We recently reviewed the top PS5 horror games, so we thought we’d explore the terrifying titles available on the PS5. Horror games have the potential to be at their most horrifying on the PS5, especially with the boost in graphics fidelity and audio augmentation achievable with the console’s Tempest Engine. So, without further ado, let’s discover which PS5 horror games we think are the greatest!

Here is the list of Best Horror Games on PS5

The Quarry

The Quarry demonstrates that the shift from film to game may be done not only effectively, but also horrifyingly well. The Quarry takes place during a wild party with a slew of stereotypical teen-summer-counselor-slasher-movie characters enjoying the last day of camp. And, like any good slasher film, the horror begins after the sun has set. The Quarry’s after-dark world is full with the eerie ambiance of a deep dark forest filled with odd and terrible animals, forces, and individuals. The Quarry is set up to be a pulse-pounding, anyone can die at any time fright romp, and how you survive the night relies on the decisions you make.

Resident Evil 2

The differences between Resident Evil 2 on PS4 and PS5 are minor, but its timeless quality remains. This is still a fantastic remake of the 1998 survival horror classic, modernising Leon S. Kennedy and Claire Redfield’s first journey with a third-person viewpoint and dramatically improved aesthetics. With native 4K resolution and ray tracing on PS5, the Raccoon Police Department has never looked more terrible, so allow extra room to peak over the covers and experience one of the finest horror experiences around. Currently, this is one of the best Horror Games on PS5 that you can download from official website.

In Sound Mind

Seeing something sinister out of the corner of your eye can be terrifying, especially if you’re in unfamiliar area. Some video games do a good job at building tension, while others don’t. In Sound Mind for PS5 is jam-packed with corner-of-the-eye delight to become one of the best horror games on PS5. In Sound Mind is played in first-person and casts you as psychologist Desmond Wales, who wakes up in a run-down apartment complex and must navigate the frightening surroundings while adopting the anxieties and psyches of some of his patients. This is an exploration game in which you solve puzzles and battle opponents while attempting to discover the link between the patients and yourself.

Resident Evil Village

Capcom understands how to produce a typical Biohazard campaign when it wants to, despite the franchise’s history of experimental entries. Resident Evil Village takes on the first-person perspective of Resident Evil 7, but this time around it offers a confident and comfortable adventure around a creepy Romanian village. The actual character of this sequel is the place itself, which harbours innumerable secrets and some genuinely memorable events.

Alien Isolation

Alien Isolation was released in 2014, yet there is no other PS4 game that captures the pure terror of an intelligent alien chasing you through an enclosed environment. The fear in this world is a xenomorph, a great organism if all you want your creature to do is slaughter people. The enclosed space is a space station, namely the Sevastopol space station. During your game, you must leave the station while dodging the inexorable xenomorph and bloodthirsty android. Oh, and the alien is smarter than you since it learns while you play. So, if you think hiding in a locker or behind a desk will save you, reconsider.

Alan Wake Remastered

Alan Wake tells the story of an author suffering from long-term writer’s block who travels to a cabin in a tiny mountain hamlet to try to conquer his issues. However, that proves to be the worst idea in the history of poor ideas. A psychological horror game in which light, generally the light of a failing torch, plays an important role in fending off supernatural beings that may or may not be a fabrication of Wake’s crumbling sanity. Alan Wake is as entertaining as it is frightening, thanks to a terrific tale and some very unexpected narrative twists. This upgraded version fully utilises the host hardware to bring the Alan Wake experience up to current and more horrifying than ever before.

The Callisto Protocol

When Jacob Lee lands on Callisto, Jupiter’s dark moon, he doesn’t expect to be captured and imprisoned – but he is. And while he’s there, things start to go wrong, forcing him to plan a break out in order to figure out why. This claustrophobic horror game will have you crawling through vents and shooting tentacles off foes even if you don’t want to. It’s packed with jump scares and looks stunning.

Infliction: Extended Cut

Following moderate popularity on gaming PC and the PlayStation 4, Infliction, one of several horror games motivated by the success and sudden demise of P.T., launched on the PS5 with lots of cult acclaim. Players must capture photos of their surroundings to discover clues and ghosts as they investigate a haunted mansion that has been claimed by an evil spirit, similar to a single-player Phasmophobia. In addition to chronicling your journey, your Polaroid camera can be used to ward off ghosts, a la Fatal Frame. In fact, there’s a lot about Infliction that feels like a throwback to earlier horror eras, which makes it feel rather dated. However, thanks to some genuinely good scares and some decent writing, Infliction should provide you with at least a few hours of fright.


HORROR TALES: THE WINE is the least well-known horror game on this list, but that shouldn’t detract from what is a highly good, if plainly lower-budget, horror on your PS5. How much money can a horror game created by a single person actually have? Despite not succeeding in everything it attempts, HORROR TALES: THE WINE’s riveting plot revolves around a dying man who travels to a remote island to discover the origins of an outbreak. The Wine’s emotional gut punch will astound you, especially as the tragic tapestry it weaves takes on more, ever saddening detail. With some clever puzzles, a lovely music, and some essential horrors, HORROR TALES: The Wine may not be the greatest horror game on PS5, but it may be the most surprising.

Observer: System Redux

Rutger Hauer, the late, great, and much missed Rutger Hauer, is in fine form in Bloober Team’s Observer: System Redux, a remastered, slightly remixed version of the 2017 title Observer. The System Redux version is more than just an audiovisual overhaul of the original game; it includes new content that perfectly fits into all of the action that fans of the 2017 title will remember. This psychological horror game set in a cyberpunk future has plenty of jump scares. In this first-person shooter, players take on the role of a detective who can hack into citizens’ brain implants and interrogate them. It’s an atmospheric, surprisingly creepy game that, at least in this version, makes excellent use of the PS5’s 3D audio to deliver a more intense experience than was previously possible.

Final Words

That concludes our list of the best Horror Games on PS5, but do you agree with the ratings and rankings of the Push Square community? If you see one that you believe is incorrect, remember to leave your own rating by searching for the game in question at the top of this page. Your score will then be considered, and the rankings may alter as a result.

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