The Best Outdoor Pizza Ovens

[contentsdisabled] There’s a kind of juiciness involved in making pizza in the home utilizing one of the many newly available outdoor pizza ovens. Seeing raw material go mouth-watering, smoked slices is a neat treat, so you needed a product that you can guarantee is worth all your hard work in the kitchen every time you set it on fire. You will get the maximum benefit. The main thing is that when it comes to the best pizza heat is everything and the oven needs to reach the high temperature needed to cook the dough (usually around 500C) without taking too long to heat up. up. The oven should also cook the base and toppings quickly so you can get the maximum temperature in the oven and keep the pizzas coming in until everyone is satisfied. We took our tried and trusted Neapolitan recipe to see how cost-effective market-leading pizza ovens can cook – while crunching the base, keeping the crust slightly to the crew texture, delivering sauces and cheeses with the ultimate smoky flavor you’d get. from the ovens at Trattoria in Naples.

Here is the list of the best outdoor pizza ovens.

Ooni Koda 16

Ooni has seen business booming for its range of outdoor pizza ovens, some of which run on gas and others are powered by a combination of gas and wood. The Koda 16 is the larger of their two propane-powered Koda models – with a 16-inch cooking area versus the Koda 12’s 12-inch cooking area – and for its ease of installation, relatively lightweight, fuss-free construction. With functionality, ample cooking space, and powerful L-shaped flame, we feel this is the most versatile and familiar model for cooks who want to experiment with different pie sizes as well as using other non-stick pans in the oven. Want to cook pizza items. Because of the L-shaped heat source, it only takes a few minutes for a pizza cooked near the back left corner of the oven to become completely charred and bubbly. And unlike other ovens with the same flame or high heat, you really only need a pie or two to get an evenly baked crust. Buy

Portable wood-fired pizza oven WPPO Le Peppe

The fuel basket is the smallest of the bunch, so you’ll need to refill it more often if you’re cooking more than a single pizza. (The portable nature of these ovens leaves limited space for a fuel basket, but Le Peppe had a noticeably smaller sump than the others.) And the chute is prohibitively small — big enough to accommodate coal briquettes, but too small for large ones. pieces of coal or wood. Then you have to hunt for smaller pieces of coal to use in the bag. It’s not a big deal, but it’s also not something you want to do when you have dinner cooking in a hot oven (your pizza can burn fast). There is no damper on the chimney, which means there is nothing you can do to control the temperature inside the oven. If you light a fire that gets too hot – you can tell by the thermometer built into this model – you have to wait for it to go out a bit before putting the pizza in the oven. The port is also on the thin side, so it does little to trap or retain heat in the cavity. This means that the back of the oven tends to get much hotter than the front, requiring you to turn the pizza more often so it cooks evenly. Buy

Gozney Rockbox

Gozney is known for its professional-grade pizza ovens – and Roccbox puts the professional-grade knowledge on how to use it to home cooks. Its sleek, modern, almost space-age shape and choice of two exterior colors (slate gray or olive green) make it a top choice for design lovers. Because the Roccobx does not take up lots of space, it’s a powerful option for those with a smaller outdoor patio and limited storage space – and because it looks cool, it’s also a great choice for impressing guests at pizza parties. By placing the gas source in the back of the dome-shaped oven, the pizzas are beautifully toasted on both the top and bottom, cooking in a matter of minutes. We also really liked the height of the dome, which made it easy to see inside without stooping, and the compact, perfectly shaped stainless steel shell made the pies slide in and out of the oven with relative ease. Buy

Portable charcoal and wood-fired pizza oven Ooni Karu

Great thermal insulation at a great price. Creates a delicious smoky flavor on your pizza. While the other Ooni options we’ve covered today are gas-powered, this one is a little older, with an optimized wood (or coal) burning design that still maximizes plenty of heat. The construction is the real highlight feature here, a sturdy stainless steel shell with a 15mm thick cordierite cooking stone that retains a lot of heat. This thing makes a delicious pizza, imparting a great smoky flavor to any pizza you cook on it, especially if you use nice, tasty wood instead of charcoal. the chimney up top allows maximum smoke flow, so you don’t over-choke your pizza (or anything else you put on it). Ceramic fiber insulation on the inside offers even more heat retention than an insulated steel would, so it’s great for baking. The main issue is its supposed “portability”. Yes, it’s light and quite compact in the body, but this chimney is a bit tall to easily carry on most things. Buy

Ooni Fyra 12

If you’d rather not mess with propane, the Ooni Fyra is the best pizza oven to get. It works with wood pellets – the same one used in grills like the Traeger Ironwood 650 – but can still reach temperatures above 950 degrees (we measured over 1,000 degrees on occasion). And, its small size and 22-pound weight make it easy to pack. up and take it with you virtually anywhere. A feeding tube at the back of the oven allows you to place pellets to keep the fire going. It’s a little more difficult to control the temperature than with propane-powered ovens – you have to push the damper bits to get the desired temperature – but the Fyra resulted in Neapolitan-style pizzas in about 90 seconds. Buy

Camp Chef Italia artisan pizza oven

If you are passionate about your countertop toaster and/or air fryer, the Camp Chef Italia Artisan Pizza Oven may be the right choice for you. It has the feel and functionality of a more traditional countertop appliance, with the power to get up at high temperatures. That said, we had some issues keeping the oven warm, as the large front opening and vaulted interior let in a lot of air, and the door provided with the oven did not retain enough heat inside. But this is a robust and well-designed oven that is easy to use and easy to clean. It’s also been praised for its ability to cook things other than pizza, so more experienced cooks may want to try it for baked goods, breads, and more. Buy

Gyber Fremont 29 inch wood fired pizza oven

If you love wood-fired pizza and typically cook for a crowd, Fremont is your best bet for wood-fired ovens here. It contains a slightly larger pizza than the other wood-fired options and has the largest fuel basket. This means you can light a bigger fire and cook pizzas back-to-back without having to put firewood or charcoal in between like you do with Le Peppe and even Ooni occasionally. But while the larger capacity is good, the oven lacks some of the polish you’ll find on other models. The oven door is flimsy and difficult to rest in the opening – it fell off frequently while I was working which made the experience more stressful. Still, after I got used to it, this oven turned out to be a delicious pizza. A pleasant feature: the handle built into the top of the oven. It is the only model here to offer the feature which makes it easy to transport. Buy

Bertello outdoor pizza oven

Bertello became an instant hit after appearing on Shark Tank and has since also felt the effects of a growing market for outdoor ovens. The company manufactures an oven with an insert for charcoal and wood, which is the best option for those who like smoky flavors. It’s also a lighter option among the ovens we’ve tested, making it a good option to take on camping trips and the like. That said, using coal versus gas is a less exact science and makes it difficult to maintain a high temperature. Unlike gas ovens, it feels like a more traditional method of cooking, so if you’re up for experimentation, this might be the oven for you. Experiment with different types of wood to add different flavor notes to your pies, and be prepared to keep refilling the charcoal chamber as you cook multiple pies. (Note: Bertello also sells a gas burner separately.) Buy

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