One of the finest methods to develop a lifelong learner in a child is to teach them to read. There are some fantastic reading applications for kids to help them learn and grow, whether your child is already an avid reader or is just starting to learn their letter sounds. Your child can study with the aid of many educational applications. This could be phonics games, individualized instruction, or a self-paced reading curriculum through reading applications. Younger readers will find these applications entertaining and interesting since they frequently include stories and animations that recreate the charm of a wonderful book.

Here is the list of Best Interactive Book Apps

Epic! Books

Children ages 2 to 12 can use the reading software Epic, which is subscription-based. Families now have access to a vast collection of tens of thousands of excellent books, audiobooks, and movies that can be viewed on a variety of gadgets, including laptops, desktop computers, iOS and Android mobile devices, Apple TV, and more. With Epic, you can create up to four separate accounts for your kids, each with their own profiles, preferences, and progress monitoring, and you’ll have immediate access to their library best interactive book apps. Additionally, there are many ways to customize Epic to your preferences and needs. You can specify the ages or potential interests of your children and get recommendations based on that information. You can also enable or disable a number of features, including notification settings, educational videos, and more. The ability for children to choose and alter the topics in which they might be interested as well as the books that should be suggested to them can help them feel more individualized and more engaged.

Itsy Bitsy Spider

The itsy bitsy spider’s journey to the top of the water spout is well known to young readers everywhere. Children may assist the spider on its journey by sliding the panels in this board book. The song’s four lyrics are broken up into four double-page spreads, with the final page showing the spider finally reaching the water spout’s peak against a rainbow backdrop. Purples, blues, yellows, and greens dominate the color scheme of the drawings. The spider is a spherical, happy creature with high-top sneakers on all eight of its feet and a jaunty headgear. A QR code on the board book’s opening page allows parents to get a free song download. The calmness of the song will contribute to the durability of the sturdy sliding panels. While some young children will naturally want to sing the song and perform the accompanying hand motions, they will quickly become accustomed to the best interactive book apps manipulations, making this especially suitable for car rides.


A social platform for storytelling is called Storybird. The best interactive book apps web, iOS, Android, and Chrome all have access to it. By matching their writing with licensed, site-curated art, students take on the role of authors. In their picture books and illustrated poems, students must use art from Storybird’s selected library; they are not allowed to contribute their own artwork. The majority of the functions, with the exception of reading stories, require a paid membership after the seven-day free trial period, which applies to both teachers and students. Additionally, teachers can set up a paid classroom account that, depending on how much they spend, covers a certain number of pupils. Students can read articles that have already been published or write their own after registering or checking in with credentials provided by the teacher.

Itsy Bitsy Spider

An interactive experience using the words and environment of the well-known song Itsy Bitsy Spider by Duck Duck Moose allows children to learn about nature, music, and cause-and-effect. Children can record their own versions of the song or a tale on the app, or they can listen to Chloe, the bug narrator, perform “Itsy Bitsy Spider.” Fly Chloe also offers brief lessons of one or two sentences, such as “”The Sun is a very hot star,” or “A spider has eight legs. We receive a lot of heat and light from the sun despite its great distance from the Earth.” Not in-depth scientific explanations, but sufficient knowledge for beginners So, if you want one of the best interactive book apps, we highly recommend these apps.

Smart Tales

An educational app called Smart Tales has a ton of animated, interactive stories that use narrative to teach STEM subjects. Unicef is promoting a book of short stories to educate kids on critical social topics like cooperation, environmental stewardship, bullying prevention, and the promotion of healthy lifestyles. The best interactive book apps game to improve logic, memory, visual attention, and calculation skills is located every two to three pages of the narrative. The app has more than 600 animated pages, over 70+ stories, and 400+ difficult educational games.

80 Days

You can frequently uncover a real gem of a game hidden among the scratchy greenery of the app market, within the soothing hum of nearly identical platformers and addictive but generic puzzlers. Every now and then, developers have the idea that they want to create something that is truly valuable and for which making money quickly is not the ultimate goal. Of these is 80 Days. The game revisits the Jules Verne classic Around the World in 80 Days and is equally compelling as a strategy game and a storytelling experience. Between the passages of specially crafted text written from the perspective of Fogg’s man-servant Monsieur Passepartout, there is a rich and beautiful landscape, or worldscape. Overall, it is one of the best interactive book apps that you can check now.


Comic book readers already have a wide range of options for reading digital editions on their tablets. The most recent instance is Alan Moore’s Electricomics, which has four tales that make the best of being freed from print by experimenting with the digital medium. Here, Sway by Leah Moore and John Reppion left the biggest impression because to its usage of the accelerometer to change the narrative. The app is the beginning of a broader project as well: a platform for digital comics creators and illustrators to publish their own work. Apps like Blinkist, which condenses non-fiction books into text or audio versions that can be finished in 15 minutes, narrowly missed the cut. Currently, this is one of the best interactive book apps that you can download right now.

Marvel Hero Tales

The best interactive book apps called Marvel Hero Tales is intended to encourage literacy in both adults and children. Each story is based on well-known Marvel characters (much like a comic book), and it will be up to the user to add details by selecting words from a list. In essence, players can write their own unique superhero tale while expanding their vocabulary. Marvel Hero Tales’ stories and activities attract users to interact with the app and hone their storytelling, reading, and vocabulary abilities while doing so.

Final Words

It’s easy to encourage your kids to read with the help of these best interactive book apps. We can see how their alluring graphics, games, and drawings attract novice readers into a novel. In ways that print on paper cannot, children interact with letters, words, and drawings. Some of the apps provide read-along stories, which are an excellent tool for assisting children in gaining fluency.

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