The Best Panora­ma Instagram Apps

[contentsdisabled] Instagram is a very popular platform that deals with videos and photos. The platform continues to add new features to make it better for users. A picture is worth a thousand wordsmas and if you need a little more than a thousand words? It’s simple, you take a panorama. A good panorama app for Android is one that gives you great-looking panoramas with minimal effort. Unfortunately for us, we’re terrible at taking pictures, but the panorama apps for Android we tested were very helpful. There are many panoramics camera apps for Android and iOS that will transform your mobile in full 360 degrees camera. These apps allow you to take panoramic photos, selfies and even record videos. Also, all these apps are easy to use and some of them even solved the handshake problem. There is something about panoramic photos and videos that make them a favorite among many people.

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Coolgram is without a doubt one of the best panorama apps for Instagram. The app works great with most photo formats. You can use Coolgram to turn your photos into 10 square panoramic photos. But if you still want to post only square photos like the good old days, you can do so via the Square option. However, I feel that Instagram’s Fit to Window tool does this justice by reducing an image to a square. Also, once the photos are edited, you can directly post them to Instagram from the app. Coolgram is free to use the app but comes with ads and optional in-app purchases. Unlike PanoraSplit, Coolgram involves some features. Firstly, you can split an image into any grid number. You may find this useful when you want to display a full image on your Instagram profile.


PanoraSplit is one of the most popular panorama apps for Instagram. The app allows you to split up panoramas in 10 divisions, which will help you to get a great panning effect. Again, “PanoraSplit” is not a typical panorama app, but if you want an app that can spice it up up its 360° photo sharing on Instagram is worth checking out. So how does this app work? Well, what makes it so useful is the ability to split an image into 9 squares without compromising on resolution. So, you don’t need to remove important details from panoramic photos on Instagram. Also, you can save your creativity in the camera scroll and be able to share it on other supported platforms. Also, the best thing about PanoraSplit is that it keeps all photos in high resolution, resulting in better panoramic photos. PanoraSplit’s user interface is also very intuitive, which allows you to easily use the application. You can use PanoraSplit for free, but it comes with in-app purchases.

Panorama 360

The second app is called Panorama camera: 360 Photos and Virtual Tours. This is the service for taking panoramic photos and videos. Panorama Camera 360 is another great panorama app for Android. The interface is fascinating and yet very easy to use. For some reason we weren’t able to take a panorama in low light, but the app worked wonderfully in suitable bright lighting conditions. Panning is the usual case, keep your hand steady and move the camera around. We suggest that you move the whole body instead of just the arm. The result was useful, but the app allowed me to add post-capture effects that enchanted the photo. In addition to the previous application, the main purpose of this one is to transform your mobile in a full panorama camera. That’s why this application doesn’t have many filters and layouts, but it still includes basic tools for color correction. With this service, you can record 360º videos and take spherical photos.

not square

If you are an iPhone user, you can try the Unsqrd app. All you have to do is upload the image from your gallery and the app will choose up an adequate number of slices. But if you want, you can also choose the number of slices as per your preference. Simply capture a photo or choose a good one from your camera list. After that, you can split your image into the desired number of pieces. Furthermore. there is also an option to adjust the cropping window to get rid of unwanted stitches. Once that’s done, you can share it on Instagram or anywhere you want. Unsquared for Instagram is without a doubt the best panorama app for Instagram users on iPhone. The best thing about Unsquared is that it allows you to easily create panoramic photos.


PanoPano is without a doubt one of the best panorama apps for Instagram users on iPhone. You can use this app to create stunning panoramas for your Instagram followers on the go. Here’s a quick and easy-to-use app to create Insta-worthy panoramas. Just add your photos, share them with PanoPano and they’ll be ready to post on Instagram to wow your followers. Furthermore, the quality is maintained by keeping your original files intact. PanoPano accurately divides all photos into 10 squares, which makes it easy to post to your Instagram. Also, created panoramas are saved in the gallery so you can access them later. PanoPano is free to use app with in-app purchases.

Panorama of Photaf

Photaf Panorama would have been the number one app on the list thanks to its easy-to-use interface and fast speed. Unfortunately, the free version of the app offers extremely low quality images. The app’s usability, interface and responsiveness are excellent, but the result final is below average and is a painful spectacle. But if you’re willing to spend a little bit for the pro version, which you can buy directly through the app, the experience suddenly becomes wonderful. We recommend you to try the free version only if your device has a 3 MP main camera or just need to check the interface. Otherwise, it is advisable to spend a little money to get more beautiful HD panoramas. In addition, the app has a strong color correction tool and even a double exposure instrument. The app also automatically crops your photos so that it can be your mobile wallpaper. Also, this app works as a social network so you can communicate with other users and follow those you like. However, the app includes ads that cannot be removed.

DMD overview

DMD Panorama can take your love of 360 photos and videos to the next level. The app is designed to work with the front camera to let you take cool selfies. With ultra-advanced flash modes with three different settings, you’re ready to capture amazing panoramas. Depending on your need, you can edit tags, geolocation and privacy settings. Log in to your Flickr account and use the 3D viewer to bring your photos to life. This app allows you to take spherical selfies, which is harder than you think. Also, you can experiment with the directions and angles of your photos and even take panoramic photos in different ways. This app also has a 3D viewer tool that will make your photos even more realistic. This service can also loop your video to make it easier to post it on Instagram. In addition, the service works as a social network so you can be inspired by more than two million shared panoramas from all corners of the Earth.

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