However, you may read and write to NTFS disks as you choose with the aid of a trustworthy program. In a nutshell, The best NTFS for Mac is a new file system created by Microsoft with the intention of replacing the antiquated FAT file system. Unfortunately, Microsoft Company has patent protection for NTFS, and only approved parties are allowed to use this new file system in their products.

Here is the list of Best NTFS for Mac


By default, macOS is unable to write to an NTFS disk. NTFS, sshfs, and procfs can all be handled by macOS using the open source project macFUSE in user space on your Mac. It is a generic driver for Mac, however, and in order to create an NTFS disk on a Mac, you must use the NTFS-3G driver, which is an advanced NTFS driver for various operating systems, including macOS, Linux, and Android. Your best NTFS for Mac can read or write any file on an NTFS disk with the help of these two open source drivers together. The absence of a visible user interface is the sole drawback to this strategy. To make it operate, you need to enter a number of instructions. And the majority of users do not prefer this choice. Due to the very difficult hacks required to properly write an NTFS disk on macOS, we only propose this approach as the fifth option.

Mounty NTFS

The best NTFS for Mac software called Mounty is available via both Homebrew and the DMG installation. It is specifically designed to remount read-write NTFS-formatted hard disks on Mac systems. The sharing of files across Windows and macOS systems is made simple by this free software. Mounty for NTFS has a minimalistic design. Mounty is a menu bar application with a simple interface that merely displays a list of remounted NTFS devices, and it is extremely simple to install and use. This free NTFS for Mac program mounts NTFS devices in read-only mode initially, and when it’s ready, a notice appears. The disk is then remounted with write access in the Finder Window.

Tuxera NTFS

The best NTFS for Mac program is one that can easily run in the background. Both novice and expert users may use it to transfer data, expand NTFS properties, format NTFS drives, and even repair these NTFS drives and partitions. When compared to its rivals, Tuxera NTFS is rather quick, but it takes much longer to transmit data in bulk than the others. One significant benefit of utilizing Tuxera NTFS is its capacity to maintain files through power outages and other similar catastrophes without causing disk damage. Additionally, it has the capacity to stop file loss even before a mistake manifests itself. All MacOS versions, from Mac OS X 10.4 up to MacOS Monterey, are supported by this application. You may try it out utilizing the free trial version that is offered on their website.

iBoysoft NTFS

A piece of software called iBoysoft is the best NTFS for Mac gives you complete control over the NTFS disks on your gadget. It indicates that you will have read-write access to it. You will then be able to examine the files on the drive in addition to being able to remove, modify, or rename them. Most significantly, it is a tool that is incredibly simple to set up. Don’t stress about it. The UI is also very straightforward. Additionally, the selection is limited. Only those alternatives are available that are truly required to complete the job. You don’t need to interact with the program much. The NTFS disk will automatically mount after you have done configuring the program. They will be simple for you to read and write on. It will seem as if the gadget had the previous choice built into it. The program is created by the software development firm iBoysoft.


The SYSGeeker is the best NTFS for Mac program is an easy-to-use utility that can automatically recognize NFTS formatted volumes and re-mount write-protected NTFS volumes under macOS in read-write mode, effectively bridging the gap between Windows and Mac caused by their differing file systems. This program enables infinite read/write capabilities for all external hard drive types, including SSD drives, and features an easy-to-use user interface. Even though they only support a few Mac versions, they provide infinite support. With only a few clicks, the SYSGeeker NTFS for Mac’s straightforward menu-driven interface provides comprehensive information about all of your drives. Even if they do have a free version accessible on their website, the only downside we can find in this case is that it is a paid piece of software.

Final Words

You must use the best NTFS for Mac software if you want to keep utilizing both PC and Mac devices. There are several obvious flaws or restrictions in some of the free NTFS for Mac applications, including sluggish write speeds, poor compatibility, and a lack of technical assistance. Mounty for NTFS or FUSE for macOS are good free NTFS for Mac programs if you don’t care about the risks. The paid version of iBoysoft NTFS for Mac is preferable than the free NTFS for Mac tools if money is tight. It has a number of Mac NTFS capabilities that the best NTFS for Mac tool lacks, including the ability to format and repair Microsoft NTFS.

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