Nanny cams should be used with caution; while checking in to see a crying child may distress you, your babysitter may be in the next room heating the milk, which will stop the tears. If you have a tendency to think in the worst-case scenario, a multi-camera pack may help alleviate it by allowing you to see more. Nannies and babysitters may also react negatively to cameras at first, so we recommend being upfront about your intentions when placing cameras. It is not always illegal to install cameras in your home and record video. The reason we recommend obtaining consent is that recorded evidence is not always admissible without consent.

Here is the list of Best Nanny Cams

Wyze Cam Pan v2

Wyze’s panning and tilting camera is ideal for monitoring children because it can follow them around the room – or even multiple rooms, depending on how you position it. The camera can swivel 360 degrees, has two-way talk, and is extremely affordable, both with and without a subscription. Furthermore, you can have the camera scan the room on a regular basis, looking for irregularities, or you can set it to follow motion, so your rambunctious 4-year-old stays in frame while you try to ask him about his day. Currently, this is one of the best Nanny Cams that you can buy right now.

YI Home Security Camera

Easily one of the best Nanny Cams available on the market, the The YI 1080p Home Camera Wireless IP Security Surveillance System was created specifically for children, down to its ability to detect crying. For many, this camera serves as a baby monitor and is an affordable security solution. It provides both live and recorded videos in 1080p resolution, and you can zoom in up to four times to get a better look at what’s going on. You can use the YI Home app to stream real-time video to your phone, monitor what your children and babysitter are doing, and set up motion alerts to notify you when and where any movement is detected. The app also includes two-way audio, allowing you to converse with your nanny or children directly through the camera. The best features of this camera are arguably those designed specifically for parents. The YI Home Camera includes special technology that detects baby crying and sends you an alert to your smartphone. It also has advanced night vision, allowing you to check on your child without disturbing them.

Logitech Circle 2 Indoor

It only works with Apple HomeKit and has no local storage, but it does have a 10-day motion-based recording history stored in the iCloud. It also has two-way audio and night vision capabilities. Although the camera claims to save battery life by operating in low-power mode until motion is detected, some reviewers complain that the batteries drain quickly. You can also pay for extra features, such as extra cloud storage, but the costs can add up.

The pan and tilt mount offers not only the obvious benefit of re-directing the camera, but also a counterweight, making it easier to sit on a piece of furniture near a cot and tip downward. The camera moves quietly; the only time it makes a noise is when it switches to night mode.

Arlo Essential Indoor Cam

While the Arlo Essential Indoor Cam’s specifications for a smart camera are fairly standard (130-degree field of view, 12x digital zoom, 1080p HD live stream, two-way talk, night vision, a built-in siren, etc.), it does have one design feature that may make it worth special consideration as a nanny cam: its privacy shield. When the camera is turned off, a quarter-sized white shield indicates that it is not recording. When it starts recording, the shield flips. This allows caregivers and children to tell whether they are being recorded at a glance, making it easier to maintain privacy boundaries.

Because they must be placed near an outlet, corded security cameras can be inconvenient. However, you can solve this issue with a small wireless camera, such as the Blink Indoor Home Security Camera, which is lightweight and battery powered, allowing you to place it almost anywhere. Blink cameras send HD video to connected devices and have built-in motion detectors that send alerts to your smartphone along with a short clip of whatever is going on. There are no monthly fees with these cameras, and you can easily expand your system by adding more cameras throughout your home. Thus, this product is one of the best Nanny Cams available right now.

Owlet Dream Duo 2

The Owlet is a baby-specific best Nanny Cams. The mount works well on the wall above a cot, where your camera’s 130-degree field-of-view allows you to see the baby. Night vision ensures that the baby’s sleep is not disturbed, and temperature and humidity sensors ensure that the environment is ideal. The camera is only part of the ‘Owlet Dream Duo 2’ package. Fabric socks monitor heart rate and blood oxygen levels. This, in conjunction with the microphone in the camera, can accumulate sleep trend data, which is then shared by the same app from which the 1080P feed can be viewed. This is used by proprietary ‘predictive sleep technology,’ which predicts when and how long your baby will sleep. The elegant software also includes 4x digital zoom and share functions, allowing you to post any cute moments you happen to capture while keeping a remote eye on your baby.

Arlo Q Cam

Many security cameras are Wi-Fi enabled, allowing video to be streamed to your smartphone or other internet-connected device. The Arlo Q, an internet-enabled security camera that delivers 1080p HD video straight to your phone, is one of the best options if you’re looking for a Wi-Fi camera that you can access from anywhere. This camera features two-way audio as well as motion and sound alerts. It comes with a stand and a wall-mounting plate, so you can put it almost anywhere, but because it is a wired camera, it will need to be close to an outlet. The Arlo Q comes with seven days of free cloud recording, and if you want more, you can upgrade to a more advanced plan.

Final Words

We chose the best Nanny Cams by reading customer and competitor reviews and comparing the features of over products on the market. We looked at design, price, ease of use, and setup, as well as extras like night vision and 360-degree camera rotation. Our editors and writers stay up to date on the latest tech industry trends and share everything we know about what families love year after year for the safety of their homes and children.

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