The Best iPhone 13 Accessories

[contentsdisabled] As a feature As rich as each of the latest Apple iPhone 13 models is, the best iPhone 13 accessories can expand these features even further. Depending on which add-on you buy, they can keep your iPhone charged longer, accompany you on a car or bike ride, or even help you track lost goods. Cases are certainly an accessory of sorts, but in this roundup of the best iPhone 13 accessories, we’re going to focus on other additional iPhone gear to consider for your latest one. phone. No matter what kind of iPhone 13 accessory you’re looking for – charger, MagSafe add-on, stand or wireless headphones – we’ve got something that can make your iPhone experience even better than what you get right away. This is the best iPhone 13 accessory we’ve seen so far. The number one accessory you need for your iPhone is a way to charge the device, so you’ll find many different charging options among the best iPhone 13 accessories. This includes Apple’s only 20W USB-C Power Adapter. – no charger included, remember? – also Belkin and Mophie charging stations, with which you can power multiple devices at the same time.

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Apple 20W USB-C Power Adapter

Apple’s 20W USB C Power Adapter with Round Prongs comes in a decent package as shown in the image. I’ve seen Apple pay close attention to the user experience, even when the user unboxes a simple gadget. There is a green mark on the back of the box, you need to pull and tear to unpack the package. The capacity of the power adapter is 20W, which is more than the 12W USB power adapter that comes with the iPad or iPhone. If you compare capacity and size, the power supply is well sized and you can take it with you anywhere. The power supply is white in color with a medium gloss finish. The adapter is rectangular in shape with curved edges, making it look like a cylinder. There are fixing points on both sides to prevent it from falling out of your grip. Buy now

Jabra Elite Active 75t

Jabra Updated Training Headphones feature a slimmer, sleeker design compared to last year’s fully wireless Elite Active 65t headphones. Everything from the case to the actual headphones has been redesigned with a smaller footprint. These headphones fit well and include three headphones (small, medium, large) to suit most users. This provides a secure fit and optimizes audio quality by blocking out external noise. both headphones feature Jabra’s grippy coating ensures they stay in place during all your workouts. The Jabra Elite Active 75t features a pressure relief vent that simultaneously filters out ambient noise while promoting a strong bass response. This sound signature is probably too over the top for casual listeners, but it can be changed in the Sound+ app. The earphones contain sensors for automatic ear detection: removing an earphone automatically pauses playback, and reinserting it resumes playback. Buy now

Leather Wallet for iPhone with MagSafe

The new MagSafe wallets look and behave the same as the previous ones, they behave differently when connected to an iPhone. In addition to new colors for fall, the wallet now fits your iPhone like AirPods or Apple Watch. When connecting one to your iPhone for the first time, you’ll see the now traditional white modal card prompting you to pair the accessory. This time it shows a rotating wallet chart to match what you bought. It will ask if you want to use “Find My” and the races will begin. Once the wallet is paired with your iPhone, you will be automatically notified when the wallet is removed. Right on the lock screen, you can see the last address you were at and the disconnection time. You can even see the wallet in the Find My app. It can provide directions to your last location like an AirTag, but without proximity features. Buy now

Belkin MagSafe 2-in-1 Wireless Charger

Belkin remains the only third-party accessory manufacturer that offers Apple-approved MagSafe-compatible charging accessories that are capable of charging Apple’s iPhone 12 models at maximum speeds, so there’s not much competition out there other than Apple’s MagSafe charger. and ‌MagSafe‌ Duo. In terms of design, the MagSafe 2-in-1 charger features a circular base with a chrome arm that houses a ‌MagSafe‌ charger that works with ‌iPhone 12‌, 12 mini, 12 Pro and 12 Pro Max. The charger base is made of plastic material and comes in black or white. It’s not the highest quality charger I’ve ever used, but I think it looks good on a table or desk, blending well without standing out. Buy now

3-in-1 Mophie mount for MagSafe charger

Mophie is further expanding its multi-device charging lineup today with a new 3-in-1 wireless MagSafe charger stand. This new Mophie charger features a built-in Apple Watch charger, a charging point for your AirPods, and a point to place your own MagSafe charger too. The Mophie 3-in-1 Wireless Holder for MagSafe Charger features A versatile design that can charge your iPhone, AirPods and Apple Watch. On the left side is a Qi charging surface for your AirPods, while the right side houses a built-in Apple Watch magnetic charging puck. Buy now

Apple MagSafe charger

The Apple MagSafe is a magnet-based charger from Apple that magnetically attaches to the device while charging. It first appeared on the back of the MacBook Pro, providing a secure connection to your laptop’s while still being easily unplugged and preventing your MacBook from falling over if someone trips over the power cord. Apple has finally decided to eliminate MagSafe technology, with the MacBook Air opting for USB-C charging as it offers more versatility with display output and data transfer, as well as power delivery. However, Apple is rumored to bring MagSafe technology back to the next MacBook Pro laptop. Buy now

Apple AirTag leather hoop

There is a decent industry of trackers for people, vehicles and other things. Samsung has SmartTag and SmartTag+ for Samsung owners phones and pills. For iPhone and iPad users, AirTag really competes with an industry giant, Tile, which has made all its mark on low-end Bluetooth trackers that let you wave when you lose your keys. AirTags are easier to configure up than tiles, they have better directional location powers and can be found from farther away. Tiles come in more form factors than AirTags, and you can summon your phone from Tile and vice versa. But their range maxes out at about 30 feet, and the range of AirTags is functionally infinite as long as there’s someone with an iPhone around. Buy now

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