The Best Music Trans­fer Apps for Android

[contentsdisabled] Music has a superb and magical power that can improve people’s daily work and lives. On the other hand, what if you just switched to the new Android phone and with multiple music files on your old device? You have to go through a different kind of thick and thin to get these songs and songs into your new phone or even if you’re ready to accept losing all your music? If you want to transfer or share your music files to your new phone or someone else’s Android device, nothing beats using MobileTrans software services. It not only performs the file sharing action safely, but it does it quickly. Before learning the method to use MobileTrans, it is remarkable to understand the unique features of the app and why it is your best choice to transfer music from one Android device to another. Transferring all music files from an Android phone to another with a single mouse click has never been easier. It can also transfer other file formats such as other multimedia files, contacts, text messages, call logs including apps and app data files. All you need is a music sharing app that you can install on your Android phone. These apps allow you to transfer music locally or offline between one or more Android phones without using the mobile Dice.

Check the list of the best music transfer apps for Android


If you feel like the deal breaker while using the SHAREit app, you can also try another amazing alternative which is known as Xender. Having a similar kind of interface to SHAREit, Xender will never feel much different. On the Music tab, you need to tap on send button or on receipt buttons through which you can start sharing your music files. Not only that, but Xender also allows its users to connect four different devices at the same time to transfer the data. You can even transfer the data on different platforms like iOS and Windows and even to PC without any software installation on PC side. Xender can share files at a speed of 40 MB/second without any restrictions on transferring large files.


It is the highly recommended app when you want to transfer music or files from a phone to another. Being one of the oldest apps for file sharing, it has also improved handsomely in recent years. However, the music transfer process is quite simple. You just need to download the app after that you need to click the button button click where you can simply send and receive in the respective phones. After that, you can select audio files from the Music tab. Files of any type such as movies, music, documents, photos, apps and more can be transferred using SHAREit. Receivers can select the files and applications they want to receive without disturbing the sender. With SHAREit, you can transfer files with the speed up at 20 Mb/second. Not only that, with its CLONEit feature, you can also copy important data from the emitter device within minutes.


Another best high speed file sharing app on the list is Zapya. It is a cross-platform app that allows data transfer between Android, iOS, Windows PhoneMAC, etc. Using Zapya, you can connect four devices and transfer files of all formats between them using QR code. Some more interesting and others features include group sharing and QR code sharing, shake connection, along with the phone replicate. Unfortunately, this app is also overloaded with some unnecessary things, like discovery guides and hints aimed at offering the content online, which is quite similar to SHAREit.


AirDroid is one of the best apps to transfer data with good speed and over different networks. AirDroid not only allows you to transfer the files and folders from one Android device to another Android device, but also allows its users to control their Android devices wirelessly using their computers. Even if your Android device’s screen goes blank, you can still do what you normally would on phone and you can still track the phone if by chance you get lost. You can transfer files from Android to PC and vice versa. With features which are extremely useful. with Airdroid you can transfer various files like APK, MP3 almost any. to your device and to your clipboard too, you can install apps, you can open any link on your android via PC. It shows useful information about your devices memories like SD, internal memory as well. With airdroid you can send messages, set ringtones, take screenshots, install or uninstall apps, play videos, take photos, delete files through your file manager, view call log and call any number, view edit contact, ring music there is a huge list of features and Desktop Client you can do best which can be installed on Windows, Mac.


AireMore is a management tool for Android and iOS devices that allows data transfer from Android to Android, iOS to Android and vice versa. Various types of data such as photos, videos, messages and documents can be transferred using AireMore. It is free and allows its users to move, store and transmit data using an internet connection. This file management and transfer application operates wirelessly. It allows you to establish a connection between your iOS device and a PC. This way of connecting does not require the installation of any additional applications on your computer. You will only need an internet connection and establish the connection through a web browser.

Bluetooth file transfer

Bluetooth File Transfer is one of the most underrated file transfer apps but in reality it comes with a fast built-in file browser and clean user interface. You can share files over a Bluetooth connection using the Android Bluetooth File Transfer app. All files are transferred using a secure connection as authorization of incoming connections is mandatory when using this app. You can also use the built-in browser to move, copy, cut and delete items you want, and even zip and unzip files with encryption.

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