The Best Keyboard Shortcuts for Google Calendar

[contentsdisabled] Google Calendar is full of useful hotkeys for viewing your calendar, editing events, and working with tasks and notes. Use them to boost your Google Calendar productivity in any browser, from Chrome and Firefox to Safari and Edge. Google Calendar shortcuts help us get things done faster while we work. Create a calendar in Google Calendar. Not only with Google Calendar but with many apps and software, Shortcut Set always helps us a lot when using it. With Google Calendar, you have shortcuts to view daily calendars, edit events or tasks and notes you created in Google Calendar. The Google Calendar shortcut set is used in every browser you access. Google Calendar has become an extremely popular app in the market. Millions of users use it on their computers and in their phone. Also, it has currently started syncing with Gmail, which allows for very good usage. To get the most out of this app, having some keyboard shortcuts available is always a good help. As there are different keyboard shortcuts that we can use in Google Calendar.

Here is the list of the best keyboard shortcuts for Google Calendar

Google Calendar Navigation Shortcut

Event editing shortcut

Shortcut view mode

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