The Best Memory Card Cases

[contentsdisabled] SD card covers are necessary to keep your memory cards safe (and they usually work with other card formats as well). Not only do they help you keep all your cards in one place – so everything stays neat and organized in your backpack – but many are designed to provide maximum protection, so you can be confident that all the photos and videos you capture are safe and secure. Designed for servers, points of sale, routers, switches, hubs and other network devices, the APC Smart-UPS C Battery Backup & Surge Protector with Smart Connect is tower-shaped and offers smart, efficient network power protection from entry level for scalable runtime. It can offer 105 minutes of use at 50W, 64 minutes of use at 100W, 34.7 minutes of use at 200W, 22.5 minutes of use at 300W, 16 minutes of use at 400W, 11.9 minutes of use at 500W and 9.2 minutes of use at 600W. We all have our own ways of containing and classifying files, but the result final is that we want to make sure our files are safe and secure for our customers.

Check out the list of the best memory card cases

Think Tank memory card case

This model has the largest card capacity in the range. will fit up for 10 CF cards, or 10 XQD cards, or 10 CFexpress cards. For the newly updated version, Think Tank has added a zippered compartment at the bottom of the wallet, and this also allows you to carry various smaller cards like SD and Micro SD. The Pixel Pocket Rocket is therefore best suited for the serious event shooter. Someone who is taking thousands of photos a day on two memory cards simultaneously. Or alternatively someone who is shooting 4k or even 8k videos to CFast, CF Express or XQD. You can certainly burn cards faster when recording videos. Buy now

Eco-fusion memory card case

Keep your memory cards organized and labeled inside this sturdy nylon case. Perfect storage and travel accessory for your photo/video camera, mobile phone, audio player/recorder and other memory card devices. Each memory card case has 44 slots. 36 small slots hold cards up up to 24mm wide and the 8 large slots that accommodate cards up up to 43 mm wide. All 22 slots (small and large) fit SD, SDHC, Mini SD, Micro SD, Memory Stick Pro Duo, XD and MMC cards. Compact Flash (CF) cards can be stored in the 8 large slots. The case has a high quality zipper and is made of durable nylon mesh. It is sturdy and lightweight, so it will protect the contents of the box. Buy now

Kiorafoto SD card support

Billed as being strong enough to survive the weight of a car, the Kiorafoto Memory Card Holder is all about keeping your memory cards safe. At less than six inches by just three inches and just an inch thick, this card holder is surprisingly small for being able to hold 24 different memory cards. Smart design lets you stack a standard SD card on top of a micro SD card to maximize storage. The case itself is designed with a high quality ABS exterior. The edge of the case has a silicone seal to prevent water and contaminants, and the interior is made of a rubber material to reduce shock in the event of a drop. Buy now

SANDISK Guardian Hunting memory card case

This can be very robust, completely waterproof with a rubber gasket and has a flexible care for carrying in hand or on a belt. It fits easily into a backpack for simple and effective storage like a SANDISK memory card case. Guardian Hunting makes products that billboards need at prices they can afford enough money. This amazing SD card storage case was once created out of a desire to end camera loss and misplacement of the card. Tired of sending your camera cards through the WASHING MACHINE? Organize and store them with an SD card case. The memory card case for SD cards comes in two colors orange and green. WE love orange because if you drop your box, it’s so easy to find. Buy now

Hama Vegas (Middle)

Camera memory cards are so small and thin that it’s easy to lose them when left out of the camera or when kept as a reserve in the bottom of your purse. This high quality koskin case from Hama will protect your memory cards from dirt, scratches and other damage, keeping them organized and safe inside the padded interior. The super slim and elegant beige design with classic koskin finish makes the case an attractive and practical accessory as it can look great for both personal and business use. The case also comes with a specially designed safety insert and handy metal clasp for extra secure protection. Buy now

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