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We all strive to relax and worry less in our lives. However, it is often easier said than done. Perhaps the desire to relax has gone wrong. Or maybe it’s just that we are busy in our lives with work, hobbies, friends and everything else. Sometimes it is more than worth it to step back from your stressful life and meditate. There are many proven benefits of meditation. In just a few minutes a day, you can dramatically improve your mood in a positive way. Now, thanks to the rise of technology, more meditation and relaxation tools are available than ever before. Here are a handful of different apps that will aid you in your meditation journey. Our recommendation: Stop, breathe and think
A big part of meditation and mindfulness is staying in the moment and this app is all about tailoring sessions to that specific moment. If you are new to meditation, this app makes it easy for you. Like most of the apps on this list, this one offers you a ton of different types of meditation lengths and focuses on guide you through. However, this app helps “get in the moment” better than most and is extremely easy to use. Stop, Breathe and Think can help you find the perfect session for the exact moment you are. Whether you feel like appreciating how you are currently feeling, taking in your surroundings, blocking negative thoughts or more, this app has the right session for that feeling and moment. One of the biggest selling points of this app is that it asks you how you feel about a session, which in itself can be a great way to step back and really be aware of your mind and body. This app is free, but certain sessions can cost several dollars. Runner Up: Buddhify
This is one of the few meditation apps that you pay in full for up front, but it’s worth it. It only costs a few dollars and once that is paid, the entire library of content is open to you. This app organizes its meditation sessions based on what you do and can teach you the art of meditation along the way. Being mindful can be difficult in a busy life, but this app helps to make it part of your daily routine. These 5-30 minute sessions are great for incorporating seamlessly into your daily life no matter what you are doing or where you are. Whether you take a break from work, just wake up up, going to bed, walking around town or anything else, this app has you covered. Everyone else Honorable Mention – Headspace
If you are a bit skeptical about the whole ‘meditation thing’ then this app is for you. Headspace is a UK app that is extremely simple and fair in its approach. The spoken word exercises in the app take about 10 minutes and cover a lot of different themes, including focus and performance. The app comes with a free 10 session meditation package, but if you want more after that, you’ll have to pay a subscription fee. Honorable Mention – Calm
If you need to work to relax and unwind in your life, this app is for you. Calm is an app that starts you with a seven-day training program. This is a great way to get used to meditation. You can choose the duration of the session, what sounds you will hear, and even what kind of visual stimulation you will see. You can also go through both unguided and guided sessions. The app is free, but if you pay the subscription fee, it will open up the option for a 21-day program. Honorable Mention – Smiling Minds
This app differs from most in that it was originally designed for teens, although many adults use it too. The programs in this app are divided by age so that everyone has personalized sessions. While we mainly think of stressed adults, kids also deal with a lot of stress, and this app is perfect for them. The app is extremely easy to use, completely and completely free, and can potentially be of great help to children who are going through emotional problems. Honorable Mention – MINDBODY
This is a different kind of app that can put you in touch with professional services near you. This app is perfect if you want to find a yoga studio, salon, massage therapist or fitness classes. You can browse the different ones near you, read reviews about them and even book appointments directly through the app. The app can also help you manage your appointment schedule with ease, and if you’re using a Fitbit, the app even helps you track your health and fitness. Honorable Mention – Relax Melodies
This app is great if you don’t want structured meditation sessions, but just want some relaxing sounds. Relax Melodies is home to a wide variety of calming and soothing sounds and white noise to help you relax. Whether you want help with sleeping or want some relaxing music while you work or study, this app can help you. There is even a “mix” option that allows you to adjust the sounds and music to your liking.

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