We put each of the light strips on this list through their paces. Each one was chosen for its quality, functionality, and appealing design. In addition to analyzing how well the light strips operated, we looked at the adhesive strength, app functionality, brightness, and ease of installation. Continue reading to find out which lights stood out from the crowd and some of the best LED Strip Lights.

Here is the list of Best LED Strip Lights

Philips Hue Bluetooth Smart Light strip Plus

Easily one of the best LED Strip Lights available on the market, The Philips Hue strip produces a lot of it at 1600 lumens, and you get a little more than a 6.5-foot strip to work with. It can also be extended to up to 32 feet with Bluetooth extensions. You may trim the strips to the precise size you need for a place for increased convenience, and it comes with adhesive for simple installation. This kit is ideal for wrapping around walls in a game room or connecting to a TV stand, and owing to a special coating on the strip, you’ll get a single brilliant light effect rather than seeing the individual bulbs. After you’ve installed the Philips Hue strip, you can control the lights with your smartphone or other smart home assistants such as Alexa, Google Assistant, and HomeKit devices via Bluetooth. There are also numerous light color options; you may go for a more toned-down aesthetic with a wide variety of white light including warm, orange-ish white, and sharp white or RGB light for a bit more excitement.

WYZE Light Strip Pro

If you’re looking for a low-cost light strip with plenty of customization and control, the WYZE Light Strip Pro is the way to go. It can set colour temperatures automatically according on the time of day, has a built-in microphone to coordinate with your music, and has a vacation mode to dissuade intruders. The best part is that this 32.8-foot strip costs less than $40 and has 16 adjustable segments that can display 16 of the 16 million RGB colours and tunable whites available at the same time.

Govee Smart LED Strip Lights

Turn on or off lights as you go into a room, or change the colour settings without lifting a finger. It comes in two 16.4-foot rolls and requires 40 watts of power to perform properly. Set a schedule for operation using your phone, or enjoy the sound-responsive microphone, which causes the LEDs to change colour in response to music beats, hand claps, and other sounds. We discovered that this Govee light strip balanced a little bit of everything in our testing, from adhesive strength to colour options and scheduling. These lights were tested under kitchen cabinets and determined to be bright enough to be used as task lighting. Currently, this is one of the best LED Strip Lights that you can buy right now.

Nexillumi 50Ft LED Strip Lights

Nexillumi’s 50-foot Music Sync LED Light Strip features 540-LM LED lights and is ideal for accenting a room or entertainment center. Two 25-foot flexible light strips are supplied, as well as many straight and L-shaped connections, allowing the light strip to be cut and mounted wherever. Because of the decreased brightness of these LEDs, just 27 watts of power are required for the best light output. Download the Ehome Light app to customise the colour selection, responsiveness to music rhythms, and brightness. For individuals who are uneasy with smartphone apps, a remote with the same functionality is included. Because the Nexillumi strips aren’t coated, they’re lighter, which helps the adhesive maintain the strips in place under the upper cabinets.

BARRINA T5 LED Grow Lights

These strip lights are unique in that they are suitable for greenhouses and indoor plant growth. They consume less energy than other typical greenhouse lights while providing a high level of brightness to mimic natural light and promote plant development. Our pros haven’t tested these indoors yet, but we like how each strip can be switched on and off independently, as well as how they can be joined together. These strips are also available in a variety of white, pink, pinkish white, and yellow hues to provide the best light for your plants. Set them up with tape, clips, or cable ties to make installation even easier. Thus, this product is one of the best LED Strip Lights available right now.


These strip lights are appropriate for 65- to 75-inch TVs and will create a stunning backlight glow from behind your TV in any shade you choose if you want to update your home theatre. These are not only simple to set up by connecting the lights straight to your TV’s USB port and using tape to adhere the strip lights But once set up, they will help bring the images and colours on your screen to life with clarity. Though the colours will not sync in real-time to the movie or show you’re streaming, our experts believe they’re a terrific value alternative with positive consumer evaluations.

Tenmiro LED Lights

Tenmiro LED light strips are ideal for anyone wishing to add some colour ambiance to their environment. This is especially true for people on a tight budget, as costs are regularly reduced. This kit includes two 50-foot rolls of Bluetooth-enabled, self-adhesive strip lights that change colours and brightness to create the ambience you choose in your house. The Tenmiro LED light strips come with a 44-key remote control, but you can also pair them with your mobile device via Bluetooth. Setting up these strips can be a little tricky, as you may run into some troubles with the remote or linking it via Bluetooth to your mobile at first. Still, it is one of the best LED Strip Lights that you can consider.

These TP-Link Tapo strip lights with Wi-Fi are a striking addition to any house or business. They have 100 colour zones and a 16 million colour range, and they are Wi-Fi-capable, so you can control them from anywhere using the app. The Tapo app makes it simple to sync these to music, experiment with effects, set routines, and create scenarios. The brightness of these lights is rated at 1100 lumens, making it a fairly bright set on its own, but a wonderful addition for supplemental lighting thanks to its fully dimmable function. Although these strip lights do not come with a remote, they do feature a manual controller that can be used to switch them on and off, as well as alter the colours and presets.

Final Words

The best LED Strip Lights for you will be determined by what you intend to use them for and where you intend to instal them. If you want brilliant, dependable, color-changing, and true white under-cabinet illumination. We’ve compiled a list of the best strip lights to meet all of your requirements and budget. LED light strips, which range from RGB to plain white, are a simple way to add festive cheer to any party. You can change the colours or sync them to music for Halloween, birthday, and Christmas parties.

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