The Best iCloud Pho­to Back­up Alter­na­tives for iPhone

[contentsdisabled] The modern photo management problem stems from the fact that we take too many photos. We carry amazing cameras in our bags that are almost always connected to the internet. While previous generations photographed events and made printed albums (holidays, birthdays, etc.), the current generation takes countless photos every day. Part of the problem is that people, in general, just have no idea what to do with all these photos. Everyone wants to keep their videos and photos safe. Using a local storage can be unsafe at times, and people often lose their important documents. iPhone users have iCloud, but what alternatives Android phone users have. A good photo management solution should be able to sort through a large library and make it easy to navigate hidden gems. It should be easy to use, cheap and reliable with our most treasured photos.

Check the List of Best iCloud Photos Backup Alternatives for iPhone


Dropbox is one of the most popular Google Photos alternatives as it lets you go back up and sync photos, videos, documents and other files to cloud storage and access them from any device, no matter where you are. Plus, it features advanced and easy-to-use sharing features that make it easy to send photos or files to your family, friends and co-workers. You can also upload your photos directly to Dropbox from camera. So it’s a hassle-free solution as you don’t need to sync your photos manually. You can also share your images directly using the shareable link generated by Dropbox. It also allows you to scan your documents, images and IDs using the built-in document scanner and save them as a PDF in the cloud. Dropbox comes with a built-in document scanner so you can scan your documents, IDs, receipts and images and convert them to PDFs with ease. In addition, it also allows you to sync folders on your Mac/PC and recover accidentally deleted images using file recovery feature. The only big downside to Dropbox is the meager 2GB of free cloud storage.


This photo storage solution is the best option for you if you want to have more authority over your images. It is a self-hosted platform that allows you to have your own network-attached storage. Network storage free storage depends on storage capacity and bandwidth. NextCloud includes a memory optimization feature which is essential for space management. It also allows you to use a password to prevent unauthorized access as an added layer of security. NextCloud is a viable option if you want more control over your images. As it is a self-hosted platform, you can create your own NAS. For those unfamiliar, NAS stands for network-attached storage and refers to remote storage that can be accessed over the Internet as if it were local storage.

Microsoft OneDrive

Keep your photos and other files safe up, protected, synced and accessible across all your devices with Microsoft OneDrive. It starts with 5GB of free storage, and you can get 1TB of storage when you upgrade to a Microsoft 365 subscription. OneDrive is Microsoft’s answer to the growing demand for cloud storage. And with OneDrive, you have 5GB of free space. While not as much as Google offers, it matches the free storage space you get from Apple. To use it, you need to download OneDrive from the App Store and sync it with your Microsoft account. You can also choose to automatically go back up photos and videos by activating the Camera To charge feature. Plus, it syncs between devices so you can view your photos on your phone, computer or the web whenever you want. It offers many file management features too, and you can protect your private files with identity verification.


Box is a fantastic cloud storage service for iPhone. For starters, it offers a generous 10GB of free storage space for documents, notes, photos and videos. When switching from iCloud Photos, you have coverage in terms of compatibility with 100+ file types. It’s filled with lots of fun features such as offline access to files and high-quality preview for 100+ file types. Share photos, videos, notes and other essential documents with ease. It has been recognized as one of Apple’s best business apps and puts all your files at your fingertips. However, what sets Box apart from many other cloud storage services is the smooth integration with hundreds of apps that open the gates of collaboration. So you can make high-quality PowerPoint presentations, share huge files with a shareable link, take notes on the go, and even work on projects in real-time.


Cryptomator is an alternative to iCloud that provides a cloud storage solution with end-to-end encryption. This is the best solution if you are interested in the complete security of your photos. This cloud storage service is based on ‘C Cryptor’ – The OBJ open source library. Notably, Cryptomator allows you to create secure vaults and store that vault in a cloud service or offline on a hard drive. As it supports Touch ID and Face ID, you can easily unlock your vaults using biometric authentication. You can also create private vaults and store them securely on your hard drive or online in the cloud service. It is compatible with all major cloud storage services and Web DAV-based cloud storage services. Cryptomator looks like a solid alternative to iCloud Photos. Unlike Apple’s photo storage service, it provides end-to-end encryption, which can be a big deal if privacy is your top priority. As its name suggests, it is based on the open source library OBJ-C Cryptor.

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