The Best Kodi Alternatives for Free Streaming

[contentsdisabled] Kodi is a unique app, which is why talking about Kodi alternatives is not easy. After all, you use it to store your media library, expand its capabilities through add-ons, and even watch live TV. And, of course, all this for free. So, of course, the best Kodi alternative is to tick all the right boxes. With that in mind, we recommend starting this survey after thinking about what you like and don’t like about Kodi. In other wordsque features are you interested and what features would you like to see updated? That’s because we can talk about Kodi alternatives as good solutions for specific purposes like streaming media or organizing files. No problem because you are looking for an alternative to Kodi, you need to focus on your priorities. We’ve done the hard work of trying dozens of solutions and we’re just feature the most interesting. They might not be complete alternatives in every way, but each of the options below does certain things individually, rather than Kodi being based on the original, so to speak. It is important to remember that Kodi Media Center software is not illegal; so that it can be used.

Check out the list of the best Kodi alternatives for free streaming


Plex is a two-part media management platform: the media server software (Plex Media Server) and the new playback application (Plex), which replaces the Plex Media Player. The benefit of this setup is that you only have to worry about keeping your file collection on your server. Plex user pool up a server on a device using the Plex Media Server app and add local media libraries to it. Plex is best for people with large repositories of local media files, but not necessarily with a lot of space on the devices they will be streaming content to. It’s also for people who oppose popular video and music streaming services.


Stremio is a free streaming service that aggregates material from other sources through open source software. It does not create original content. Instead, you stream external content through the Stremio app on your laptop or computer. Using the Stremio app is quite simple. Okay, simplified. You can get content from other sources, but watch it all in the Stremio app. As a video player and content aggregator, Stremio is good. But I suspect its main appeal lies in people who want to watch movies and TV shows without paying for it. If you want another way to watch YouTube channels, you can also do it through Stremio. Or you can just go to YouTube.


Plex allows users to stream their content from their primary device to any device on the same network. You don’t need to be a subscriber. On the other hand, Emby only allows free local streaming through the web app, Roku and Apple TV – a strange collection of services. Plex collects user information to help improve its services, but many users, especially those with content obtained through less legal means, do not want a company to view their media libraries. Plex has one leg up when it comes to compatibility.


Jellyfin is open source software that needs two devices. One acts as a server (can be a PC, laptop, or NAS) and houses your media collection. Jellyfin’s additional stack of features includes support for DLNA, Live TV and DVR and QuickConnect. The latter allows users to easily log in to new devices from previously authenticated devices. It allows different users to stream media content from the same server synchronously. This includes movies, TV shows and music. Users can connect with friends and family and consume any form of media at the same time.


OSMC is a free and open source operating system that makes heavy use of the Kodi project. Essentially, Kodi is how the user will interact with the operating system for the most part. The benefit of running OSMC as opposed to an OS like Android to using Kodi is the simplicity offered by OSMC. With OSMC after installation, you will simply see the Kodi interface after the device starts up and you can enjoy your media right away. OSMC installs in minutes and the OSMC team sends updates at least once a month. This sometimes happens more regularly, especially if the team needs to address security issues.


Unlike other third-party streaming apps, Mobdro does not prevent you from watching content online by yourself. Users can download any video to watch it later. It is also useful when the Internet connection is weak or non-existent. Mobdro’s offline support makes it unique from its rivals. Mobdro is not a cross-platform app since its release. It was developed to be fully accessible from Android smartphones or tablets. Also, to install Mobdro, you need an Android device with version 4.4 or later. It is an Android specific app and therefore you cannot install it on any other device running on different OS.

popcorn time

Popcorn Time is a revolution in the world of torrents. An app that presents movies beautifully, just like Netflix, but with one crucial difference: they are all streamed illegally using torrent technology. Popcorn Time is just a very beautiful torrent streaming client. Popcorn Time set the internet on fire when it was first released. It offered a similar experience to Netflix, but one key difference: every movie and TV show you could ever want. And it was completely free. The original project was quickly shut down, but with the code being open source, several clones were developed.


The open source nature of most media server software means you have many options to choose from if you want a platform for streaming videos, music and photos between devices on your device. home network. Serviio is one of those options, giving you a lot of control over your server, but discovering how to exercising that control, and doing anything else with the program, is a feat in itself. The Remote and Status tabs are where things start to get tricky. The Remote tab controls server access for external devices not connected to your network. You can create a password, change the media quality or block remote access at the same time.

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