The Best iPhone Sniper Games

[contentsdisabled] If you like to play shooting games on your phone, you must have already tried tons of rifle options on them. In my opinion, since most of these games are not specially made keeping in mind the love of the sniper style that many of us have. You may want to see several other apps that feature pure sniper style gameplay. When it comes to the fun of shooting zombies, fighting other players, shooting bullets and trying to survive, snipers are definitely the place to go. Not only that, but they come in so many different shapes and sizes, from hyper-realistic gaming to pixel-based dual-control shooters. Some have puzzle elements, while others are destroying everyone in their path. Finding a good sniper game is not an easy task. This category enjoys huge popularity among people, who love the idea of ​​taking down the bad guy. Sniper games are always exciting. They keep you entertained and aware during every mission like no other game could.

Check out the list of the best sniper games for iPhone

Sniper Fury

Sniper Fury is a beautiful shooting game developed by Gameloft. This features 130+ missions with a wide variety of sniper rifles to choose from. You need to complete different missions under rich atmospheric effects like sandstorms, blizzards, thunderstorms and others. In Sniper Fury, a 3D first-person shooter filled with adrenaline-pumping battles in various locations, from bustling cities to sprawling jungles, you play as a military special operations agent, who has only one mission: to eliminate the forces of evil. Speaking of forces of evil, enemies in Sniper Fury come at you in various shapes, sizes, and vehicles during over 130 missions, so be prepared to face off against brutal armored vehicles and even air units. The game will let you know how technology has evolved when it comes to weapons and grenades. Show your mastery to kill the nation’s notorious criminals. Bring the city back to normal by eradicating all kinds of unfair activities in and around the city. You will visit various amazing and exciting locations on the trip to kill. The entire game is built in 3D. The sensitivity of the game also deserves attention.

3D shooter

Sniper 3D is a great shooting game. It starts off as something even a 5 year old is capable of, but then the levels are getting harder and harder. You can still get past them, so don’t be afraid of deadlocks or anything – it might take some effort, but you’re sure to do it! The game is simplistic in design but perfectly executed. There are five separate areas for snipers, including an infinite area that lets you keep killing marks to earn money; a story mode that requires weapon upgrades; a special ops mode that is like the story mode, but with special missions and big payouts; a daily challenge; and an area that allows you to step away from sniping and use a pistol, shotgun, or assault rifle. Depending on the area you’re playing in, each mission takes around 30 seconds to complete, which makes it awesome to choose from. up and play whenever you have a minute to spare. The objective of this game is to hunt down guys, who caused harm to the public, such as, a massacre, criminal escape, hostage rescue, etc. The game starts with a tutorial, which makes it easier for anyone who is playing the first-person shooter for the first time. As you progress and earn more rewards, you can upgrade your weapon which varies in range, damage, stability and would improve your skills.


If you’re already a fan of the Hitman series, chances are you’ll also find this game interesting. You enter the shows of the famous assassin, Agent 47, and complete more than 150 tactical missions in the country of Montenegro. The game is not just the normal point and shoot game, but you get secondary targets like destroying the laptop by shooting security guards and making it look like an accident. There are over 150 missions that you need to complete. Plus, you have a variety of weapons that you unlock and use throughout the game. The game does not only require your shooting skills but also tactical skills to hunt down villains in stealth mode. So, you’re in for some challenge.

Killer for hire

Contract Killer Sniper is yet another amazing shooting game. The plot of this one might not be as versatile as the previous one, but at least there’s a whole story behind it, which adds a little more purpose to the quests. The number of missions, by the way, is 250! So you won’t get out so easily. And the game is quite immersive too. In this game, you follow the narrative of a sniper who is sent on secret missions to take down the bad guys. You are required to be highly responsive in this game with your shooting. You can upgrade your weapons and base defenses to protect your stock. Charge up in Sniper Rifles, Assault Rifles, Heavy Weapons, Tesla Guns, Rocket Launchers, Throwing Knives, Medical Kits, Armor and more. You have to move unseen from one location to another and take on the newest international contracts. That’s it up for you to become the global killer final.

sniper arena

Sniper Arena is unlike any other sniper game you will find. The best way to describe the gameplay is if you were playing Time Crisis, except you are a sniper playing against other players. Of course, the game offers ways for you to upgrade your weapon and become a more formidable opponent. What I like about this game is the fact that you can earn money, health and experience by shooting power-ups in the game. At the same time, you can build up a career accessing more and more weapons, special equipment, camouflage and all that. The app has amazing graphics with clear details of the objects. What it also has is a real-world based mechanic that makes the sniper world feel even more realistic. So if you want to compete with others, this is a great option.

Sniper Strike

This AAA sniper game is really a companion that will keep you entertained for a long time. you come to the team up with the strike team to hunt down hostels creating chaos. In addition, their actions also ensure the safety of the hostages. To enjoy the game to its fullest potential, you can also challenge players online to Sniper Duels and show your skills. The best thing about this game is the immersive user interface and high quality graphics. While most games keep the player static (which is how snipers operate). This is a mix of both. The player runs along (automatic) to detect and kill enemies. Since the movement is automatic, you can focus on getting that headshot every time and enjoy slow motion death with the death cam view. Other basic features like zoom features, weapon upgrade, etc. are the same.

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