Depending on your requirements, you can now choose from many Linux distributions. Here is ranking of the top Linux gaming distributions. Hardcore gamers may not consider Linux as their first choice. That is reasonable, given that Linux is not favored when it comes to gaming. The best Linux distros for gaming that are most anticipated this year will not be available on Linux natively. Remember that all of the drivers and software programs necessary for your glittering gaming hardware arrangement may be accessible on the Linux desktop.

Here is the list of Best Linux Distros for Gaming


Ubuntu is a popular and extensively used best Linux distros for gaming that is also excellent for gaming. This distribution is extremely user-friendly, providing exceptional comfort to its users. Users can use Ubuntu LTS (Long Term Support) releases for increased security and stability. The majority of the games that Linux users wish to play can be found on Steam, an online platform where users can buy, play, and download games. You can also play Windows games on your Linux PC by installing software such as Lutris, GameHub, or Steam Proton.


The Fedora Project creates numerous spins, or different versions of the distribution, each with its own set of tools and components. Fedora, for example, typically ships with GNOME desktop, but if you offer a KDE or Xfce, there are Fedora spins for each. The Fedora Games spin is the best Linux distros for gaming available, featuring a diverse selection of games and genres. That explains the image’s huge 3.9GB size. This is because it is large enough to accommodate several games but small enough to fit on a DVD. Fedora Games can be used as a Live CD, allowing you to play your games on other people’s computers while keeping your progress and high scores.

Drauger OS

The best Linux distros for gaming is Drauger OS bills itself as a Linux Desktop Gaming Operating System. The distribution is based on the Ubuntu LTS versions. Drauger, on the other hand, uses the mainline Linux kernel rather than the Ubuntu kernel. The kernel was compiled with low latency enabled, or the scheduling frequency was increased from 250Hz to 1000Hz. Because of these adjustments, gamers should see greater frame rates, less screen tearing, and overall better game performance. When you launch the Live environment, the distribution automatically downloads Steam Client. The distribution makes use of a customised Xfce desktop environment, and new users will appreciate the tutorial in the welcome app, which will take them on a whistle-stop tour of the new environment.


Manjaro is yet another non-Ubuntu distribution based on Arch Linux. It does, however, transform that clumsy and unintuitive distro into a gorgeous and smooth operating system that just happens to be wonderful for gamers. Manjaro has an application menu on the bottom left and information on the bottom right, similar to Windows. The distribution also contains automatic hardware detection, which tells it what components you have and instals the appropriate drivers automatically. Arch Linux receives rolling updates throughout the year, and Manjaro is no exception, thus it is constantly up to date. While it is more difficult to use than Ubuntu, anyone who dislikes GNOME 3 will find Manjaro to be a fantastic alternative best Linux distros for gaming


Batocera. linux, like Lakka, is best Linux distros for gaming that transforms your computer into a gaming machine. Given the quantity of emulators and the active community supporting Batocera, it is perhaps superior to Lakka. However, it is worthwhile to try both distributions. It is still being maintained, with new emulators and software added to the distribution. Instead of going over each feature and emulator individually, you could visit their website and wiki, which are fairly extensive. A table of all the supported emulators and game engines can be found on each compatibility page. Check out the Batocera 32 clip to learn more about the Batocera games and features.

Fedora Games spin

The Fedora Games spin’s raison d’être is to showcase the best Linux distros for gaming accessible in the Fedora distro’s repositories. The distribution is given as a 4.1GB image and is jam-packed with games ranging from strategy to first-person shooters and everything in between. The best part is that you can play all of the games from within the Live environment. Fedora Games runs on the Xfce desktop environment, and each time Fedora makes a major release, the developers release a new version. As a result, the most recent edition is based on Fedora Workstation 33. While the Fedora Games spin is a solid game distribution that performs as claimed, it lacks the agility of some of the other gaming distributions we’ve featured here.


This is my personal preference. Pop! OS by System76 is based on Ubuntu, and the desktop environment is limited to GNOME. It feels more polished than Ubuntu itself, and you can purchase most of the necessary tools, such as Lutris, GameHub, and others, from the Pop! Store. In addition, separate ISO files are provided for NVIDIA and AMD computers. So, depending on the GPU on board, you may instal Pop! OS using the appropriate ISO file, which should get your system up and running right away. Not only that, but because it was designed by a PC/Laptop manufacturer, you can expect it to be ready for the latest and finest hardware. In a nutshell, Pop! OS is simple to use, ideal for beginners, and compatible with cutting-edge technology.


Based on RetroArch, this is a light-weight best Linux distros for gaming. Lakka has a straightforward user interface and enables you to download other programmes. Because of its user-friendly UI, even beginners can utilise it. Because of its modest size, it boots up quickly on any hardware. Its primary objective is to emulate gaming platforms like the PSX, PS2, and PSP. Additionally, it requires no prior knowledge and has simple configuration settings. Lakka is a free, open-source hardware and software project that also enables the downloading, installation, and use of game emulators. Importantly, Lakka is available for download on the official website.

Final Words

Linux may not be the first choice for best Linux distros for gaming. Given that Linux is not treated preferentially when it comes to gaming, that is logical. The year’s most anticipated titles won’t have native Linux support. Remember that not all of the required drivers and software applications for your gleaming gaming hardware setup may be usable on the Linux desktop.

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