We advise getting one of the top Android controllers before you start these games. Just a few short years ago, horror wasn’t the best gaming genre for smartphones. The genre has improved significantly over the past few years though, sort of experiencing a renaissance. Numerous other genres’ aspects can be used into best horror games for Android. It seems like a lot of mobile ones have adventure, action, shooter (FPS), and arcade components. From the jump scares of the Five Nights at Freddy’s series, we’ve come a long way. The best horror games for Android are listed below.

Here is the list of Best Horror Games for Android


Although Limbo is one of the best horror games for Android platformers, it also has a chance to be the best horror title available on the Play Store. The tale will keep you playing until the very end, and the environment of mist and grayscale is very unsettling. Although there are no jump scares or action scenes in this game, Limbo is perhaps the one that will stay in your memory the longest. Limbo is also an excellent option for individuals who enjoy solving puzzles game as opposed to engaging in battle. There aren’t any monsters chasing you around the world of Limbo, so you have lots of time to explore it. It is a must-watch for anyone who like horror films of any kind.

Dead by Daylight

The game Dead by Daylight Mobile is surprisingly entertaining. In this asymmetric PvP game, four players square off against a single opponent. The single player is a monster with a variety of unique skills that give them the upper hand over other players. Nothing stays the same for too long in the game because updates with balance adjustments and other modifications are often. Additionally, the physics and movement controls are excellent. Be aware that the game occasionally experiences server issues and may perform poorly on outdated or low-end devices.


In the best horror games for Android is Granny, a character by the name of Granny keeps you confined to the home. It is challenging to leave the house since Granny has extraordinary hearing and can literally hear a pin drop. The players have five days to find a way out, and they can skulk in closets or under beds. The Granny horror game boasts the most terrifying effects and images. The game’s resolution is above average, and there are numerous stages to advance through. The horror game Granny is free, although there are occasionally pop-up adverts.

Horror Hospital 2

In Horror Hospital 2, the player is confined to a hospital corridor filled with fear and horrors. The gamer will experience a lot of supernatural events. To survive all the way to the end is the game’s ultimate objective. However, as the game progresses, the stages get considerably darker and more difficult. So, Horror Hospital 2 might be the game to play if you’re seeking for a horror adventure game with stunning graphics and an intriguing plot.


You can finish the 2D psychological best horror games for Android is Distraint in one day. Don’t be put off by the length, though; it just means that each moment is a masterfully produced work of art. Distraint is the ideal game for people who aren’t fans of action and jump scares because it carefully considers its audio and visual design to create a creepy environment. For both seasoned horror fans and beginners, restraint works best. Everyone will like the innovative way it presents its horror. The mechanics of the game are simple to pick up, and it doesn’t take long to immerse you in the eerie narrative. To truly appreciate the sound design, we advise grabbing a pair of high-quality headphones.

Five Nights at Freddy’s series

The best horror games for Android in the Five Nights at Freddy’s series have become incredibly popular. On the traditional jump scare, they rely. It’s your responsibility to sit somewhere and watch for living robots. Of course, they want to murder you. If you manage to win the game, you do. There is also a good deal of lore and narrative. There is a tonne of stuff to watch on YouTube because these games have a sizable fanbase there as well. There are several games in all to complete. The games’ mechanics differ from one another. But the fundamental idea is still the same. Every game costs $2.99. Even if the games aren’t as popular as they once were, the series still has a dedicated fan base.

Hello Neighbor

It’s not a smart idea to spy on your neighbours. But what if you observe your neighbour acting strangely. This could raise suspicion, and the object of the game is to sneak into your neighbor’s home to discover the secrets that he is keeping hidden in the basement. The creators of the best horror games for Android have created the idea of a sophisticated AI that can understand how a player plays the game and what strategy he would use. The house is covered in bear traps and cameras, making entry challenging. Even if you manage to get inside, getting out will provide a unique problem because the neighbour always manages to outsmart you.

Into the Dead

The best horror games for Android Into the Dead is fairly spooky and becomes increasingly compelling as it goes along. The player must continue to survive until the very end. One of the game’s best characteristics is that you will have to choose from among the many options offered, and the result will vary each time. The game features a vast selection of ammo and weaponry in addition to numerous endings. The game has two versions, with the most recent one having just been launched. Despite the fact that both games are free, I strongly advise starting with the first one.

Bloody Mary Origins

Even though Bloody Mary Origins Adventure isn’t as well-known as the other one, it’s still one of the best puzzle games with a narrative adventure available right now. It’s essentially best horror games for Android in which you take on the role of a detective trying to figure out how a girl named Mary died mysteriously and what is happening to her spirit. There are some unexpected turns and twists you’ll discover as you work through the puzzle and read more of the novel. Overall, Bloody Mary Origins Adventure is one of the best horror games for Android available right now.

Final Words

One of the best horror games for Android since it encourages me to try out new things every year. We have always done terrifying things, therefore it is often thought to be a monster’s night out. Whether it was gathering candy while dressed in character, creating cakes, gathering sweets, or decorating them in a horror-themed manner, all of the activities over the years have been the same.

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