An HTML editor is an application that allows you to modify the HTML or markup of a web page. HTML is a form of code that is written in plain text. While this language can be changed in any text-based computer or word processor, several best HTML editors include additional functionality that aids in code authoring. They can, for example, recognise tags and complete lines of code for you. These editors are used by website builders, programmers, and students alike. Whether you’re new to HTML or a seasoned master, you’ll almost certainly utilise best HTML editors to modify web pages and websites.

Here is the list of Best HTML Editors


For good reason, Atom is one of the most popular best HTML editors on the market. This open-source code editor aspires to provide premium tools while being fully free. It also includes open-source software maintained by the GitHub community. Web developers can improve Atom’s functionality by adding, modifying, and sharing diverse source code. They can also personalise their interface by selecting one of the pre-installed themes or designing their own. Although Atom lacks a visual editor, it does provide a live preview of your webpage. As a result, you can readily discover problems and fix the code in the text editor.


NoteTab provides complete control over your HTML code while also speeding up the creation process. You can input tags and other HTML code from the toolbar, drag and drop code snippets from a list to your document or insert them with the keyboard, and utilise the auto-complete option to insert tags as you type. A multilingual spell checker is also included, as is a modified input controller for syntax highlighting. What truly distinguishes NoteTab is that it is the only best HTML editors that supports Bootstrap CSS. This allows you to create a Bootstrap site with NoteTab faster than with any other editor.


Brackets are the ideal solution. It runs on Windows, Mac, and Linux and has just the appropriate amount of features to provide you with a wonderful experience while without getting in your way. The HTML, JavaScript, and CSS editor comes with a live preview, preprocessor support, highlighting, and free addons to fill in the gaps. It was designed with web development in mind, so you can be confident that you’ll have everything you need to get started. Brackets is a wonderful alternative for developers who prefer a minimal and uncluttered workspace that isn’t cluttered with features they’ll never use.


CoffeeCup is the best HTML editors and its feature-rich editor for swiftly constructing webpages. This editor provides simple tools to help you format your code. You also get specialised aspects like as code completion, which proposes tags as you type. This ensures that your code remains clean and consistent at all times. This HTML editor’s site-management tools provide you new methods to oversee the sites you create. For example, you can buy components that allow you to save an element like a header or footer and instantly reuse it across all pages on your site. This way, you only have to change those elements once and they will be updated automatically across all pages.


A powerful text editor for code, markup, and prose. Goto Anything allows you to open files with a few keystrokes and quickly move to symbols, lines, or words. Make ten changes at once, rather than one modification ten times. Many selections enable you to alter multiple lines at once, rename variables with ease, and manipulate files more quickly than ever before. Sorting, modifying the syntax, and adjusting the indentation settings are all available via the Command Palette. You can search for what you want with just a few keystrokes, without ever having to wade through menus or remember obscure key bindings. Sublime Text offers a robust Python API that allows plugins to extend built-in features.


TinyMCE is designed to make website content generation easier. This best HTML editors with WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) support has over 350 million downloads. TinyMCE, one of the most popular rich text editors on the market today, is extremely simple to use. They provide a short instruction that will have you up and running in about five minutes. Furthermore, they give you with everything you need to configure TinyMCE to your specifications. TinyMCE’s adaptability is another appealing feature.


Sublime is the best HTML editors similar to Notepad++. It supports multiple platforms and is available for Windows, Mac, and Linux. However, this text editor comes into the freemium category, which means that users can use Sublime for free but must purchase a licence to access full features. Sublime is packed with more powerful tools because it was designed with web developers in mind. There is, for example, a GPU rendering system that aids in providing optimal performance across operating systems. Along with many other programming languages, the most recent version supports TypeScript, JSX, and TSX.

Adobe Dreamweaver CC

Most of the other solutions are excellent for front-end development, the best HTML editors that allows for back-end development is also required, which is where Adobe Dreamweaver CC comes in. This editor, created by the well-known corporation Adobe, is without a doubt one of the most well-known and important solutions on the market. This editor is proprietary software designed to work only within the Adobe ecosystem. It supports both the textual and WYSIWYG approaches, giving you the option of coding alongside a live visual presentation or going the traditional route. You can code in any major programming language and use innovative cloud libraries.

Komodo IDE

Komodo IDE is a one-of-a-kind best HTML editors that also functions as an integrated development environment. Because it is a two-in-one editor and debugger, this editor will improve your workflow. Languages supported by Komodo IDE include Python, PHP, Perl, Go, Ruby, Node.js, and JavaScript. Instead of switching between tabs, you can edit and test everything on the same screen. You’ll never have to wait for a preview of your work again with automatic saving. ActiveState created this free tool, which also offers language distributions such as ActivePerl and ActivePython if you need an enterprise coding solution in addition to the HTML editor.


BlueGriffon is the most recent in a line of best HTML editors that began with Nvu, advanced to Kompozer, and finally concludes with BlueGriffon. It’s powered by Gecko, the Firefox rendering engine, and it does an excellent job of simulating how work would appear in that standards-compliant browser. It’s available in a variety of languages for Windows, macOS, and Linux. This list includes only one real WYSIWYG editor. As a result, it’s more accessible to beginners and small business owners that prefer a visual interface than a code-focused interface.

Final Words

The best HTML editors can be useful for developing a website whether you are a seasoned developer or a newbie. Using an HTML editor can make coding easier and more efficient, giving you more time to focus on your content and increase traffic to your website. Although coding can be intimidating at first, the numerous capabilities available in best HTML editors will assist you in getting started. If you don’t feel comfortable writing code, there are various WYSIWYG editors to select from.

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