The Best Linux Alternatives for Windows PowerToys

[contentsdisabled] One of the coolest qualities of Windows is PowerToys, Microsoft’s open source add-on that lets you customize your Windows desktop however you want. However, as a Linux user, you don’t have to do without it. What’s great about PowerToys is that it’s a one stop shop for all sorts of tweaks, from controlling window tiling to preventing your PC from going to sleep for a certain amount of time. to quickly resize an image without opening an image editor. Of course, many of features you can look at PowerToys for alternatives for Linux. The many Linux distributions are the ultimate modification of the operating system. However, unlike PowerToys, there aren’t many stopping points for all these tweaks. To make life easier for older Windows users converted to Linux or Linux users looking for useful tools, here are alternatives to features built into PowerToys. However, unlike PowerToys, there aren’t many full resources for this plethora of modifications. To make life easier for former Windows customers who have switched to Linux, or Linux customers looking for some useful gadgets, see the options regarding what’s built into PowerToys.

Check the list of Linux alternatives for Windows PowerToys

mosaic assistant

Tile is a must-have feature for most modern PCs. It makes life so much more comfortable when you can easily drag your various open windows into a configuration that works for you. Truth be told, that feature is less important in Windows 11 because zone management is built in. But for Linux users, an add-on is often needed to enhance your distro’s mosaic game. For anyone using GNOME 40 or 41 as their desktop environment, it’s a little easier. There are several tile options available as GNOME extensions, but if we had to choose just one, it would be GitHub user Lileat’s Tiling Assistant.


Previewing documents in your recording program is an exceptionally decent element that tries not to have to start up a desktop program to quickly see the substance of a record. It’s strange that Windows never collapsed this component in File Explorer naturally. Anyway, it’s basically perfectly healthy in PowerToys. For Linux customers, one option is GNOME Sushi, which is built into GNOME Files (aka Nautilus). With Sushi, all you need to do is click on a document, tap the spacebar and another window opens. up showing a view of your registry. This is not exactly what the File Explorer Add-on does, as the view is built into the File Explorer itself.


ImageMagick is an open source command-line toolset for manipulating digital images. It is useful for batch processing a large number of images or for quickly performing precise image modification tasks. Today, ImageMagick is a standard component of many Linux and BSD operating systems and is freely available for Microsoft Windows, macOS and iOS. ImageMagick’s features are divided into individual tools, each with a command. The animate, display, and import commands require an X server (the X Window System) to function.


Do you want to track your daily, weekly and monthly spending as well as expenses? You can download Albert for PC and start tracking your finances, including your monthly budget. Budget. To save. Invest is a powerful budgeting and expense tracker app for Windows 10/8/7 and MacBook. Albert is a simple budgeting app for Android devices. It is also known as a personal finance and money manager. Albert: Budget. To save. Invest makes efficient asset management and accounting easy for everyone. Using Albert, you can easily record your personal and business financial transactions.


Caffeine prevents a computer from crashing up or fall asleep by regularly simulating keystrokes. Like a strong cup of coffee, the program prevents your screensaver from kicking in without you having to turn it off. It’s useful for times when you don’t want a screensaver but don’t want to change desktop settings either. We had no way to prove or disprove whether the keystroke happened, but the program survived. up for your billing: we left the computer idle for several minutes, which would normally result in the screen saver being activated, and nothing happened. Since this is what should (or shouldn’t) happen, it’s obviously an effective way to keep your screen open.

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