A good role-playing game for android is unlike any other genre in that it allows you to slip into a new persona like a new set of clothes, while also providing you with a world to explore and immerse yourself in. The Nintendo Switch may not be the most powerful console on the market, but it has a vast library of amazing RPGs to choose from, including some truly unique titles. We’ve compiled a list of the best of the best for you to peruse below.

Here is the list of Best Nintendo Switch RPGs

Xenoblade Chronicles 2

Easily one of the best Nintendo Switch RPGs available on play store, the Xenoblade Chronicles 2 is a vast, complex RPG created by Monolith Soft, the same company that created the previous two instalments as well as the Baten Kaitos titles for the GameCube. The team also assisted Nintendo in creating the world of Breath of the Wild, so the pedigree is undeniable. You’ll explore a vast open world populated by Titans, huge living beings capable of housing entire civilizations on their bodies. Along the road, you’ll encounter a diverse cast of characters, complete a slew of objectives, and save the world. It’s Monolith Soft doing what it does best, although with the series’ occasional shortcomings. You can download from official website.

Bravely Default II

Don’t be fooled by the unusual title; Bravely Default II is, at its core, a typical Final Fantasy adventure under a different guise. The game features four motley warriors on a quest to restore balance to the elemental crystals that govern the planet, in the classic mould. Many of the spells and things you gain along the journey are straight lifted from previous Final Fantasies. However, Bravely Default adds its own unique ideas to the mix, such as the game’s eponymous Brave and Default commands, which allow characters to forgo rounds to accumulate points, which can then be spent to unleash numerous actions at once. It’s rich and innovative, and when combined with the flexible employment structure.

Dragon Quest XI

Dragon Quest, the archetypal Japanese RPG, remains one of gaming’s most cherished franchises, and its latest addition proves why. Dragon Quest XI chronicles the exploits of the Luminary, a mythical hero destined to defend the realm of Erdrea from the invading forces of darkness. It features the series’ distinctive blend of traditional gameplay and emotive storytelling. Though the idea may appear tired, Dragon Quest XI’s plot is endearing and moving, thanks to a colorful group of characters including the boisterous thief Erik and the flamboyant Sylvando. This edition of the game also allows you to play through the adventure in 3D or retro-style 2D animation, a feature that was previously unique to the unlocalized 3DS version.

Pokemon Legends Arceus

When Game Freak created the Pokemon Legends Arceus spin-off, they took a huge risk, but the Switch RPG was a huge hit as Pokemon fans all over the world appreciated its distinct direction and core concentration on gathering Pokemon. Arceus provided a glimpse into what fans could expect in the future, particularly Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, with stunning clashes against nobles, loads of side tasks, and a large assortment of Pokemon to collect.


Undertale is a wonderful and cleverly constructed game that knows what makes a decent RPG work so well that it can upend expectations and provide something that’s almost satirical of the genre. You descend into the underworld and discover a witty world full of entertaining activities. You’ll date skeleton, dance with a robot, and create wonderful meals with a half-fish woman. Or you can do none of those things, as Undertale enjoys letting you chose. It manages to surprise you in so many different ways, and even though it doesn’t appear to have much going for it on the surface, Undertale has a lot more going for it. Characters who are well-written, a genre-bending battle system, and a terrific music make this an easy recommendation.

Disco Elysium – The Final Cut

Disco Elysium, quite likely the best and most ambitious RPG of the contemporary era, chronicles the story of a single crime that you, an inebriated investigator, must investigate. Its script is absolutely outstanding, and the freedom it provides to address issues in your own unique way is unsurpassed. It won’t be for everyone, given how wordy it is, but the Switch is an ideal platform for it, allowing to drop in for quick periods as you try to piece together what is going on in Revachol’s rotting docks.

Persona 5 Royal

Persona 5 has been dubbed one of the best role-playing games for mac ever since its initial release in 2016. Persona 5 Royal is a remastered version of the original game that was released in 2019. It includes all of the original content as well as new storylines, a new playable character, new minigames and side tasks, and more. In Persona 5 Royal, you take on the role of a youngster who transfers to a new school after being falsely accused of assault. Once there, you and a classmate inadvertently enter another dimension known as the Metaverse, in which all of humanity’s latent desires are realized and demons lurk around every corner.

Golf Story

From kingdoms and bloodshed in JRPGs to a gorgeous overview of some strange golf courses, we now turn our focus to Golf Story, a game brimming with charisma and charm beneath the surface. This appears to be just another golf game at first glance, but what lies beneath is a beautiful story about an aspiring golfer. Their amazing voyage will take you to mountains, deserts, and even eerie regions to play golf.

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild

If you’re one of the few Nintendo Switch users who hasn’t yet played The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, do yourself a favour and go out and get it right now. This Switch launch release dramatically redesigned the open world RPG genre, emphasizing exploration over linear progression. In Breath of the Wild, you play as Link, a hero who awakens 100 years after losing a battle with the wicked Calamity Ganon that nearly brought the world to its knees. You’ve been tasked with rescuing Princess Zelda, who has been locked in her castle for the last century, keeping Ganon at bay.

Fire Emblem: Three Houses

The latest instalment in the famous Fire Emblem game is a monster, with endless replicability. You take on the role of a professor at an officers’ academy and must rapidly select one of three houses to teach. That decision will lead you down vastly varied paths, yet all of them have two gameplay foundations. There are severe strategic fights with turn-based combat, as well as leisure time to get to know a large cast of memorable people. This is a game that may be played for hours on end.

Final Words

One of the best features of the best Nintendo Switch RPGs console is its hybrid capabilities, which allow you to play games whether sitting on the couch or on the train. The combination of addicting RPGs and the ability to carry the game with you everywhere you go can be ideal, but it is also time-consuming. Because such a wonderful combination results in a plethora of incredible, must-play Switch RPGs in 2023, we’ve undertaken the difficult process of selecting absolute finest for you to enjoy!

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