While board game apps provide a dedicated experience that you can take with you on your Smartphones or Laptops, many online board games do not require any downloads, instead giving a smooth and polished experience that you can load up in your web browser or start playing in seconds. Many people also manage the difficult task of memorizing the rules and making it simple for new players to join in and learn how to play. Whether you want to bring your gaming group’s favourite online during lockdown, meet new people to play with, or try something new, these online board games will allow you get right in and start playing.

Here is the list of Best Online Board Games


The best online board game is Scrabble, accessible on a variety of systems. There is a smartphone app as well as a version that connects to popular social Apps. In addition, it can be found as part of certain Hasbro compilation games for consoles and PCs. All Scrabble versions have online matchmaking, allowing you to play with friends or strangers and put your vocabulary skills to the test. There are a plethora of comparable applications and games available, but the officially licenced Scrabble includes a digital version of the exact board you are used to, finish with recognizable rules. If you want to play this game online, go to this official website and play this game.


Root is such a popular online board game that anytime a new run is released into the wild, it rapidly sells out. Thankfully, there is a digital version that allows us everyone to conquer the forest. It’s a 2-4 person strategy game with an asymmetrical twist. Each player controls a group that is attempting to take control of a large forest wilderness. The Marquise de Cat, a Saruman-like baddie who harvests the forest to feed industrial expansion, is up against the Woodland Alliance and the Eyrie Dynasties of huge birds who governed the forest before the Marquise took control. Each team earns victory points in different ways and has unique benefits and drawbacks throughout the game.


Scattergories is a word game that challenges players to come up with terms that match into specific categories and begin with a specific letter. The activity is also one of the simplest online board games to play on Zoom. While the classic board game requires lists, a letter dice, a timer, and secret folders, the only things needed to play are a list of categories and a method to create random letters. To play the game on Zoom, have one player open scattergoriesonline.net and share the screen with the other. The website automatically selects a letter and prompts, as well as times the game. You can also use the site to play online with friends without utilising Zoom, and you can make prompts in a variety of languages.


Since its first release in 2015, Codenames has become a mainstay of board game collections for both hobby novices and veterans alike. If you haven’t heard of this instant modern classic, it’s a word-guessing game in which teams take turns guessing words on a grid of cards, guided carefully to their hidden spies and away from their opponents’ by the suggestions of their clue-one-word giver. The simplicity of Codenames makes it an ideal choice for an online board game, aided by the advent of an official web app made by creator Czech Games Edition.

Secret Hitler

It’s time to see if any of your pals are frighteningly skilled at deceiving each other. Secret Hitler, the wildly popular social deduction game, is now available online. Players are divided into fascists and liberals, with the most evil among you playing the role of the Secret Hitler. Nasty old Hitler has no idea who their teammates are, but the fascists can win by enacting six fascist policies or electing Hitler as chancellor after enacting three. To win, the good guys must pass five liberal policies or, to everyone’s joy, kill Hitler in the head. Each round, a player will take the presidency and propose the appointment of a chancellor. If their idea is approved by the people, the president picks three policy cards and chooses two to send on to the chancellor, who then decides which one to implement.


Monopoly is one of the most popular board games to play with family and friends, so it’s a natural choice for online board games. You can play Monopoly games online in a variety of methods, including by downloading applications or using tabletop simulators. Rento is usually the simplest option. The site supports up to six players and includes an invite Facebook friend tool, as well as download choices for cellphones and video game consoles. To keep the game exciting, users can select from a variety of boards, dice, and pawns. Currently, this is one of the best Online Board Games that you can Play right now.

Catan Universe

Catan can be found everywhere, from official shoes to somewhat less official beer cans to the tables of Hollywood celebrities and even the silver screen. It’s only logical, then, that the traditional board game has a strong online presence. Catan Universe a PC and phone app that duplicates Klaus Teuber’s trading and building hit Catan, as well as numerous of its many expansions from the last 25 years and several unique varieties. Players can play against human or AI opponents, with the free edition of the online board game including a tutorial, up to three-player matches, and access to the Catan card game The Duel. Catan is a reliable game for people new to the hobby for a reason, and its digital form makes it easy to enjoy the classic whether you’re new or have been playing for decades.


The Qwirkle app is based on the best-selling board game of the same name. It supports up to four people and has solo, online, and pass and play modes. There are also four difficulty levels, ranging from easy to expert. You can play with the traditional Qwirkle colours, or you can customise your board and tiles. The game connects to Game Center, giving players access to leader boards and achievements. You may also challenge friends online or locate random opponents using the auto-match feature. So, if you want one of the best Online Board Games, we highly recommend this Game.


Gloomhaven is a tremendous popularity in its physical form, so it’s no surprise that the digital edition is, too, despite the fact that it’s currently in early access. Gloomhaven successfully combines tactical RPG aspects with dungeon exploration. Take command of your strange and beautiful mercenaries to clear trade routes, reopen the fantasy world, and make a lot of money in the process. There are a variety of characters to choose from that conform to the RPG, D&D-esque classes you’re used to but add a distinctive twist. There’s the Soothsinger, a bard character, and the Scoundrel, a rogue class, but there’s also the Cragheart, a very flexible class that can be specced for support, ranged assault, or even tanking.

Roll for the Galaxy

There aren’t many games in which you can rule the stars with an intergalactic disco. Roll for the Galaxy, on the other hand, isn’t your typical space-conquering adventure. Rather of battling directly, players secretly roll and assign dice to duties such as planet settlement, money generation, products production, and delivering precious wares for victory points. Each new globe gives additional powers and dice, allowing you to develop a powerful manufacturing engine throughout the game. Roll for the Galaxy is an unquestionably amazing game that is disguised behind an icon-based UI that can be perplexing to newbies. The app automates a lot to make the experience more seamless, although novice players may be confused at first.

Final Words

Here are some of the best online board games for you to enjoy. To play online board games, first choose a game and then look for a platform to play it on, or go to an online board game platform and select an option from the directory. Create a private room and distribute the URL or room code to your friends. Some platforms have chat tools, but you may wish to start a video call before starting the game so you can interact with other players face to face.

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