There are plenty of iPhone music players you can use to listen to your music. In fact, the best music app for the iPhone has been you never feel stuck with Apple’s built-in option, Apple Music. If you want another way to transfer, save, and play files from your iOS music library, there are many options available. A good playlist is music to our ears, whether we’re listening to our favourite podcast on the way home or playing hours of catchy tracks at a summer BBQ party. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of the best music apps for iPhone to ensure you don’t have a boring commute home.

Here is the list of Best Music Apps for iPhone


Spotify is one of the best music apps for iPhone, and it is probably Apple Music’s main competition. You can stream music from the company’s massive repertoire and download content for offline listening for $10 per month. Spotify has a free tier that allows you to listen to anything in shuffle mode on your Phone or iPad without having to pay for it. It now supports podcasts, so you can listen to your favourite episodes without having to open another app.


According to MacStories, a well-known Apple reviewer, “Ecoute is the best music apps for iPhone.” And we are not contradicting ourselves. Encoute is, indeed, one of the best music players for iPhone. This software has a clean and elegant appearance and is packed with features that place it high on many rankings. It helps you to be a social media fanatic by allowing you to share music with others while adding songs on the go and rapidly recognising them. It also functions as a screen brightness control app and shields your eyes from dangerous blue light by transitioning to night mode automatically.

BBC Sounds

BBC Sounds has replaced the Beeb’s iPlayer Radio app, and it appears to be a wise option. It includes podcasts, music mixes, live sets, and more, in addition to the traditional BBC radio stations that you may listen to live or on-demand. You can search by genre, download and listen on the go, and resume listening on another device. The best music apps for iPhone experienced some growing pains, but it has matured into a rich and elegant home for the BBC’s great audio output.


Listen is a superb iOS music player for organising your music library. The best music apps for iPhone fundamental functionality as a music player is absolutely free, and it incorporates gesture-based controls. If you wish to listen to local and internet radio stations, you’ll need to subscribe to a $2.99 per month subscription. The option to browse your music library by album, artist, playlist, and radio stations is a standout feature. You may also drag music artwork around your display to skip tracks or return them to your library from the Now Playing screen.


SoundCloud, like Spotify, is best music apps for iPhone where users may create their own music playlists, libraries, and so on. The website has over 265 million music songs and one of the largest communities of DJs, artists, audio creators, musicians, and so on. SoundCloud’s best feature is that it is an ad-free music streaming app. SoundCloud is available in both free and paid versions. When compared to the free version, SoundCloud Go+ provides access to special content and additional music.


JetAudio is another wonderful player for iPhone users looking for different ways to customise playback. It was created by the South Korean business COWON, which develops portable media players. The bulk of playback actions are displayed within the primary player screen of the jetAudio music player software for iPhone. Aside from that, the player supports a variety of tap gestures, such as a single tap on the album image to toggle lyrics, a double-tap for play/pause, and a triple-tap to switch between shuffle and loop modes of playback. Aside from a comprehensive equalisation, the music player has a sound enhancer to improve bass, depth, pitch-shifting, and reverb.

TuneIn Radio Pro

If you’re stuck in the office and don’t want to miss the big NBA game at the Staples Center in Los Angeles, or if you’re just plain homesick, TuneIn Radio may be the closest you can get to experiencing abroad travel without spending a dime on flights and lodging. The best music apps for iPhone provides access to radio stations all around the world, allowing you to live stream a large selection of music, news, and sports directly from your device. Podcasts are also available. This monthly subscription service removes advertisements and allows you to listen to music offline as well as record what you’re listening to.


All of the apps on this list include a wide range of musical genres, including Latin music. Download Uforia Musica if that’s your primary interest and you want to delve deep into it. The best music apps for iPhone, which can display text in both English and Spanish, provides live access to over 65 Latin radio stations. There are also Uforia-exclusive streaming-only stations. Discover these channels by city, genre, and language, and find playlists that correspond to your emotions and activities. Cool features include the ability to save your favourite station for later access and a car mode that displays the app’s important elements in a bigger format for easy access while driving.

Final Words

You can’t just download a music file and play it on your best music apps for iPhone, like you can on Android devices. Adding music to your library and accessing it on iOS is a little more complicated. The best music apps for iPhone, has a large collection of diverse types of music, but it’s very limited in terms of where the music comes from.

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