The Best Health Apps to Stay Fit

[contentsdisabled] There’s an app for that. It’s so famous because nowadays you can really find an app for almost everything. In a time of unprecedented ongoing stress for many of us, health apps have never been more helpful in managing and reshaping our lives. Whether you want to track your steps pedometer-style, set a new skin care routine, develop good eating habits, or find a moment of calm, the best health apps will help you achieve your goals. To help you identify which ones are worth downloading, we’ve turned to doctors, registered dietitians, and other experts to help you make some high-level decisions. If you want to improve your walking game, you will love the app we share. Offers guided tours by celebrities and coaches. After all, who wouldn’t want to hear an anecdote of Dolly Parton, the Queen of the Country herself, while walking? If you’re more attentive to fitness data than apps with workouts or workouts, you’ve come to the right place. We share incredibly useful tips that do everything from tracking your REM sleep to tracking your monthly cycle to helping you stay hydrated with water intake reminders.

Check out the list of the best health apps to get in shape


Headspace was founded. It started as an events company and grew into an online app offering meditations, animations, articles and videos. The company provides meditation for adults and children to help people with anxiety, stress and find a work-life balance. It is available for desktop and iOS and Android devices. The company offers sleep-promoting music, soundscapes and exercise for adults and children. Learn more about the best sleep meditation apps. People can choose from daily exercises to improve their mood and release tension. People can choose from various music playlists that can promote focus during work and creative activities.


You can access a list of unique workouts (with 1-minute demos of each) in the Freeletics app for free, but if you decide to go ahead with one of the custom workout plans, a paid subscription is required. Not a lot. You have the option to pay for 3 months ($34.99), 6 months ($59.99) or 12 months ($74.99). The application’s interface is quite simple. Just tap the screen to start each section, it shows a video demo of the person doing the exercise and then you track the number of reps they tell you. After you finish a section, you mark it as complete (very satisfactory) and then move on to the next section.

map my run

MapMyRun is a decent enough app to track your runs, walks, bike rides and many other activities, but I feel cheated as to how many features are restricted to MVP membership. Runtastic Pro, with its $4.99 one-time fee, is a much better deal. Like most other runner apps, MapMyRun uses its phone’s GPS to track your speed, distance and route as you run. And just like many other running apps, MapMyRun supports a wide range of other activities including walking, cycling and walking, which you can access and change via the activity setting at the top of the main screen.


Strava is an online workout log and social network. It can be used to track all types of exercise, including cycling, running, walking, hiking, yoga, squad rides, strength training, and more. (As I mainly use it to track my run, that’s what I’m going to focus on in my review.) On Strava, you can add comments and photos to your own workouts, which is useful for later reference when trying to pinpoint where an injury came from or trying to recreate the perfect training cycle that led to a PR. You can also indicate which shoes you ran in to help you track their mileage.


Jefit App has a large user base with over 7 million active end users and a strong online community. What they are most famous for is tracking exercises, making them all about progress. The Jefit app starts by presenting you with a questionnaire to customize your training plan and calculate your BMI (Body Mass Index) to better track your progress. By upgrading to Jefit Elite, you will get more detailed information about statistical tracking. Plus, Jefit makes it easy to see your progress over time. Obviously, it works well on motivation and keeps you going. With JeFit Elite you get premium workout routines, training and progress reports and distributed body part training breakdown.

open fit

Openfit is a subscription-based streaming digital training app and nutrition platform. They offer over 160 different on-demand workouts and hundreds of live workouts that can be streamed online through their website or app. Users can choose from the following on-demand workouts from their class library or schedule a live workout session with one of their professional trainers. Cats open to the fitness and nutrition needs of a broad audience. Anyone who wants to find a sustainable training option they can do from home, on your schedule and without spending hours a day. Most workouts can be done in 30 minutes or less, which is perfect for those who are short on time and want a quick, efficient workout.


The 7 Minute Workout is an exercise program designed to target your major muscle groups in a short period of time. The developers of Seven claim that the plan is good for your heart, reduces body fat and improves your fitness. 7 Minute Workout is a high-intensity interval training program. You do a total of 12 exercises, each 30 seconds long with 10 seconds rest in between. Exercises include things like push-ups, tricep dips, jumping jacks, and push-ups. You should run them close to maximum capacity (8 out of 10), which should feel “uncomfortable”. And by “uncomfortable” I mean you sweat like a pig and huff and puff like the big bad wolf.


There are several collaborations, ranging from things like partnering with Shonda Rhymes to “Year of Yes” themed sessions to the Artist Series where workouts feature playlists entirely by a specific artist such as Beyoncé, remixes by Elvis, The Beatles, Prince, J. Lo and Whitney Houston, among others.


The 8fit app is a weightless fitness app that comes with a personalized meal plan included. It offers short and effective workout routines that are suitable for weight loss and toning. This 8fit review will look at how much the 8fit app costs and list some of its strengths and weaknesses. Its unique selling point is creating personalized meals and workout plans for its users. The emphasis here is on the word customization and personalization as the app incorporates your specific body parameters and abilities to create the best plan for you to create your fitness goal.

Nike Training Club

It would be easy for Nike’s fitness app, Nike Training Club, to be secondary. After all, the fitness juggernaut is already dominant enough, and its ubiquitous logo on every outfit of competitive athletes, that a branded app with a few well-produced workouts would be enough to satisfy its legions of fitness-loving fans. The “premium” version of the app, which until recently cost $14.95 a month, gives you access to complete multi-week exercise programs, nearly 100 workouts presented in streaming video format, as well as health. tips and even attention guides. But Nike recently announced that it is keeping its premium features free in response to the coronavirus pandemic, which has left many people adrift on their own home gyms, so now is a good time to try out your features without, well, a premium to pay.

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