It is preferable to be safe rather than sorry and out of pocket. So, which iPad mini case is best for you? To begin, determine which model of Apple iPad Mini you have, as cases are specifically designed to fit each model, with precise cut-outs for external buttons and screen size. You can determine the model of your iPad mini by looking at the A number on the bottom back casing of your device and researching which model number corresponds to which iPad.

Here is the list of Best iPad Mini Cases

MoKo Case Fit

Easily one of the best iPad Mini Cases available on the market, This Moko iPad mini 6 and iPad Air case has almost everything you could want or need in an iPad case, including a hard PC back shell, a PU leather exterior sleeve that covers your iPad’s screen, and a soft microfiber lining that is soft to the touch. The case also supports attaching and wireless chargers of the Apple Pencil 2, as well as an auto sleep/wake function that activates your iPad Mini when the cover is lifted and puts it to sleep when closed. The translucent PC hard back shell shields your device from fingerprints, shocks, scratches, and dust. Touch ID is also fully supported, with tactile button covers, raised lip camera unit protection, and a strong magnetic connection within the case sleeve that helps to create a stable viewing stand for your tablet, with two angles to choose from when watching movies and browsing content hands-free.

Otterbox Defender Series

This OTTERBOX Defender Series cover is tough enough to withstand the rigours of your active lifestyle. Its inner polycarbonate shell guards against knocks, scrapes, and bumps. The case also comes with a synthetic rubber slipcover that protects the case’s edges. This multi-layer construction absorbs shock in the event of an accidental drop, protecting internal components from damage. The OTTERBOX Defender Series also includes something that most models do not: port protectors. They seal the openings to prevent dust and moisture from damaging internal components and to protect the iPad mini’s ports from damage. It also has a built-in screen guard for extra protection against accidental bumps and scratches. The case includes a built-in kickstand for hands-free viewing, making it easy to multitask while watching your favourite content.

Supveco iPad mini Case

When not in use, this inexpensive protective case will disguise your iPad mini as a composition book — an instantly recognizable, decidedly low-tech item. The accessory includes a silicone shell for the slate and a polyurethane screen cover, both of which bear the signature pattern of the composition book. The product has an integrated slot for storing and protecting the Apple Pencil, which is quite convenient. Its display cover also functions as an adjustable viewing stand. Currently, this is one of the best iPad Mini Cases that you can buy right now.

ESR Hybrid iPad Mini Case

Consider the ESR if you want a feature-rich iPad mini 6 case. Its hard plastic back can withstand minor bumps while protecting your iPad from scuffs. It is simple to remove and install, so you can quickly clean both your case and your iPad. The case contains magnets that allow the sensors on your iPad’s screen to activate the wake/sleep function. Because the iPad goes to sleep when you fold the cover, it’s an efficient way to extend battery life. There’s also a magnetic clasp to keep your Apple Pencil secure when not in use. The precise cutouts ensure that the speakers produce clear sound while providing quick access to the charging port. The ESR case is available in a variety of colours. You can select a shade that matches your individual style from black, pink, dark green, grey, and blue options.

ESR Magnetic Case

The ESR Magnetic Case, like the ESR Ascend Case, magnetically attaches to the iPad 6 and includes a dedicated magnetic strap for holding an Apple Pencil. If you frequently use a stylus, this case is worth considering. This case’s trifold flap also provides two viewing angles when watching videos or writing on the iPad screen.

Spigen Rugged Armor Case

Our favourite snap-on case for the iPad mini is the Spigen Rugged Armor. It’s lightweight but tough, and it’s capable of providing excellent drop protection. The latter comes courtesy of the accessory maker’s proprietary Air Cushion technology. The product’s cutout for the iconic Apple logo, as well as its Apple Pencil slot and carbon fiber-like bits, are appealing to us. The Rugged Armor’s low price is also not to be overlooked.

Executive Leather iPad Case

The Executive Leather iPad Case is a lovely, modern take on a classic leather case, complete with a camera port and an Apple Pencil loop. There are four different leather colour combinations to choose from, each with hand-stitched binding. The Executive Leather iPad mini case supports multiple viewing modes, including upright reading and angled viewing, allowing you to watch videos or work in landscape mode. Despite being made of handcrafted leather, the case is lightweight and suitable for everyday use. The stunning styling will undoubtedly turn heads in the office. If you need extra durability for outdoor use or if your child uses your iPad, choose something with more protection. Still, it is one of the best iPad Mini Cases that you can consider.

Torro Leather Smart Cover

If you still have room in your budget after purchasing your iPad Mini, the Torro Leather Smart Cover is one to consider. Torro, a UK-based leather goods manufacturer, has been making luxury cases since 2013 and created this case specifically for the iPad Mini. Torro’s case is a book-style leather folio that can be closed to cover the iPad. Torro’s website claims that they use Minimally treated leather from top U.S. tanneries to give it that high-quality feel, and an elasticated strap keeps the case shut when not in use. The leather is wrapped around a TPU frame, which protects your iPad from drops. On the iPad’s screen, the inside flap has a soft microfiber lining. An indented groove on the side allows you to attach and charge the Apple Pencil, and openings around the case’s edge provide easy access to the buttons. Finally, the stand can be configured into two viewing and writing positions, with the microfiber interior acting as an anti-slip lining for added support.

Final Words

Apple’s iPad mini is a small and powerful device, so keeping it in the condition you received it is ideal. There are many cases available that adequately protect your device, but few that also look good. If you know what to look for, the best iPad mini cases can be extremely affordable and simple to find. If you drop or damage your device, having a more rugged case can save you a lot of money in the long run, rather than having to repair or replace your expensive Apple product.

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