[contentsdisabled] People know Kodi as a widely respected open source media player software that allows users to stream tons of content for free. However, Kodi alone might not be enough for some individuals as it might not have the movies or TV shows they want. This area can be controlled with the help of reliable Kodi add-ons. The right add-on gives you access to tons of movies, TV shows and video-on-demand content that you can stream in high definition. However, finding an add-on that works properly on Kodi is a challenge. Repositories are a collection of addons where Kodi users can install repositories and gain access to hundreds of Kodi addons. It also provides updates for add-ons, which they store in their repository when inventors release an update. Repositories differ from Kodi builds in several ways. Kodi builds are also a set of addons, but install any Kodi addon on your system when you install a build. On the other hand, Kodi repositories let you choose from the list and give you more freedom. Needless to say, finding the perfect Kodi addon it can be a challenge. With that in mind, we’ve used our insights and research to create a list of some of the best add-ons for Kodi that you can use to enhance your streaming experience on the platform.


Xumo organizes its content into around 180 different channels, but as noted, the vast majority of these channels are not comparable to what you get with a cable subscription. each channel features a current streaming component (this is not a live stream in most cases) and at least some other on-demand content such as clip shows, short features, movies or shows. Starting with the News category, Xumo offers live streams from ABC News Live, Bloomberg, CBSN, Cheddar Live, NBC News Now and The Today Show, just to name a few. These news channels are the closest thing Xumo offers to traditional cable channels.


Netflix has new, old and original content in a variety of genres such as comedy, documentaries, crime drama, romance, science fiction and horror, reality, animated series and action. Your older child will be able to watch Dave Chappelle’s comedy special, your child will be entertained by many animated movies like Kung Fu Panda and you will be able to watch The Unforgivable or The Holiday. Virtually all devices support Netflix as long as you are connected to the internet. Majority mobile phones, tablets, smart TVs and game consoles allow you to download the Netflix app. But remember, you can only stream on one to four devices at a time, depending on your plan.

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Crackle’s UI was pretty strong. In the web app you can view all movies unrated or you can search by genre, duration or alphabetical order. Crackle web app lacks content discovery part features which, for example, the Netflix interface offers, but if you know exactly what you want, it’s very easy to find what you’re looking for. On Crackle’s other platforms, they use movie rows in a way that’s a bit more reminiscent of the Netflix interface. This was better for content discovery, but made it more difficult to quickly discover specific movies. There is a “Watch Now” tab that appears featured content, and you can also check out TV shows and movies in separate tabs.


USTVnow is a streaming service that was created up with the aim of providing cable television packages to Americans living abroad, such as the military. It targets those who would normally have access to these channels but can no longer view them due to their geographic location.


The Disney Plus interface is similar to Netflix and so easy to use. He didn’t try to reinvent the wheel with his layout, and the result is a service that most people will be comfortable navigating. a flag of featured content heads up The home page, with titles grouped into categories such as ‘Recommended for you’, ‘Originals’, ‘Musicals’ and ‘Mickey Mouse through the years’. A nice touch is that each user can choose a character for their profile, which can be adapted for kids with bolder icons and a more colorful, less dense interface, filled with more kid-friendly content. The Disney Plus catalog can be streamed from an iOS device via AirPlay to Apple TV (including 3rd and 4th generation boxes) as well as any AirPlay 2 compatible TV.


Dazn is a solid option for fans of boxing and MMA action, especially considering you don’t have to pay any additional PPV fees on top of the subscription cost. However, its secondary content like the daily MLB show Change Up and some other sports like darts, fishing and gymnastics don’t add much value. Dazn offers some original programming, including its daily MLB show Change Up. The program jumps from game to game nightly and incorporates news and analysis. It also posts video highlights of every MLB game from the past few nights; similar content can also be found on other platforms.

exodus redux

Exodus Redux is a fork of the once popular Exodus Kodi addon. It provides links to a wide variety of movies and TV shows. It also comes with a search function and integration with some other services like Trakt. While the content and interface it provides are attractive, you should note that its method of streaming is mostly carried out through pirated content websites. These are illegal in many countries, including the UK and Australia, while they are in an illegal gray area in many other countries. For this reason, we do not recommend using this addon. Instead, we suggest you consider some official alternatives that offer a wealth of free and legal content.


Despite this, there aren’t as many ads as you might expect. According to Tubi’s support center, their ad breaks are short (one to two minutes) and only get in the way of your viewing every 15 minutes or so. To test it out, we watched a movie and a few TV episodes and found only half a dozen ads. Realistically, you’d probably pick up more during an episode of MasterChef. That’s what you came here for, right? To see if the content is worth some non-skippable ads? In our opinion, you really can’t go wrong. Tubi’s Australian offering launched with more than 7,000 titles, however, the company hopes to expand the catalog to match the service’s 20,000 units in the US and Canada.


Funimation is tied for fourth in our ranking of Best On-Demand Streaming Services. It’s a solid choice for anime fans, with a robust library of classics and newer releases at a reasonable price. Professional reviewers generally agree that its library is well-stocked with respectable series like “Dragon Ball Z” (all seasons) and “Fullmetal Alchemist,” although some would argue that it lacks a deep selection of niche titles. Much of its content is available with English audio (dubbed from Japanese) or in the original Japanese with English subtitles, giving subscribers a little extra choice. The service still manages to add new content with dubbing relatively quickly after its launch in Japan, another point in its favor.


Many of the videos we tested appeared to be of the same quality as a regular DVD movie. The exact resolution of the movies is unknown because you cannot change the video quality, but they are certainly not high definition. The video player is as simple as it gets while still providing the necessities. For a long time, Popcornflix had a lot of unnecessary playback options like a GIF maker and timestamp comments. However, it’s much more polished now. While watching some movies on Popcornflix, you might notice a trend with the ads. Most of the time, you start with an ad at the beginning of the movie, like a 30-second ad, with more throughout the video. Each ad is marked with a yellow dot, so you can clearly see when they’re approaching and how many the movie will have when you’re done watching.

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