The Best Medical Claims Processing Software

[contentsdisabled] The best health claims processing software should have excellent claims management performance as a priority, but not everything. That’s why we’ve made a list of the best medical claims systems on the market to help you make informed decisions, enable decisions for your business. Medical claims software automates claims settlement operations and reduces the risk of fraudulent claims. They provide scheduling, billing, claims clearing, reporting and electronic prescribing functionality. You can analyze financial metrics to maximize revenue chances. Eligibility verification modules help determine patients’ insurance coverage. Dashboards help you track requests and provide an overview of patient information. In addition, you can store a large amount of data on a secure cloud-based server, allowing patients to make payments online via Android or iOS devices. Automatically send appointment reminders to patients to lower the no-show rate. With medical claim software, you can simplify communication between healthcare offers and insurance companies. You can also conduct virtual tours through a secure, HIPAA-compliant video conferencing portal. Patients can join meetings via a link sent to their email without having to install any additional apps. employees can access and update files to help keep everyone on the same page.

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EZClaim Medical Billing is medical billing software serving single and multi-provider practices. It can be deployed on-premises and in the cloud. This software assists users in the entire billing and scheduling process and can also be integrated with third-party electronic medical record (EMR) software system. EZClaim Medical Billing features Customizable time range border and background colors for appointment scheduler sorting and management. Available on a monthly subscription basis, the solution supports via phone and email to your customers.


RXNT is a healthcare software company that provides electronic medical records (EMR) systems, medical practice management software, and comprehensive medical billing software for a competitive monthly price. Whether you prefer to keep your medical billing operations in-house or you are a medical billing service provider that needs the right software for the job, RXNT has a solution. Its billing software makes it easy to manage a holistic medical billing process, from entering and coding charges to managing rejected or denied claims. It’s not one of the best medical billing services like the other companies in our review, but RXNT can equip a clinic or billing service with everything it needs to perform billing operations in-house.

Kareo billing

Kareo offers outsourced medical billing that includes expert teams, cloud-based technology, and established best practices. Your experience with 50,000 providers gives you the knowledge you need to understand what small and medium-sized providers need. Kareo is aware that getting started can be a time-consuming and frustrating process, so it offers providers the option to get help moving paper files to the cloud. Kareo’s service includes claims tracking from submission to payment posting, billing analytics to help practice managers measure key performance indicators, and a way to manage all billing-related tasks in one inbox. Using Kareo Mobile Collectors and managers can view and complete tasks from anywhere.


DrChrono’s introductory pricing tiers are highly affordable, but lower prices don’t mean small practices won’t have the features they need to start. Even at the lowest level of DrChrono, you get plenty of tools for scheduling, billing, patient charts, e-prescribing, reminders, and patient reports. As such, you can make your practice work without doing too much damage to your budget. Another reason why DrChrono is a great choice for new practices is that its user interface is simple, so first-time medical software users will face fewer obstacles while learning the ins and outs. DrChrono representatives will be happy to help your team with setup and implementation at no extra cost, and customer service will be readily available long after the start-up period.

Way Star

Waystar is a data analytics platform built for healthcare organizations. It provides accurate analytics as well as a foundation for a simple, modern revenue cycle. Waystar is a combination of Navicure and ZirMed. It can be implemented quickly and easily, with elegant, intuitive workflows and actionable financial insights. Users with existing EHR, Hospital Information and Practice Management systems need not worry either, as Waystar can easily integrate with most of them. Waystar too features Hubble, an AI and RPA platform that is instrumental in automating various processes, allowing hospitals to redirect manpower resources to other concerns such as community and patient care.

NavRisk vision is an insurance and risk management software solution that aims to simplify business processing to automate decision making, from rating and issuing policies to entering and settling claims. The platform allows users to work with process and workflow management tools, including Data Analytics, Claims, Policy, RMIS, Property Appraisal and solutions for MPL and Safety/Los Prevention. The software provides companies with tools for visual workflows, reporting, analytics, business intelligence and more. In addition, the platform enables companies to automate key operational tasks, minimize manual intervention, establish consistent practices, and deliver operational benefits across the organization.

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MedEvolve Practice Management is a software solution for small and medium-sized specialist medical practices. It offers tools for workflow management, patient scheduling and enrollment, and referral tracking. On-premises and cloud-based deployments are available. Specialty-specific eligibility screening aids patient processing, and eligibility verification can be completed individually or in batches. document management features include consultation notes, custom forms, importing lab results, and searchable patient records. Patient charts can be updated by multiple users simultaneously and electronic signature features are also included.


FileTrac is a web-based claims management system designed for use by independent appraisers, general agent managers (MGAs), third-party administrators (TPAs) and insurance companies of all sizes, from small businesses up for large companies with multiple branches. FileTrac is designed to manage all aspects of claims from assignment to filing, covering data entry, report, image and video uploads, internal and client communication, time and expense recording to regulators, billing and regulators, as well as custom reporting capabilities that allow users to perform analysis by customer, loss type, or adjuster basis.


TeamDesk is an online database software that is easily accessible and fully customizable. Users can build their database with the help of a predefined database template or from scratch. Expensive custom software development is no longer the only option for managing business information. Companies can build their database to reflect their unique structure and requirements, then modify online applications however they want and whenever they need to. TeamDesk makes it easy to start and build a company’s online database, whatever your business. They can choose between featured databases by function or by industry. For example, it has a predefined all-in-one project management database template that can dramatically improve teamwork, avoid delays, and provide organized and systematic task assignment.


DuxWare is a cloud-based practice management, EHR and revenue cycle management solution. Offers a series of features which include a medical billing module that manages the creation of patient statements and submission of claims. The solution also relies on patient engagement feature that allows clinicians to stay in communication with their patients, providing educational resources and improving patient-provider relationships. It also offers a patient scheduling module that automates the process of scheduling patient visits through automated follow-ups, text messages/phone/email reminders and multi-site support. DuxWare is a product of Medical Practice Software, based in the United States.

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