the app teaches many topics. Basically, you study the material, apply it, and then take a test. In terms of its techniques, it is pretty common. It’s thankfully also totally free. It’s excellent for those who wish to review material or as a backup source of knowledge.

LearnEnglish Grammar

To aid with improving English grammatical precision, there is best grammar apps for Android called LearnEnglish Grammar. The number one learning app provides thousands of grammatical exercises to help you improve and solidify your knowledge of English grammar. One of the top locations for English proficiency is the British Council. This English grammar software has 600 interactive games, 25 grammatical subjects, and thousands of fill-in-the-blank, multiple-choice, and word-matching questions. Ten different activity kinds, including word matches, fill-in-the-blanks, and multiple choice, are used in the grammatical questions. The LearnEnglish Grammar app comes in two different versions, UK and US editions, which employ British English and American English, respectively. The text has been modified to accommodate the use, spelling, and pronunciation changes between British and American English.

Grammarly Keyboard

One of the most recent grammar-related best grammar apps for Android is this one. Due to the keyboard format, it is comparable to Gboard or SwiftKey. It has capabilities like auto-correct. As you write, your grammar is also adjusted. Where appropriate, punctuation marks, verb tenses, misspelt words, missing words, etc. are advised. This approach is quite new. It contains glitches and several missing functionality, such as typing motions. However, it is anticipated that the issues will be resolved in time. The keyboard is free and has no in-app purchases or advertising as you write. Later, that could alter.


It makes sense that many users who download grammar and spellchecking apps worry about their private since many of all these apps save the data you write on your phone and let you view it later. For those worried about security, Proofreader is a fantastic option since it focuses on giving you the necessary proofreading functions without storing any of your information. The keyboard on your phone is not taken over by a proofreader. Instead, you may type right into the app and check your grammar. If you deal with sensitive data, this could be a good match. On the other hand, if you use your smartphone often, you may choose a keyboard replacement app.


Linguix wants to assist best grammar apps for Android. Linguix, like Proofreader, does not save user information, making it an ideal choice for those who handle sensitive material or are worried about privacy. Linguix doesn’t only fix spelling and grammar. It also tells users why changes to their writing are necessary, making it easier for them to comprehend the problems with what they’re typing and how to take preventative measures in the future. The programme offers users corrections that may assist them with their spelling and grammar as well as data, readability, and other insights that can help those who are learning English speak or write more proficiently.

Johnny Grammar Word Challenges

The Word Challenge by Johnny Grammar is one of Android’s most well-known best grammar apps. In this thrilling timed quiz, students compete against the clock to correctly answer as many grammar, vocabulary, and spelling questions as they can in 60 seconds. This engaging timed quiz app, hosted by quizmaster Johnny Grammar, with questions ranging from Beginner to Advanced levels on a variety of subjects, including food, dining, and hobbies. As they go in the programme, users may collect badges and compete with others on a worldwide scoreboard. The programme is excellent for learning the fundamentals of grammar and is totally free.

English grammar in use

The English Grammar in Use app, created by grammar expert Raymond Murphy, is the most popular grammar improvement app in the world. It is a grammatical reference and practise tool that is best suited for independent learners. The only best grammar apps for Android, for intermediate learners that has had more than a million downloads is this one. The six grammar lessons in this software make it ideal for classroom exercises using grammar. Each of these lessons includes activities and comprehensive explanations to help you understand the material before putting your knowledge to the test. It provides a guide so that you can choose which units you should study with ease. A dictionary of grammatical terms is also included to help you expand your vocabulary.


Th best grammar apps for Android is called Udemy. It includes a wide range of subjects, including fitness, computing, language, and culinary. That includes instruction in grammar. You purchase a course, see the videos, and perhaps pick up some new information. For grammar, English, writing, and other topics, they provide a range of films. They differ in length, price, and quality. To identify the top courses, you may need to read individual evaluations of each one. Some courses and the app are free. However, the majority of the courses have a fee.


You may use the Duolingo app to improve your speaking, reading, listening, and writing abilities. Speaking of grammar, the programme will undoubtedly aid you in expanding your vocabulary and improving your grammar, and you can immediately begin studying verbs, phrases, and sentences. It is thus among the best grammar apps for Android available.

Final Words

We really hope you liked reading about the best grammar apps for Android. These of grammar applications for Android do you already know or have used. Which one on the list is your favourite. Do you know of any further beneficial Android grammar applications that you think users could find interesting and useful for enhancing vocabulary.

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