The Best iPad Apps for Kids

It’s almost impossible to keep kids away from the digital world these days. But you also can’t let them use it excessively. As these apps are kid-friendly, you can be sure that they are safe from unwanted or harmful content. From science-based action games to interactive puzzles, counting games and music activities, there are thousands of iPad apps that give kids the chance to learn without giving up the fun. Read on to learn more about iPad apps that can keep your child entertained and educated at the same time. If your kid is already connected to his iPad, you need to get the best iPad apps for kids. Children love playing in the virtual world as much as they love outdoors. If your child seems interested in gaining knowledge while using their iPad, consider getting some of these apps so they get the most out of their screen time.

Here is the list of the best iPad apps for kids

endless alphabet

ENDLESS ALPHABET is simple yet powerful. Children work at their own pace, with no aim or goals beyond exploring the words in this endless alphabet. The animations demonstrate the meanings of the words in an unforgettable way – like seeing a monster grow from normal size to gigantic or an invisible word appear when ink is thrown over it. The only problem with Endless Alphabet is that it can be misnamed. This is more of a vocabulary app than a way to simply learn the alphabet. It’s “endless” since new words are added regularly. These are not typical words of preschool phonetic apps, too. No “C is for cat” here: C is for cooperating. Kids will learn other great vocabularies like bellows, gigantic, opera and brawl.

Duolingo ABC

Duolingo is a US based app developer and their privacy policy is clear that you and your child’s data is protected and not shared. The free educational app is also free of any advertising which means your child will be focused on learning without any distractions. The app is very intuitive and has a cute and basic art style. Corrections are smooth and lessons are repeated just enough to help children keep moving forward. We found this to be a great addition to school learning. There are more than 300 interactive classes with an average duration of 5 minutes each class. They are broken down into small pieces, allowing for shorter (or longer) daily practice. We’ve found that each lesson is just the right length for children under the age of six.

DragonBox numbers

Main feature, however, is the Puzzles mode. Here, children meet the Nooms, adorable characters that resemble sticks of different lengths. Each one has its own personality, represents a different number (from one to ten) and says its name in a different voice. “One” is a hyperactive, wild guy, and “Three” is a little more mischievous, yelling, “Yes, three!” in a proud tone. If children fill in certain dots, they will sometimes earn stars that will cover the puzzle, filling in other dots for them. They can also earn these stars by using their finger to trace a number when it appears on the screen as a special event.

PBS KIDS games

PBS KIDS Games is a fun educational app for kids aged 2-8. With PBS KIDS games, kids can learn together with their favorite PBS KIDS characters anytime, anywhere (no internet required). I thought this app would be perfect for kids who are fans of PBS KIDS shows. This app encourages kids to get involved in games that teach skills related to creativity, math, science and other important early learning skills. I love that all games are free and more content is being added all the time.

YouTube Kids

The delightful free iPad app for kids is designed for inquisitive minds. It is a portal to YouTube. Kids can watch videos even on the big screen with Apple TV, Chromecast, smart TVs or game consoles. For ease of exploration, the videos in the app are divided into Music, Shows, Learning and Explore. Videos also include intro to sports, games, animals, crafts, and more. The app comes with great buttons, instant full screen and easy scrolling.

play life

Like all Toca Boca apps, this is an open play experience where kids can customize different characters in fun locations. There is the option to record in Toca Life World, capturing not only what is happening on the screen, but also the voice of the players so they can narrate a story. Although the app asks for permission to use the microphone, this might be a setting you want to configure up before letting your child play.

Khan Academy Kids

Khan Academy Kids is a comprehensive early learning resource that can be used to help students practice individually with important foundational learning material. It’s really easy to get started: just let students go on their automatic learning path and check in regularly to see how they’re doing. Or choose activities from the library (all available from the start) to assign to specific students. Progress feedback is basic, but it gives an idea of ​​what students have done and whether or not they have mastered the concept. Use this feedback to help target problem areas for individual students or the entire class. Khan Academy Kids can be easily used as a learning station, homework or computer lab activity.


If children want to collect cards to complete projects, they will need to register on the site, but sign up does not require any personal information. As far as substance goes, all science-related information is accurate, but kids will have to look elsewhere if they want to delve into a subject. The entry point is a bunch of large cards, which don’t seem to be ordered in any specific way. But each of them when touched opens up a new world for its young resident. They can dive into stargazing, discover why the T-Rex had tiny arms, and learn about biodiversity.

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