The best Mac games show that there are more gaming options than just Windows. However, the Mac’s gaming selection is far from as extensive as that of Windows computers, which often receive most of the focus, and iPhone users, who have access to an abundance of games via the App Store and Apple Arcade. Many high-profile games either never reach Macs at all or, if they do, do so as ports.

Here is the list of best Mac Games

Portal 2

In this engrossing first-person puzzle game for mac , Portal 2 transports players back to Aperture Science. You take on the role of protagonist Chell as she strives to escape the massive Aperture research complex and reclaim her freedom. You’re tasked with making your way through several areas filled with unusual riddles, armed only with the legendary portal pistol. To progress through the facility, you’ll employ diverse locations and things, as well as time and space. Portal 2 improved on its predecessor’s successful formula while also adding a detailed tale. Stephen Merchant and J.K. Simmons both play recurrent characters in the best Mac games, and their performances are excellent.

Stardew Valley

Few things are as relaxing as a good farming sim, and when Stardew Valley came out in 2016, it set a new bar for the genre. Stardew Valley expands on the tradition of previous farming-themed games (most notably the Harvest Moon series). Adding depth to practically every system: agriculture, animal husbandry, combat, friendship, exploration, and more. Stardew Valley is one of those rare gems that appeals to both experienced and inexperienced best Mac games. You’ll be able to play mostly at your own leisure, and it’s a relaxing, pleasant experience.

Portal Bundle

In the world of puzzle games, Valve’s Portal is near-legendary, and with good reason. Portal was a game that was groundbreaking, equivalent to the Great American Short Story of video games. Portal 2 expands on the mind-bending features of its predecessor to create a longer, more difficult tale. It will have you laughing out loud and yelling in anger at times, but the satisfaction of conquering a particularly difficult level is unparalleled. If puzzle games are your thing, the Portal Bundle should be in your best Mac games collection.


You could be excused for believing you’ve just purchased a late-90s puzzle platformer the first time you play Braid. You run and leap like Mario, jump on creatures’ heads to kill them, and gather puzzle parts. Then you’re introduced to Braid’s game-changing feature: time travel. As you go, you realise how important this is to the game’s dynamics. There are some areas that cannot be completed without rewinding the action. Add in some deviously constructed levels, a lot of old-school gaming, and truly fantastic music, and it’s easy to see why Braid received so many awards.

Final Fantasy XIV

Final Fantasy XIV’s narrative is one of gaming folklore, rising from the ashes of its first iteration to become (in our opinion) the best MMORPG available on any platform. While there is a lot to learn (as is customary in the genre), whether you play through the epic plot on your own or with friends, FFXIV just keeps on giving. It’s a love letter to gaming aristocracy, incorporating aspects from previous Final Fantasy best Mac games. There’s also a free trial to try before you buy up to level 60. However, the Steam version does not support macOS, so you must download it from Square.

Fortnite Royal Battle

Fortnite is a hugely popular PC games. However, you can now play this best Mac games on your macOS as well. Epic Games created the game, and Fortnite Royal Battle is one of the free Mac games that adheres to the Standard Royal Battle pattern. Fortnite is a popular game, and the minimum system requirements are a 2.4GHz Intel Core i3 Processor, 4GB RAM, and an Intel HD 4000 graphics card. The game may not run as smoothly as it does on a gaming laptop, but it is still one of the best free Mac games of all time.


Hades is the latest adventure games from Supergiant Games, the creators of critically acclaimed games such as Bastion and Transistor. This top-down action-adventure places you in the shoes (or sandals) of Zagreus, Hades’ son and god of the underworld. Your main goal as Zagreus is to escape the depths of the underworld and reach the much brighter sky of Mount Olympus. However, this is easier said than done. The gameplay of Hades is based on fast action games and combos. In your adventure through the underworld, you’ll run, slash, and dodge all manner of foes. Hades is best Mac game in the rogue-like genre, which means you will die a lot. But it’s all part of the game.

Disco Elysium

Disco Elysium is the pinnacle of independent gaming. There is no other way to describe this best Mac games. In fact, it was nominated for Game Of The Year among several other AAA titles. There’s also a valid reason behind it! The gameplay is RPG-style, with aspects of deduction and psychology thrown in for good measure. It also incorporates numerous philosophical systems of thought. This depth may be found not just in the game’s premise, but also in its gameplay. The characters are memorable, and the skill system is deep enough to keep you interested on several plays. Disco Elysium also has many endings that are entirely dependent on the choices you make in-game.

Life is Strange

In the well-known episodic adventure game Life is Strange, you play as Max Caulfield, a teen photographer who learns she can travel across time at any time. She made the decision to use her abilities to stop the storm from destroying her community after seeing a vision of a terrible storm. Max will interact with a variety of non-playable individuals throughout the best Mac games as she encounters them. Some of your dialogue decisions will have immediate or long-term effects on the gameplay. The game’s time-rewinding features let the player reverse any decision they’ve made.

Stardew Valley

Despite being released in 2016, Stardew Valley has received regular updates through December 2021. After being let down, first-time developer Eric Barone made the decision to make his own Harvest Moon Series. So, if you enjoy pixel graphics and farming simulation games, this is for you. In these role-playing games, characters can level up and change their professions, as well as access new places. You can pretty much do whatever you want in this lovely role-playing best Mac games. It is really healthy. As a player, you have the option of partnering with the corporation that settled in the valley or restoring your grandfather’s farm to its former splendour.

Final Words

As you can see from the listings, despite not having access to the newest titles, macOS still boasts a respectable selection of games. Despite the fact that Windows laptop receives the greatest consideration and care from developers, best Mac games has started to show that it has a strong commitment to gaming. This indicates that a few popular AAA games are currently accessible for macOS.

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