The Best IP Scanners for Windows, Mac and Linux

[contentsdisabled] Network scanning helps to identify network loopholes and vulnerabilities that can easily be used to harm your system. So if you are a network leader or tester, network scanning can help you increase network security and reduce the likelihood of a split. Basically, it helps to identify open and vulnerable ports and protocols used on the network. Port scanning software helps managers, testers, and hackers profile and gain insights into a target audience, while confirming that access to critical systems and services is properly managed. If you want to know which IP addresses are literally being used on your network, your only option is to scan them all. Often one would do this with the ping command. Ping, which has been around for almost as long as IP networks, is probably the best way to test connectivity to a specific IP address. So by pinging all the IP addresses on a network one at a time, you can get a good picture of which ones are in use and which are available. But on the smallest of networks with just a handful of IP addresses, this can quickly become a necessity.

Check the list of the best IP scanners for Windows, Mac and Linux

Angry IP scanner

Advanced IP Scanner is a free tool from Famatech Corp and is designed for Windows operating systems. Despite the name, the software is really simple to use. To get started, enter the IP address range you want to check. This can be done manually or with a text file. When the scan is complete, you will receive a report that contains the responses for each device, along with other information such as the hostname, MAC address, and network interface vendor. This report can be exported to CSV. Advanced IP Scanner also allows remote control of devices, including turning them on and off via Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) and Radmin, another software product developed by Famatech.

SolarWinds IP Address Manager

Solar Winds IP Address Management provides vendor-independent DHCP, DNS, and IP address space management. It’s an excellent and robust tool and offers a lot of customization and flexibility in managing IP addresses across a company’s infrastructure. IP address management is a critical part of managing a network. Avoiding conflicts, successfully subnetting, and keeping track of DHCP-assigned addresses are essential for a smoothly running network. Network administrators can manage some aspects of IP addresses through DHCP and DNS servers deployed on the network, but management options are limited and if you are dealing with many different subnets, management can become a nightmare counting only with DHCP or DNS server interfaces.


Site24x7 offers unified cloud monitoring for DevOps and IT operations in small to large organizations. The solution monitors the experience of real users accessing websites and desktop applications and mobile devices. In-depth monitoring capabilities allow DevOps teams to monitor and troubleshoot applications, servers, and network infrastructure, including public and private clouds. User experience monitoring final it’s done in over 100 locations around the world and across multiple wireless carriers. Site24x7 Network Monitor interprets information from MIBs in an inventory and status details are displayed on the dashboard.

Engineer’s tool set

Networking software that includes 60+ must-have tools. Automated network discovery. Real-time monitoring and alerting. Powerful diagnostic features. Enhanced network security. Log configuration and management. IP address and DHCP scope monitoring. The right network toolset designed to easily manage and troubleshoot your network. Discover your entire network, including equipment, MAC-to-IP address relationships, switch port mapping, and more. Monitor and receive real-time alerts on network availability and health.

ManageEngine OpUtils

OpUtils is Switch Port & IP Address Management software that helps IT administrators manage switches and IP address space with ease. With its comprehensive set of 30+ network tools, it helps you perform network monitoring tasks such as detecting rogue device intrusions, checking bandwidth usage, monitoring critical device availability, up Cisco configuration files and more. The Free OpUtils service has an attractive interface that allows easy access to all the different utilities in the package. Clearly, the full package of paid OpUtils is much better than the free version. ManageEngine offers a 30-day free trial of the paid edition of OpUtils.


Datadog does well from a visual point of view. It has a clean, modern design, however, you’ll quickly find that you have a lot of setup work to do from the get-go. Every integration you install will have a default panel that users can launch with, but while they look good, you’ll soon want to rearrange and add controls. Fortunately, there are many useful widgets to add, so many that it’s easy to get lost in what you need if you’re new to network monitoring. The design team seems to have anticipated this, as there is a very prominent start menu at the top of the screen that allows you to bookmark each step of the process.


ServiceDesk Plus is ITIL-ready help desk software with built-in asset and project management capabilities. With advanced ITSM functionality and easy-to-use features, ServiceDesk Plus helps IT support teams deliver world-class services to end users with reduced cost and complexity. It comes in three editions and is available in 29 different languages. More than 100,000 organizations and 750,000 technicians in 185 countries trust ServiceDesk Plus to optimize IT service desk performance. It’s fully integrated and easy to configure up – without extensive customization or integrations.


The arp-scan utility sends ARP request packets to each of the specified IPs on the local network. By default, these ARP packets are sent to the Ethernet broadcast address, which relays the ARP request to all systems on the network. Live systems will respond with their IP address, allowing arp-scan to identify which IPs belong to which MAC addresses. This utility will reveal systems even if they do not respond to an ICMP ping request, because ARP is a fundamental network protocol used by all systems to allow communication with other devices. If a system did not respond to ARP requests, it would not be able to interact with other devices on the network.

Advanced IP Scanner

It shows all network devices, provides remote system control and even grants access to shared folders to better analyze your network by scanning your Wi-Fi or LAN network. In addition, the tool can also help you remotely shut down your computers. From installing and running this tool to using it, everything is simple. Advanced IP Scanner is designed to work with Radmin’s remote administration program, which adds even more features. The tool is useful for network administrators and advanced users who want to keep an eye on their network.

Lansweeper IP Reader

Lansweeper Advanced Network Scanner is a free IP scanner that can scan all devices connected to your network without needing to install software on them. It offers a fully configurable and user-friendly interface where you can catalog and consult the detailed information of your scan. This is an indispensable tool for network administrators who want to manage their IT inventory like professionals. You are free to scan any IP address you like, without limitation. you can share up subnets to customize their behavior individually.

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